68 Best Nature and Wildlife Destinations in India



Best Time: October-March

Dhanushkodi is an uninhabited town at the south of Pampan Island in Rameshwaram district of Tamil Nadu. The town was destroyed during the Rameshwaram Cyclone in 1964 since then the government of Tamil Nadu is slowly rebuilding this beautiful beach town to become a prominent tourist destination. Although it might be a bit hard to reach the destination, this untouched beauty is one of the unique and unusual beach towns of India. The journey to this town i...

Dhanushkodi Travel Guide


Best Time: November to February

Just like the majestic feel of its name, Ranthambore is home to one of the most majestic animals on the planet. It is one of the few national parks in India that is home to tigers. A favourite hunting ground for the rajahs of the past, today Ranthambore is a secured home for wildlife and forests. The different species found in these forests include leopards, sambar, wild boars, hyenas, sloth bears and myriad species of birds and reptiles. A heritage s...

Ranthambore Travel Guide


Best Time: October-March

Located at a rise of 2420 m, this town in the Kumaon Region and part of Almora District is the place the perspectives on the Himalayas can hypnotize you totally. Interesting and loaded with pretty places, Binsar is a spot to loosen up and give your fatigued soul that truly necessary rest. This petit town, which is unspeakably lovely in view of its well-to-do nature's joy that is included sky contacting oak and rhododendron trees resounding the wonder of...

Binsar Travel Guide


Best Time: October - February

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is a tiger reserve in Maharashtra. It has been a popular tourist destination for wildlife enthusiasts. It is popular as the chances for sighting a tiger it is very high, unlike many other tiger reserves.

Tadoba Travel Guide


Best Time: March-May

One can encounter the best of everything in Darang, from entrancing nature to a rich past and exceptional culture to legacy. The spot discovers its underlying foundations going back to the sixteenth century with a mention in the Mahabharata. One can observe relics of the past displayed everywhere. Aside from that, Darang is additionally known for its out-worldly viewpoint and is home to a few mainstream religious focuses including Bar Masjid, Satras, an...

Darang Travel Guide


Best Time: December-February

Shivpuri is a small city that falls under Shivpuri district of Gwalior division under the state Madhya Pradesh in India. The city is a popular tourist place, mostly during the monsoon time due to its lush greenery and lakes and waterfalls. Shivpuri is surrounded by beautiful green landscape and thick dense forest. It was once the summer capital for the royal family of Scindia who were the ruler of Gwalior. The small city is located at a height of 478 me...

Shivpuri Travel Guide


Best Time: April to June

A hilly town tucked away in the West Garo Hills district, Tura is a mesmerizing holiday getaway. It is an ideal destination for aesthete minds who love to explore and disengage their routine to some of nature’s very best creations. It is blessed with the presence of the mighty Brahmaputra and sits against a backdrop of lower plains, lush with greenery. A visit to the Tura peak beckons you with a splendid view of the golden yellow plains of Bangladesh an...

Tura Travel Guide


Best Time: October-March

Roosted at an elevation of 1500 feet over the ground, Jaldhaka is a captivating district with the amazing scene and untouched beauty that is being rarely visited by tourist. The stream valley is situated under Kalimpong sub-division and is cut off from the remainder of the Darjeeling region by a mountain edge dropping south-east from Reche-la of Neora Valley National Park and is isolated from Bhutan by the Jaldhaka River. Green crevasses ignoring the gl...

Jaldhaka Travel Guide

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Best Time: August-February

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the four ranges of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the largest wildlife sanctuary of Kerala, the other three being, Sulthan Bathery, Kurichiat and Tholpetty. The wildlife sanctuary is located in Wayanad, Kerala. The Sanctuary is an important part of the Nilgiri Forest Reserve. It is committed to scientific conservation and also considers the general lifestyle of the tribal who live in and around the sanctua...

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Guide

Kaziranga National Park

Best Time: November to April

The flat expanses of fertile alluvial soil spread throughout 2 districts of Assam, Kaziranga is one of the largest tracts of protected land in the sub-Himalayan belt. Located in the Indomalaya ecozone, Kaziranga is described as a biodiversity spot with its dominant biomes varying from the Brahmaputra Valley semi-evergreen forests of the tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests, tropical and subtropical grasslands, savannas, and shrublands. Home ...

Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide


Best Time: October-March

Located on the delta framed by the Mahanadi and Kathjuri rivers, Cuttack is situated in the eastern Indian territory of Orissa around 30 km off from Bhubaneswar. The previous capital of Orissa and the most established city in the area, it was known as Abhinaba Baranasi Kataka in the medieval age. Around 30 km from the capital city of Odisha (Orissa), Cuttack is best known for its globally acclaimed craftsmanship of the silver filigree work. The incredib...

Cuttack Travel Guide

Dachigam National Park

Best Time: April-October

Dachigam National Park is a national park that covers an area of 500 square km. It is located at a distance of around 22 km. The name means “ten villages”, it is believed that the name is given in the memory of the ten villages that were shifted from that place for the formation of the national park. The park has a water body located very close to the national park by the name of Sarband water body. The park was initially protected by the Maharaja of Ja...

Dachigam National Park Travel Guide


Best Time: July-August

A little hidden in the silent regions of villages in the Kalimpong subdivision of Darjeeling District, Lolegaon is nature's heaven all alone with the delightful scene, involving rich green backwoods and tranquil valleys. The pinnacles of Kanchenjunga rise superbly toward the beginning of the day fog. Lolegaon is a one hour venture from Kalimpong and Lava through the serpentine backwoods street. Lolegaon offers little treks and trails. It is a perfect sp...

Lolegaon Travel Guide

Kanha National park

Best Time: From October to January

More popularly known as the Kanha Tiger Reserve, it covers a core area of 940 square kilometers, making it the largest National Park in central India, and one of the biggest in the country. It is spread across two districts of Mandla and Balaghat, located 30 and 80 kilometers from them respectively. And to fill all the geographical area that it encompasses, the reserve is abundantly blessed with scores of different flora and fauna. The flora has over a ...

Kanha National park Travel Guide


Best Time: October to March

Sprawling with natural woods and wildlife parks, Tholpetty is a portion of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and comprises the Nilgiri forest Reserve. Popular for its large squirrels, mouse deer, spotted deer, langurs, tigers, panthers and leopards Tholpetty is a wonderland for the admirers of nature. According to the legends, Malabar King Pazhassi Raja fought a battle with the Colonial British at this very place. Recommended sites in and neighbouring Thol...

Tholpetty Travel Guide


Best Time: October to March

Rajasthan has many gems hidden in the vast, grand Desert and one such hidden treasure is the city of Alwar. It has a unique placement of 150 km south of Delhi, and 150 kms north of Jaipur and is also the first major pit stop between Delhi and Rajasthan. Alwar is a flourishing tourist hub owning to its natural beauty and the rich cultural charm of Rajasthan. It has multitude of tourist destinations which are meant for all ages and genders. Tourists are m...

Alwar Travel Guide

Corbett National Park

Best Time: November-February

Situated in the lower regions of the Himalayas and along the banks of Ramaganga River, Corbett National Park is home to around 50 types of trees, 580  species of birds and 50 species of animals alongside 25 reptile species spread over a territory of more than 500 sq km covering riverine belts, slopes, mucky dejections, lakes, streams, and fields. Known as one of the oldest National Park in India, Jim Corbett National Park was built up in 1936 as Hailey ...

Corbett National Park Travel Guide


Best Time: September-February.

Need some time to unwind yourself? Seek guidance? Get a bit relaxed and get lost in natural bounties? Well, Chittoor for sure is the answer for you. It is without a doubt one of the holiest and sacred sites of India. Every year thousands of tourists visit Chittoor to get immersed in its flavors. It boasts of having one of the most revered holy sites- Tirupati Balaji. With the Balaji temple itself, it attracts lakhs of devotees annually. It has some of t...

Chittoor Travel Guide


Best Time: October-February

Settled along the shores of the excellent Siang River, Yingkiong sits as the base camp of the Upper Siang District in Arunachal Pradesh and calls for incalculable nature lovers and adventure enthusiast from the country all over and a few regions of the world. The small valley's landscape and serene atmosphere, really makes it an unspoiled vacation goal to invest some tranquil energy into the lap of Mother Nature, far from the uproarious commotions of th...

Yingkiong Travel Guide


Best Time: September-March

The Sundarbans mangrove woodland forest is one of the biggest such timberlands on the planet that lies on the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna Rivers on the Bay of Bengal. It is adjoining the outskirt of India's Sundarbans World Heritage site engraved in 1987. The site is converged by an unpredictable system of tidal conduits, mudflats and little islands of salt-tolerant mangrove forest, and presents a magnificent case of progressing ecologic...

