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Yingkiong Tourism

Settled along the shores of the excellent Siang River, Yingkiong sits as the base camp of the Upper Siang District in Arunachal Pradesh and calls for incalculable nature lovers and adventure enthusiast from the country all over and a few regions of the world. The small valley's landscape and serene atmosphere, really makes it an unspoiled vacation goal to invest some tranquil energy into the lap of Mother Nature, far from the uproarious commotions of the present swarmed city lives. While certainly, nature's enthralling scenes are the real fascination for travellers here, the other attraction for the town is its legacy which is incredible and charges incalculable social oddities. The eager anthropologists travel from great distances abroad, wishing towards sneaking a look into the district's hypnotizing social event and culture. Ponung, Roja and Broh are a portion of the renowned attraction spots of the locale which has been possessed primarily by four clans, Adi, Khamba, Mishmis, and Memba. Adventure seekers come here to enjoy climbing, trekking, mountaineering, bird watching, angling, boating, outdoors and everything else that breathes life into their spirit. Other than their way of life, and an enthusiastic environment, the spot is known for its astounding display, where there are thick timberlands and a great many species of birds with lively quills peeping the brilliant tunes and muttering of waterways streaming all over.

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Arunachal Pradesh tourism
Arunachal Pradesh tourism
Arunachal Pradesh tourism
Arunachal Pradesh tourism
Arunachal Pradesh tourism
Arunachal Pradesh tourism
Arunachal Pradesh tourism
Arunachal Pradesh tourism


The historical backdrop of Yinkiong can be related with the history of its locale, Upper Siang. The whole territory was free for a considerable length of time. It was possessed by the clans who had their very own organization. In the eighteenth century, the British entered the region and started to build up their community. Amid this time the territory was confronted by the Anglo-Burmese war from 1826 to 1861. After the war, the territory was seized by the British. The British did not concentrate much on the improvement of the clans. After Independence in 1948, the regions around Upper Siang were separated into two separate zones called Abor Hills District and Mishmi Hills District. In 1965, these were named as Siang region together. In 1980, the Siang District was again separated into East Siang and West Siang areas. At long last, in 1994, Upper Siang area was cut out of East Siang region with its home administrative office at Yingkiong. Yingkiong is acclaimed for its mind-blowing grand excellence.

How to reach

Without a direct network, to urban cities, heading out to Yingkiong can be a long adventure that can be embraced via air or rail pursued by a street voyage of no less than 3 to 5 hours. Inside the place likewise, because of the absence of open transportation, vacationers favour booking their very own taxis for the simplicity of movement.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest airplane terminal to Yingkiong is Dibrugarh Airport in Assam which is around 280 Km away. The closest international air terminal is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati, situated at a separation of around 680 km from Yingkiong. There is a helicopter administration from Guwahati to Naharlagun and Guwahati to Yingkiong by means of Pasighat. The administration to Yingkiong is offered each Wednesday morning. From the air terminal or the helipad, vacationers can enlist a taxi/cab.

How to Reach by Train

The closest railway station is Murkongselek rail line station, which is around 155 km from Yingkiong. The Dibrugarh Station in Assam is 260 km from Yingkiong. The station is served by Arunachal Express. From the railway station, travellers can procure a taxi/cab to reach the city. A lot of private and government transports are additionally accessible.

How to Reach by Bus

Since it is well-connected by road, the city can be reached with no efforts and with ease. Many buses are available to reach Yingkiong from different cities like Guwahati, Pasighat, etc.

How to Reach by Road

Yingkiong is well associated by roads to different urban areas of the state and to Assam. The streets are not very much maintained, it is encouraged to have a durable vehicle like a Gypsy, jeep, Innova, Sumo, and so on. The most ideal approach to reach Yingkiong is to reach either Pasighat or Along by a transport or taxi and afterwards come to Yingkiong by a private vehicle.


How to travel within

You can always use the local transport. The auto and cabs are readily available on demand. You can also hire a taxi and travel within the city.


Like the whole Arunachal Pradesh, rice and dishes made utilizing it are a well-known delicacy in the locale menu for the people of Yingkiong. Being one of the staple sustenance of the state, rice is consumed contrastingly here; cooked in the shell of bamboo over coal, which renders it a one of a kind flavour and smell. Among different dishes, you should try Thukpa. Prevalent in the north-eastern states, Thukpa is noodle stoop with a Tibetan essence. It comes in different assortments of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian type of meal. Momos is another local and most loved dish that is broadly consumed by vacationers. You can without much of a stretch find diverse sorts of momos accessible over the city from a roadside seller to an eatery, the filling inside the dumpling is either vegetables or chicken, pork, and so forth. Another most acclaimed beverage is Apong. Apong needs a unique notice in your rundown. It's a secretly prepared brew produced using ageing rice. Handcrafted and concoction free in nature, Apong is a light brew and amazingly well known among local people and sightseers alike.

Yingkiong Itinerary

Day 1: Start your day by reaching Yingkiong via taxi, and get checked into your pre-booked hotel or lodge. Grab some breakfast and move out towards Ponung or Roja and experience the trekking, fishing and other outdoor activities. Grab a quick lunch in a nearby restaurant and head towards Broh where you can enjoy nature at its peak. By evening you can check out of your hotel and return home by midnight.

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