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Best Time: May to June

This hilltop town is the doorway to the dynamic life and culture in Sikkim. The winding roads here go up and down the hills connecting small towns running along the rocky valleys with streams. Starting with the ropeway in Gangtok to get a different perspective of the place, you can enjoy the brilliantly coloured monasteries, live and clean street markets later taking the adventure to the next level with a transforming trekking experience in the Kanchenj...

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North Sikkim

Best Time: Oct - Dec and Apr - May

Nestled into the northern part of Sikkim, at an altitude of 610 m, the northern Sikkim is one of the most uninhabited areas of the country. The extremely charming North Sikkim with its mountainous landscape with lush green vegetation all the way up to the alpine altitude then thinning out to desert towards northern tundra. Considered as one of the least explored areas within the country due to its harsh weather conditions, North Sikkim is a picturesque...

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South Sikkim

Best Time: March- June

South Sikkim is a district in the state of Sikkim. The capital of the district is Namchi. The major urban centres of the region are Namchi, Ravangla, Jorethand and Melli. South Sikkim, due to its availability of flat land, stable geology and good roads, is the most industrialised district in the state of Sikkim. However the region has also developed as a major tourist destination as it remains filled with tourists all throughout the year. The state is f...

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West Sikkim

Best Time: October-November

Crushed between Bhutan toward the east and Nepal toward the west, the mountain territory of Sikkim lies at the base of the powerful Kanchenjunga, the third most elevated mountain on the planet. Thundering waterways, verdant valleys of rhododendron and orchids and (in case you're fortunate) a haven for the imperilled red panda (the image of Sikkim), are highlights of this little however entrancing hill valley with a characteristic of the wild. The wester...

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Best Time: March-June

There can be hundreds of beautiful places in the world, yet there is something special about mountains, they seem so distant, so cold, but yet so beautiful and fascinating. This is what makes Aritar special. The entire place provides such a beautiful view of some of the most prominent Himalayan peaks that it seems no less than a dreamland. Full of lush forests, enchanting waterfalls, emerald lakes and amazing culture, Aritar makes for a perfect Holiday ...

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