Sundarbans Travel Guide


Best Time: October-February

Situated at a distance of roughly 150 km from Hyderabad, Nagarjunasagar is one of the favoured and most well-known ends of the week escape from Hyderabad, promising captivating time to each and everybody. Nagarjunasagar, a significant spot for the Buddhists everywhere throughout the world, is a community situated in the southern Indian province of Telangana. Aside from being a pilgrimage centre, the spot fills in as an exceptionally prevalent tourist go...

Nagarjunsagar Travel Guide


Best Time: March-May

Once a private chasing territory for the British, this popular wildlife goal has a rich assortment of widely varied vegetation making it a stunning place of interest. A standout amongst the best-untamed life sanctuaries in Karnataka, the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary was at one time a private chasing region for the British. Today, it pulls in sightseers from everywhere. It is an absolute necessity to see for all nature lovers and those searching for an idea...

Kabini Travel Guide


Best Time: November to February

The district of Changlang is blessed with abundant natural diversity and it has an untouched charm to it much like most of the northeast. It is the eastern-most point of India, lying on the Indo-Burma border. It was originally a part of the Tirap district and was declared as a new district in the year 1987. Its name is derived from the word 'Changlangkan' which is a herb found on the hilltop that was used by locals to poison fish in the river. This plac...

Changlang Travel Guide


Best Time: January- May

Pasighat, also known as the Gateway of Arunachal Pradesh, is a hill station in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The city was included in the Smart Cities Mission development scheme in 2017 by the Government of India. It is not a huge hill station and has a population of around 24,656. The hill station was founded in 1911 AD by the British. Rice is the main crop grown in the region and there are also tea gardens. The main attractions of the place are The ...

Pasighat Travel Guide


Best Time: August – November

Located 180 kms to the south of Delhi, and 55 kms to the west of Agra, Bharatpur is known as the Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan. Situated in the Braj region in Rajasthan, this exotic offbeat destination is known for its authentic Rajasthani traditions, culture and religious practices. Also known as Lohagarh, Bharatpur is a part of the golden tourism triangle of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. The city’s culture, romance and chivalry are woven to folklores and tra...

Bharatpur Travel Guide

Nameri National Park

Best Time: November-April

Nameri National Park is located on the eastern lower regions of the Sonitpur region of Assam. Together with Pakhui National Park of Arunachal Pradesh, Nameri covers an area of 1000 square kilometers. The reserve is perceived as a national park which was developed in 1998, and River Jia Bhoroli coursing through this park became a very well-known fishing destination in India. Nameri contains semi-evergreen, sodden deciduous forest with the cane and bamboo...

Nameri National Park Travel Guide


Best Time: July-Feburary

In the district of Kogadu, Karnataka is a forest camp nestling along the river Kaveri called Dubare. The very less explored Dubare is also known as an elephant camp.  It is a very important hub for the Karnataka Forest Department's elephants. Dubare is also a popular tourist attraction as visitors come, watch and also get involved in various activities with these elephants. This place is settled in the dense green forest surrounded with backwaters all a...

Dubare Travel Guide


Best Time: October-February

Enticed by the glorious pinnacles of Indian Himalayas, Morigaon is a quiet and tranquil goal in Assam and it is encompassed by welcoming touristy spots. Some touring in Morigaon should be possible by tourist in spots like wildlife sanctuaries and temples, one can likewise investigate the special fishes in Asia's biggest dry fish market that can be found in Morigaon. The River Brahmaputra denotes the northern limits of the area and west offers seeing sno...

Marigaon Travel Guide


Best Time: September to April

A quaint city located at the borders of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, in South India, Kumily is one the unique attraction point to visit. This place in Idduki District is not only a popular destination point but also a well-acknowledged spice trading centre as well. Kumily is centred amidst the cardamom hills, and at the near proximity to Periyaar Tiger reserve and Thekkady. The location of the place is like an all in one place where you could enjoy the tranqu...

