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Best Time: September- December

Panchkula is a small tourist town tucked away in the verdant hills of the Himachal, offering respite to all those who want to get away from the monotony of life. It is abode to five ancient canals constructed during the time of the Rajputs. Surrounded by greenery of the foothills of the great Himalyan range, it is a wonderful place to embrace the true spirit of nature. The city is famous for it's trekking experience which is teemed with peacocks and great ....

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Best Time: September to December and February to March

The extremely stylish and tech-savvy city of Gurgaon is an excellent portrayal of the developing metropolis chock-full with multi-national corporations, IT giants, automobile industries and corporate offices. This commercial and technology hub is packed with various places to enjoy the dash and amaze of the town. Positioned 30 kilometres away from New Delhi, It was formerly an outskirt of Delhi. The place has witnessed a drastic transformation after t....

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Best Time: September to March

There are some trips which are meant not just to entertain oneself or to break the monotony of daily life rather they are meant to be one with the true history of India, swamped oneself into the cultures of past and get an insight into the beginning of something great. Kurukshetra, a city in the state of Haryana is counted among one of the greatest pilgrimage sites. The place is located around 170km north from Delhi and has an elevation of 258 meters heigh....

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Best Time: February-April

In the current times when powers in the virtual world are at par with those in real life, everybody wishes to work in this sector. And then, the IT hubs of our country come in the picture! In this virtual era, IT parks play a great role, and the cities having IT parks are given a lot of importance and are preferred by thousands of people to live and work. One such place is Faridabad falling in the National Capital Region(NCR). It is growing at a very fast ....

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