Places to Visit Near Hyderabad

A city rich with history and tradition, Hyderabad poses itself as a strong competitor to other metropolitan cities. What was once a  luxurious princely state, is now a hub for corporate destinations and glass-clad buildings. Needless to say, this city is easily accessible by rail air and road. This city is sure to spoil you with options ranging from culturally rich destination places like the Chowmalla Palace, Char Minar and the Golconda Fort to some of the very finest scenic views. The city thrives on its rich historical background and doesn’t disappoint you even a bit. It poses against some the very best natural views which can be experienced by a boat ride along the Hussain Sagar river. For photography enthusiasts, this city is truly worthy of being your next masterpiece. Apart from all things aesthetic, one can experience the local flavour of the by taking a stroll around the Lumbini park or indulging in some of the very authentic Bazaars that the country has to offer. The Laad Bazaar, famous for its colourful panels of glass bangles one can take the way of lifestyle. One thing that stands out about this beloved city has to be the delectable plate of Biryani that teases your taste buds and take you through the journey of every foodie’s dream. Pair it with a cup of Irani chai, and you would have had the true Hyderabadi experience. When in Hyderabad, do like the Hyderabadis do – which couldn’t be anything easier than relishing a cone of ice-cream with a view towards the lake. So the next time you are around the city and want a sneak peek into the real Hyderabadi experience, don’t miss the chance and hop on to it!read more