Kumily Travel Guide

Dibru Saikhowa National Park

Best Time: October to March

It is in the ethereal beauty of nature you can elevate yourself from the chaos of daily life. A place which displays the widely acknowledged and impressive diversity of fauna and flora of India. Dibru Saikhiwa national park is a river island national park which beholds the extremely rare and endangered endemic and migratory birds and animals. This park is bounded by the surreal beauty of two lakes that is Brahmaputra and Lohit. It is situated at a prox...

Dibru Saikhowa National Park Travel Guide


Best Time: October- May

Wayanad is a district in the north-east of the state of Kerala. The beautiful hill station was formed by carving out certain areas from the Kozhikode and Kunnur districts on 1st November, 1980. It can also be called the green paradise of Kerala, which is located among the mountainous plateau of the Western Ghats. The hill station covers an area of 823 sq mi, out of which 885.92 sq km is under forest. The district has three municipal towns, Kalpetta, Man...

Wayanad Travel Guide


Best Time: September - February

Thekkady is one of the most important tourist attractions, located towards the southern region of India, near the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. It is basically a sanctuary with the location of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The nearest airport is the Madurai Airport in the city of Madurai, about 141 kms from Thekkady and the nearest railway station is Kottayam railway station, located at a distance of about 114kms from the sanctuary. The place is famous for it...

Thekkady Travel Guide


Best Time: July to March

Junagadh is a city located in the western part of India in the colorful state of Gujrat. With a plethora of historically significant places, this city is one of the best places to visit in India. This place was once the capital of Junagadh Princely state. It is also in close proximity to the Girnar Hills which makes it more appealing to tourists. This ancient town has so much to offer. Every nook and corner of Junagadh has a story to tell about our ric...

Junagadh Travel Guide


Best Time: Throughout the year

Chikmagalur (literally means The Land of Younger Daughter) is one of the most popular hill stations in Karnataka. It is known for its vast coffee plantations and in fact is the first place in India to cultivate coffee. Chikmagalur is a popular weekend getaway from Bangalore as it is just 240km ( can be covered in about 3-4 hours ) away. It is in the foothills of Mullayanagiri range. Sightseeing includes Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary which is a tiger reserve...

Chikmagalur Travel Guide


Best Time: December to March

Wish to spend some amicable time in the lap of mother nature? Then Malampuzha is the place for you. Malampuzha derives its name from the River Malampuzha, and it offers soothingly beautiful scenery of lush greenery. Malampuzha lies in the Palakkad district (also named as the rice bowl of Kerala) in the divinely enchanting state of Kerala. This town is a perfect spot to muse over the vibrant blend of both natural and man-made display. Malampuzha attracts...

Malampuzha Travel Guide


Best Time: October - March

Jharkhand's most valuable possession after coal and minerals is its abundant forests. The state is situated on the Chhota Nagpur plateau, giving it an elevation from sea-level of about 600 meters. One such place blessed with untouched, raw forests is Hazaribagh. The town is full of nature's blessings in the form of hills, lakes and forests. One such highlight of the place is the wildlife sanctuary which is extremely beautiful.  There are three natural ...

Hazaribagh Travel Guide

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Best Time: November-February  

Favored with such a significant number of natural marvels, Thattekad is an amazing destination, conceal in the wonder of copious widely varied flora and fauna. This magnificent spot is situated on the Njiyapilli Hill and is primarily famous for the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, named after the incomparable Ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali. This haven was set up in the year 1983 by the Kerala Government, on the proposal of Dr. Salim Ali in the mid-1930s. This is...

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary Travel Guide

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Best Time: June-September  

Jaldapara located in Alipurduar Sub-division of Jalpaiguri District is a national park, acclaimed for lodging the highest population of one-horned Rhinoceros in India after Kaziranga National Park of Assam. The Jaldapara sanctuary covering 216 square kilometers of forest area, is a mosaic of woods, meadows, enduring streams, sandy river banks and broad belts of tall grass. Jaldapara National park was established in 1941 for the protection of wildlife, e...

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Guide


Best Time: From October to January.

Located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka is the picturesque little town of Dandeli. But the adjective “little” doesn’t even begin to describe what Dandeli has to offer. From nature walks and bird watching for the solace seeker in you to kayaking and river crossing for your adventures side. Legend has it that Dandeli got its name from a king named Dandakanayaka who passed through the forest and named them after himself. This little town is ext...

