41 Places to Visit Near Bangalore

Bangalore, the city of technology and nightlife, a mix of history and modernity, the Silicon Valley of India. Known for being the information and business technology capital of India, Bangalore is any traveller’s dream. Bangalore in itself has a lot of attractions scattered around the city while this place is also the perfect staging point for a lot of other trips as well.

With a vibrant culture of work and entertainment, Bangalore literally never sleeps. One of the most beautifully developed cities in India, this city has something to offer for everyone. Shopping at Bangalore is a delight as the city is home to a myriad collection of stores and marketplaces all around the city. Brigade Road and Commercial Street are shopping hubs with anything from the cheapest to the most expensive available around them. Hip and trendy malls are littered around the city attracting large crowds all throughout the day and especially during the night. If you are a food lover, don’t look elsewhere. This city holds the highest variety of street vendors, restaurants and pubs than most cities in the country. Being the IT capital of the country, the city caters to a wide audience and aptly has a lot of cuisine options available apart from the beautiful South Indian fare of idlis, dosas and uthappams.

The forts, palaces and gardens littered around the city tell a tale of the vibrant history in the capital city of Karnataka. The Lal Bagh gardens are more than 250 years old and are still maintained beautifully as a remnant of the colourful past. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is another such iconic location conveying the historical significance of the city. Now, serving as the IT and startup capital of the country, Bangalore has developed as one of India’s premiere metro cities with excellent infrastructure and public support mechanisms. Visit this great city and get in touch with the history and the future of the nation at once.

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Directions from Bangalore to Nrityagram

The first of its kind, this is a school dedicated entirely to dance. It is a world in itself. Traditional dance forms from all the corners of the country are practiced and taught here. It is an international community...

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Directions from Bangalore to Savandurga

Savandurga is a hill situated in the state of Karnataka. It is located in the Ramnagara district and is at a distance of around 60 km from the city of Bangalore. It is a part of the Deccan plateau and is one of the la...

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Directions from Bangalore to Ramnagaram
Heritage Trekking

A small district in Karnataka, Ramnagaram is known for its rocky outcroppings and lush green surroundings. Earlier called as Shamserabad, during the ruling of Tipu Sultan, Ramnagaram finds its origin from the once exi...

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Nandi Hills

Directions from Bangalore to Nandi Hills
Hill Stations Trekking

Nandi Hills is a hill station in Karnataka. It is a popular one-day trip destination from Bangalore.  There are temples, a bungalow and a Kalyana Mantap on top of the hill. It gets its name from the ancient Nandi or b...

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Directions from Bangalore to Shivagange
Religious Trekking

  Shivagange is a mountain top with tallness of 1368 meters and Hindu journey focus situated close Dobbaspet, in Bangalore Rural region India. It is arranged 20 km from the town of Tumkur and 54 km from Banga...

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Directions from Bangalore to Chikballapur
Hill Stations Trekking

Chikballapur town lies around 57 km from Bangalore, Karnataka and is the district head office of the Chikballapur region. This district, which was beforehand a piece of Kolar area, has many captivating vacation spots ...

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Directions from Bangalore to Bheemeshwari
Rivers and Lakes

Bheemeshwari is located in the Mandya District of Karnataka and around 2 hrs. away from Bengaluru. The small riverside town has become a favored holiday and weekend destination for adventure and nature loving tourist....

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Directions from Bangalore to Shivanasamundram
Rivers and Lakes Trekking

Shivanasamundram situated in the banks of the river Cauveri, is an ideal destination for those who want to see nature at full work. Asia’s first hydroelectric power stations are located in this quaint village in Mandy...

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Directions from Bangalore to Lepakshi
Religious Heritage

Lepakshi is a quaint little village situated in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. Build during the reign of Vijayanagara Kings’ Period, the village has a significant archaeological and cultural heritage in its sur...

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Directions from Bangalore to Hogenakkal
Hill Stations

Hogenakkal (also known as Marikottayam) is a waterfall on Kaveri river in Tamil Nadu - Karnataka border. Hogenakkal is at a distance of 180km from Bangalore which makes it an ideal weekend getaway destination. The wor...

