Places to Visit Near Bangalore

Bangalore, the city of technology and nightlife, a mix of history and modernity, the Silicon Valley of India. Known for being the information and business technology capital of India, Bangalore is any traveller’s dream. Bangalore in itself has a lot of attractions scattered around the city while this place is also the perfect staging point for a lot of other trips as well. With a vibrant culture of work and entertainment, Bangalore literally never sleeps. One of the most beautifully developed cities in India, this city has something to offer for everyone. Shopping at Bangalore is a delight as the city is home to a myriad collection of stores and marketplaces all around the city. Brigade Road and Commercial Street are shopping hubs with anything from the cheapest to the most expensive available around them. Hip and trendy malls are littered around the city attracting large crowds all throughout the day and especially during the night. If you are a food lover, don’t look elsewhere. This city holds the highest variety of street vendors, restaurants and pubs than most cities in the country. Being the IT capital of the country, the city caters to a wide audience and aptly has a lot of cuisine options available apart from the beautiful South Indian fare of idlis, dosas and uthappams. The forts, palaces and gardens littered around the city tell a tale of the vibrant history in the capital city of Karnataka. The Lal Bagh gardens are more than 250 years old and are still maintained beautifully as a remnant of the colourful past. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is another such iconic location conveying the historical significance of the city. Now, serving as the IT and startup capital of the country, Bangalore has developed as one of India’s premiere metro cities with excellent infrastructure and public support mechanisms. Visit this great city and get in touch with the history and the future of the nation at more