Dandeli Travel Guide

Manas National Park

Best Time: October-May

The animal kingdom of the North East, Manas National park is a really popular place of tourist attraction in Assam. The park is located in Barangabari Gyati Village on the Foothills of the Bhutan- Himalayan mountain range, the park is also a UNESCO world heritage site as well as a Tiger and Elephant project reserve. The park is named after the Manas river and the river was named after Mansa(The Serpent Goddess). The river passes through the center of th...

Manas National Park Travel Guide

Orang National Park

Best Time: From November to April

The Kaziranga of Assam, Orang National Park spans an area of 79 square kilometers and is located on the banks of river Brahmaputra. It is also called the Rajiv Gandhi National Park and is the kind of place one must visit at least once in their lifetime. It is located in the Darrang and Sonitpur districts of Assam. It got its name from the belief that the tribes of 'Orang' lived in this region, and the presence of several man-made ponds can be seen as pr...

Orang National Park Travel Guide


Best Time: September to December and February to March

The extremely stylish and tech-savvy city of Gurgaon is an excellent portrayal of the developing metropolis chock-full with multi-national corporations, IT giants, automobile industries and corporate offices. This commercial and technology hub is packed with various places to enjoy the dash and amaze of the town. Positioned 30 kilometres away from New Delhi, It was formerly an outskirt of Delhi. The place has witnessed a drastic transformation after the...

Gurgaon Travel Guide


Best Time: November-March.

Palakkad or Palghat is a city in the state of Kerala and quite a contrasting one from how the normal cities in Kerala are. The city is known by plenty of different, but very much appropriate names. The "Granary of Kerala", "The Gateway of Kerala", "Land of Palmyra Trees" and the "Land of Paddy Fields", being some of the most popular ones among others. Palakkad is located at a distance of 350 kilometres north from the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapura...

Palakkad Travel Guide


Best Time: October-January

Located in Meghalaya, Baghmara isn't just wealthy in greenery, yet it is wrapped by lakes, waterways, slopes and each noteworthy component of nature. Flanked by the South Garo slopes and bolstered by the Simsang waterway, this moment town is host to swarms of travellers consistently. The scene of Baghmara comprises of slopes and tracts with the River Simsang clearing its path through its greater part. There isn't one specific vacation spot here, it is e...

Baghmara Travel Guide


Best Time: October-March

One of the famous vacationer goals in Assam, Tinsukia offers the tourist a blend of fun, culture, and stimulation. This goal is wealthy in nature and has excellent scenes and staggering attractions to keep you involved all through your remain. Tinsukia is located in the upper easternmost part of Assam and is considered as the business capital of Assam. The significant fascination of Tinsukia is Dibru Saikhowa National Park, which is a biodiversity hotsp...

Tinsukia Travel Guide


Best Time: November-February

Vedanthangal is a little hamlet situated in the Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu and is best known for the bird sanctuary it houses. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary has the qualification of being one of the most established and oldest bird sanctuaries of the nation. The area of Vedanthangal is strategically spotted with little lakes, which draw in different sorts of transient birds. Vedanthangal was changed into a bird sanctuary haven amid the rule of the B...

Vedanthangal Travel Guide


Best Time: December-March

Surrounded by the enchanting hills of Myanmar, Champai is one of the important districts of Mizoram in North East of India, strategically located at the Indo-Myanmar border town, it serves as the important commercial market for trade ways between Myanmar and other South East Asia countries. This beautiful landscape village town is an interesting tourist destination for adventure lovers and heaven for trekkers who loves exploring nature in its true form....

Champhai Travel Guide


Best Time: October to January

A high-range tourist destination which literally means the face of a horse, named after the famous hill that resembles the same. This small town is a masterpiece of nature, with folding hills of the Western Ghats covered with short green grass, and valleys lined with thick clusters of forests. Wild springs, seasonal waterfalls, the beautiful Bhadra River, the breathtaking cascade of Hanuman Gundi, there are many more attractions that compels a traveler ...

Kudremukh Travel Guide

BR Hills

Best Time: November- March

BR Hills, also known as BIligirirangana Hills, is located in the state of Karnataka. It lies in the Chamarajanagar district. The nearest city is Mysore, which is located at a distance of around 80 km. The hills lie at a spot where the eastern and the western ghats meet and create a diverse eco-system. Biligirirangana Hills derive its name from the Rangaswamy Temple, which is located on the top of a white cliff. The hill hs a wide variety of Flora and Fa...