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Directions from Bangalore to Srirangapatna
Religious Heritage

Srirangapatna is a town in Karnataka. It is located in the Mandya district. It is an island town and is surrounded by the river Kaveri. The monuments of this place are nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pl...

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BR Hills

Directions from Bangalore to BR Hills

BR Hills, also known as BIligirirangana Hills, is located in the state of Karnataka. It lies in the Chamarajanagar district. The nearest city is Mysore, which is located at a distance of around 80 km. The hills lie at...

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Directions from Bangalore to Yelagiri
Hill Stations

In the state of Tamil Nadu, 93 km away from Vellore, there reclines the arcadia famously known as Yelagiri. The town is also known as “Poor Man’s Ooty”. It is a small hill-station located in between Jolarpettai and Va...

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Directions from Bangalore to Sravanabelagola

Sravanabelagola is famous for its Jain temple. Shravanabelagola is a holy place for Jains. Their Guru is residing here in a Mutt. There is a Sanskrit Patashala to study Sanskrit and Shastras.

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Directions from Bangalore to Mysore

Mysore ( also known as Mysuru ) is a city in Karnataka. It is the cultural capital and second most important city of Karnataka. Mysore is a very popular weekend getaway from Bangalore and Kerala. It is unavoidable in ...

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Directions from Bangalore to Yercaud
Rivers and Lakes

Yercaud is a beautiful hill station, which is in Salem District of Tamil Nadu, India. The hill station falls under the Shevaroy Range of hills of Eastern Ghats. Yercaud means Lake Forest, the name signifying the Lake ...

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Directions from Bangalore to Chittoor
Religious Wildlife

Need some time to unwind yourself? Seek guidance? Get a bit relaxed and get lost in natural bounties? Well, Chittoor for sure is the answer for you. It is without a doubt one of the holiest and sacred sites of India. ...

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Directions from Bangalore to Halebidu

A small town in the Hassan district of Karnataka, listed as a World Heritage Center, Halebidu is a gem of Indian architecture.This city with a glorious past is known for its temples, shrines and sculptures. Once the g...

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Bandipur National Park

Directions from Bangalore to Bandipur National Park
Wildlife Rivers and Lakes

Once a hunting reserve for the Maharaja of Mysore in the 1930s, now the Bandipur National Park is a tiger reserve located in Chamrajanagar, Karnataka. Bandipur is a part of a belt of forests that houses the highest nu...

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Directions from Bangalore to Kotagiri
Hill Stations

Kotagiri, als known as Kothagiri, in a hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. It falls in the Nilgiri District. It is a moderately populated and the third largest hill station in the Nilgiri hills. The different vil...

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Directions from Bangalore to Nagarhole

Literally meaning the Cobra River, this park snakes through lushy forests and gayly flowing streams. This national park located in Mysore and Kodagu district, is one of India's first Tiger Reserves along with Bandipur...

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Directions from Bangalore to Bellikkal
Hill Stations

A humble hamlet lolling in the south of Sigur Plateau in the state of Tamil Nadu, Bellikkal is an enthralling hill station. Discovered at an elevation of 5,500 ft, it is girded by Nilgiris of the Western Ghats of the ...

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Directions from Bangalore to Dubare
Wildlife Rivers and Lakes

In the district of Kogadu, Karnataka is a forest camp nestling along the river Kaveri called Dubare. The very less explored Dubare is also known as an elephant camp.  It is a very important hub for the Karnataka Fores...

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Directions from Bangalore to Ooty
Hill Stations

Ooty also known by its former name "Udagamandalam" is a theme based hill station in South India, the hill station is about 3 hours away from Coimbatore and is a really popular point of attraction in Tamil Nadu.The cit...

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Directions from Bangalore to Coonoor
Hill Stations

Coonoor is a hill station located in the state of Tamil Nadu. It falls in the Nilgiris district. The hill station falls on the way from Coimbatore to Ooty. The main attractions at the place for tourists are Sim’s Park...

