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Best Time: September to May

Surrounded by verdant mountains and picturesque landscape, Shillong is one of the most beautiful hill stations of northeast India. Located at an altitude of 1496 m above the sea level, Shillong with its rolling hills around the town is often called as ‘the Scotland of the East’. The hill station is known for its scenic beauty and calm atmosphere. This soothing climate makes Shillong suitable to visit throughout the year. Nestled into the valley....

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Best Time: April to June

A hilly town tucked away in the West Garo Hills district, Tura is a mesmerizing holiday getaway. It is an ideal destination for aesthete minds who love to explore and disengage their routine to some of nature’s very best creations. It is blessed with the presence of the mighty Brahmaputra and sits against a backdrop of lower plains, lush with greenery. A visit to the Tura peak beckons you with a splendid view of the golden yellow plains of Bangladesh....

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Best Time: October to May

  Known to be one of the wettest places in the world, the beautiful village of Mawsynram is situated at a distance of 60 kms from the city centre. The mesmerizing village with its panoramic views, lush green landscape and beautiful rains, Mawsynram is a perfect destination for both nature lovers and pluviophiles. Known to be one of the best tourist attraction in India, the village is known for its huge formation of a stalagmite, which takes after the ....

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Best Time: March-May

Situated in the Jaintia Hills region, Jowai is popular for its beautiful setting and amazing perspectives with the ideal blend of legacy and culture. The town of Jowai, which is a well-known vacationer goal, is likewise known by the name of Jwai. Jowai comprises of numerous clans and settlements that delineate the social legacy of the town. The celebration of Behdeimkhlam is a mainstream celebration when local people get ready sweets and savory delights, t....

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Best Time: September- May

Cherrapunjee, locally known as Sohra, is a hill station in the state of Meghalaya. The town was riginnaly known as Sohara, which was pronounced as “Churra” by the British, which then came to be pronounced as Cherrapunjee which means the “land of oranges”. It falls in the East Khasi Hills district. It has held the record for the highest rainfall for many years. The town has a population of 14,816 and an elevation of 1,484m. The town ....

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Best Time: October-June

Situated on National Highway 40, Nongpoh lies at a distance of 52 km from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. It is likewise the administrative home office of the region of Ri – Bhoi. Nongpoh is a wonderful spot encompassed by characteristic excellence all around with serene slopes and waterways. Located near the ravishing Brahmaputra fields, this area is a significant and quite favourite stopover before reaching to Shillong. What makes this goal per....

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Best Time: October-February

Williamnagar was conformed around the former town of Simsanggre, which was based on the enormous fields of the Simsang River. An extremely remote zone typically known for its plenitude of normal excellence for example being flanked by the mountains and having a rich synthesis of both water and vegetation. Williamnagar, the central station of the East Garo Hills area of Meghalaya, was named after Captain Williamson A. Sangma, the first Chief Minister of the....

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Best Time: October-January

Located in Meghalaya, Baghmara isn't just wealthy in greenery, yet it is wrapped by lakes, waterways, slopes and each noteworthy component of nature. Flanked by the South Garo slopes and bolstered by the Simsang waterway, this moment town is host to swarms of travellers consistently. The scene of Baghmara comprises of slopes and tracts with the River Simsang clearing its path through its greater part. There isn't one specific vacation spot here, it is ever....

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