BR Hills Travel Guide


Best Time: November-March

Settled in the laps of the moving slopes of the Western Ghats, loaded up with tea-manors, lavish green slopes and valleys, cascades, and streams, this curious little town of Ponmudi, draws experts of mountain life. You can investigate trekking and hiking on Agasthayarkoodam, the most noteworthy top in the locale at 1868 feet above the level of the ocean. This is a town in the Thiruvananthapuram region and is found at a distance of 61 km from the primary...

Ponmudi Travel Guide


Best Time: October-March

Surat is the heartbeat of the state of Gujrat and can easily be coined at the textile centre of India. Situated on the banks of Tapi River, this is where all the hustle resides. It’s not only one of the fastest growing cities of cities but it’s also home to some of the greatest historical landmarks and architectural wonders. Famous for cutting and polishing diamonds, Surat is called ‘The Diamond City’. With so much talk about being the busiest city of I...

Surat Travel Guide


Best Time: December-March

On the easternmost edge of Bengal, at the doorstep of a wildlife sanctuary, is the town of Lataguri. Situated in the hilly region of the Dooars, it is filled with lush green forests, bubbling streams, chirping birds and scores of animals. Lataguri is the perfect spot to unleash the nature-loving wild child within you. Where Gorumara National Park, a sanctuary for elephants and rhinoceros is a must, viistors should also visit the Buxa tiger reserve and C...

Lataguri Travel Guide


Best Time: September-March

The city of Sambalpur is situated in the Sambalpur region in the eastern province of Orissa. The biggest city in the locale and the region home office, Sambalpur is a significant business focal point of the state. Sambalpur is at a distance of around 321 km from the capital city of Bhubaneswar and it was set up as a district in the year 1876. Situated at a distance of 15 km from the city of Sambalpur, the Hirakud Dam worked in 1956 in the Mahanadi River...

Sambalpur Travel Guide


Best Time: Novemeber to February

Literally meaning the Cobra River, this park snakes through lushy forests and gayly flowing streams. This national park located in Mysore and Kodagu district, is one of India's first Tiger Reserves along with Bandipur Tiger Reserve. The park comes under ‘Project Tiger’, the objective of which, is to preserve endangered wildlife species and also it is under consideration by UNESCO World Heritage Committee for selection as World Heritage Site. Set up in 1...

Nagarhole Travel Guide

Pench National Park

Best Time: November-May

The Pench National Park is in Seoni and Chhindwara locale of Madhya Pradesh in India and incorporates Pench Tiger Reserve. It was announced a haven in 1965 however raised to the status of national park in 1975. In 1992, it was set up as a reserve for the tiger. The recreation center likewise has its notice in the celebrated story of 1894, 'The Jungle Book', written by the very famous and well-known English Author Rudyard Kipling. Spreading over an enorm...

Pench National Park Travel Guide


Best Time: October - April

Stretching over an area of 2851 square kilometers with a population of 1.85 lakh, Jorhat is well known for its rich cultural heritage and for producing several historians and writers. Belonging to the state of Assam and located to the upper region of it, Jorhat was the last capital of the Ahom Kingdom. It is an alluring, mercantile, creative, and inventive City; making it the second largest city in Assam. Hireath people with an urge to explore the old A...

Jorhat Travel Guide

Bandipur National Park

Best Time: October to March.

Once a hunting reserve for the Maharaja of Mysore in the 1930s, now the Bandipur National Park is a tiger reserve located in Chamrajanagar, Karnataka. Bandipur is a part of a belt of forests that houses the highest number of tigers in the whole of India. It is part of the Nilgiris Biosphere and is about 80kms from Mysore, Karnataka. In 1941, it became the Venugopal Wildlife Sanctuary and came under Project Tiger in 1973. The park now covers 874 kms2 as ...

Bandipur National Park Travel Guide


Best Time: October-March

Rajabhatkhawa is a little picturesque town situated in the lower regions of the Himalayas n the Jalpaiguri area of the territory of West Bengal. The town is known for its lovely scene which is prevalently green inferable from the thick timberlands which fringes it from all sides. The acclaimed Buxa Tiger Reserve is found near Rajabhatkhawa and the town can be considered as the section point to the Reserve since all fundamental passage grants are issued ...