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Directions from Bangalore to Chikmagalur
Wildlife Hill Stations

Chikmagalur (literally means The Land of Younger Daughter) is one of the most popular hill stations in Karnataka. It is known for its vast coffee plantations and in fact is the first place in India to cultivate coffee...

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Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Directions from Bangalore to Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the four ranges of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the largest wildlife sanctuary of Kerala, the other three being, Sulthan Bathery, Kurichiat and Tholpetty. The wildlife...

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Directions from Bangalore to Coorg
Hill Stations

Coorg ( also knows as Kodagu ) is a popular hill station in Karnataka. It is a popular weekend getaway destination from Bangalore and Mysore. Coorg is known for coffee plantations, forests, rivers and hills. Coorg is ...

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Directions from Bangalore to Kemmanagundi
Hill Stations Trekking

Sophisticated beauty with elegance in its every wake and well maintained natural surroundings makes Kemmanagundi the hill station of your dreams. Lying in Tarikere Taluk of Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka, this b...

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Directions from Bangalore to Madikeri
Hill Stations Religious

When one hears the word ‘hill station’, Madikeri is one place that comes to mind. Lush greenery, lofty hillocks and lovely weather are not enough to describe this town, that is a part of the Kodagu or Coorg district. ...

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Directions from Bangalore to Tirupati

Located in Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati is one of the oldest cities of India and an important pilgrimage destination for Hindus. The main attraction of Tirupati is the Sri Venkateswara Temple pilgrim ...

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Directions from Bangalore to Wayanad
Wildlife Rivers and Lakes

Wayanad is a district in the north-east of the state of Kerala. The beautiful hill station was formed by carving out certain areas from the Kozhikode and Kunnur districts on 1st November, 1980. It can also be called t...

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Kukke Subramanya

Directions from Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya
Religious Trekking

Kukke Subrahmanya is a town situated in the Sullia Taluk of southern Karnataka. The town is arranged on the banks of the Kumaradhara River. Kukke Subrahmanya is a famous goal of religious significance with a few sanct...

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Directions from Bangalore to Coimbatore
Hill Stations

Coimbatore, also known as Kovai and Coyamuthur, is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. It falls in the Coimbatore district. The city is located on the banks of Noyyal River. It is the second largest city with respect ...

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Directions from Bangalore to Kanchipuram

Positioned at 80 kilometers southwest of Chennai is the Land of thousand temples Kanchipuram. It is located in the Tondaimandalam region of Tamilnadu. Kanchipuram is divided into Shiva Kanchi and Vishnu Ka...

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Directions from Bangalore to Vythiri
Hill Stations

62 km off Kozhikode is Vythiri, a mainstream resort town well known for its old-world appeal of cabins, log cottages, and tree house facilities comfortably settled in the timberlands of Wayanad. Arranged at an elevati...

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Directions from Bangalore to Dharmasthala

A Pilgrim destination in Karnataka which is famous amongst Vaishnava, Shaiva and Jaina communities, Dharmasthala is known for its Dharamsthala Temple.  It houses various shrines such as Shiva, Manjunatha, Dharma Daiva...

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Directions from Bangalore to Davanagere
Rivers and Lakes Religious

Situated in the core of the state of Karnataka, Davangere lies on National Highway 4, which is also connected with all the neighboring cities. Legends have it that the city of Davanagere or Davangere was established w...

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Directions from Bangalore to Kudremukh
Hill Stations Wildlife

A high-range tourist destination which literally means the face of a horse, named after the famous hill that resembles the same. This small town is a masterpiece of nature, with folding hills of the Western Ghats cove...

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Directions from Bangalore to Malampuzha
Rivers and Lakes Wildlife

Wish to spend some amicable time in the lap of mother nature? Then Malampuzha is the place for you. Malampuzha derives its name from the River Malampuzha, and it offers soothingly beautiful scenery of lush greenery. M...

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Directions from Bangalore to Palakkad
Wildlife Rivers and Lakes

Palakkad or Palghat is a city in the state of Kerala and quite a contrasting one from how the normal cities in Kerala are. The city is known by plenty of different, but very much appropriate names. The "Granary of Ker...

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