Rajabhatkawa Travel Guide

Shimoga (Shivamogga)

Best Time: July-January

Shimoga, situated in the territory of Karnataka is a genuine pearl of nature and picturesque landscape. Shimoga is a nature's blessing, spread with cascades, charming characteristic view of slopes, thick timberlands, verdure and fauna, strongholds, influencing palms and bottomless paddy fields make for beautiful districts. With five noteworthy waterways moving through the region, the Shimoga locale is exceptionally fruitful and is known as the bread cra...

Shimoga (Shivamogga) Travel Guide


Best Time: October-June  

Bandhavgarh National Park is known as a popular Tiger Reserve National Park of India. Located in the district of Umaria in Madhya Pradesh, it is the best place to see the famous Royal Bengal Tigers prowling in its natural habitat. The huge park is divided into three main zones, Tala, Magadhi and Khitauli. Bandhavgarh also has beautiful forts, manmade caves with inscriptions and rock paintings. The national park is the home of more than 37 species of mam...

Bandhavgarh Travel Guide

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary

Best Time: October-February

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary in Orissa, India is a mainstream vacationer goal that pulls in numerous tourist from distant locations even abroad. At this spot, you may trail creatures or visit the zone lodging gharials. While Odisha is home to such huge numbers of untamed wildlife sanctuaries, what's unique about Tikarpada is its endeavours towards bringing back the jeopardized gharials (crocodiles). Truth be told, the area on these gharials was set up t...

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Guide


Best Time: December-June

Situated at the gathering purpose of three states namely Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Mudumalai is settled in the thick woods of the Nilgiris and is outstanding for its wildlife haven. Mudumalai has been proclaimed as one of the most extravagant wildlife sanctuaries in the southern part of India and is acclaimed all through the nation just as universally. Built up in 1940, Mudumalai speaks to a standout amongst the most conspicuous and tastefully s...

Madumalai Travel Guide


Best Time: November to February 

Idukki district is a hill station in the stunning Indian state of Kerala. This mountainous spot is popularly appreciated for its wildlife parks, gorgeous cottages, tea factories, rubber plantations and forest covers. The district headquarters of Idukki is established at Kuyilimala in Painavu. Idukki is a land-locked area, which is teeming with extremely gorgeous natural surroundings. It is one of the districts in the Kerela which has remarkable wildlife...

Idukki Travel Guide


Best Time: October-February

The Goalpara region of Assam is one such travel goal which is invested with picturesque excellence and a few archaeological accumulations. The tourism to this part of North East India is said to be extremely intriguing for the voyagers who love to investigate the history and heritage of the spot. The whole city is loaded up with the beauty of Mother Nature. The quiet air abounded with green surroundings makes a brilliant spot to make tracks from city tu...

Goalpara Travel Guide

National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

Best Time: October-March

The National Chambal Sanctuary is an ideal spot for nature lovers. It is an environment of probably the most imperilled species, however, the principle fascination here is, Gharial, Red-delegated turtles and many other animals. It was built up in 1979, the National Chambal Sanctuary, otherwise called the National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary, is an eco-hold situated close to the tripoint of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. The Chambal...

National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Guide


Best Time: October-March

Infrequently would one be able to discover a spot like Jalpaiguri that is so possibly wealthy in the travel industry. Fierce waterways doing combating out of the precarious crevasses, the huge stretches of woods spread, the undulating length of Tea Estates and the all-encompassing loftiness of the Himalayas are just a couple of gems that made the British ground their underlying foundations profound into the core of this land. Well, known attractions inc...

Jalpaiguri Travel Guide


Best Time: October-April

Panna is a town located in the province of Madhya Pradesh and holds a great deal of recorded importance. A previous Gond settlement, Panna is a little city in the core of the nation, which brags of being the only city with precious diamond reserves. Panna is likewise most outstandingly known for the Panna National Park which is a world heritage site and a huge activity towards wildlife preservation in India. The city additionally holds a great deal of r...

Panna Travel Guide

Dudhwa National Park

Best Time: November to March

Dudhwa National Park is a true treasure for all the wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers owing to the amazing variety of floras and fauna that this place houses. It is situated on the brim of the Indo-Nepal border in the Lakhimpur-Kheri District of Uttar Pradesh. The number of endangered species living here is sure to dazzle anyone that visits this place. The atmosphere inside the place is the most serene and tranquil making this place a perfect week...

Dudhwa National Park Travel Guide