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Ujjain Tourism

Ujjain, viewed as one of the holiest urban places of India, is an antiquated city arranged on the eastern bank of the Shipra River in the Malwa locale. Ujjain is one of the four destinations for the Kumbh Mela, the biggest harmony assembling in the country that pulls in 100 million individuals to the celebration. This makes Ujjain a locale of high religious centrality for the Hindus. To add to that, it is likewise home to the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, one of the twelve Jyotirlinga holy places to Lord Shiva. Ujjain is a standout amongst the most heavenly urban cities of antiquated India as it is additionally figured to be the instructive centre point of different Indian researchers. The massive abundance of Ujjain as far as religion, engineering, and instructive worth are concerned, make it a top fascination among Indian explorers as well as outside. The 'Sanctuary City', Ujjain, is thronged generally by the Hindu aficionados. As the name given to it proposes, the city is spotted with various buildings of all shapes and sizes, old and new temples making it a significant religious spot in India to visit. In any case, Ujjain isn't just for the Hindu devotees and pilgrims, yet there are additionally few places in the city that imprint it as a memorable city also. Arranged on the bank of River Shipra, Ujjain is additionally the setting for the celebrated Kumbh Mela.



Ram Mandir

1.Ram Mandir

1487 kilometres from city centre

Ram Mandir as the name proposes is committed to Lord Rama who is seen here with his significant other Sita on one side and his sibling Laxman on an...

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Chaubis Khamba Temple

2.Chaubis Khamba Temple

305 kilometres from city centre

Chaubis Khamba Temple is a spellbinding verifiable miracle gone back to the ninth or tenth century. The passageway grandstands the pictures of over...

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Mahakaleshwar Temple

3.Mahakaleshwar Temple

305 kilometres from city centre

Mahakaleshwar Temple, situated in the antiquated city of Ujjain in the territory of Madhya Pradesh, keeps on being a standout amongst the most cons...

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Harsiddhi Temple

4.Harsiddhi Temple

305 kilometres from city centre

The Harsiddhi Temple brags of a symbol of Annapurna painted in dull red shading between the icons of Mahasaraswati and Mahalaxmi. This sanctuary, w...

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Kal Bhairava Temple

5.Kal Bhairava Temple

305 kilometres from city centre

Kal Bhairav is a wild indication of Lord Shiva, and he is the most significant among the eight Bhairavas. In the event that old sacred writings are...

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Chintaman Ganesh Temple

6.Chintaman Ganesh Temple

302 kilometres from city centre

Chintaman or Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir is found near the tank of the Mahakaleshwar Temple and directly before you, stands a huge figure of a standout...

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Bhartrihari Caves

7.Bhartrihari Caves

305 kilometres from city centre

Legend says about this place is that this very spot where Bhartrihari, the sibling of Vikramaditya and an eminent writer used to live and think in ...

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Jantar Mantar

8.Jantar Mantar

517 kilometres from city centre

The engineering wonder Jantar Mantar, built up in the seventeenth century is the most established to be developed among the gathering of five obser...

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Ram Mandir Ghat

9.Ram Mandir Ghat

304 kilometres from city centre

Ram Mandir Ghat is of huge religious hugeness to Hindus since it is one of the four areas where the Kumbh Mela happens like clockwork. It is viewed...

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Kumbh Mela

10.Kumbh Mela

304 kilometres from city centre

The Kumbh Mela is a standout amongst the most unprecedented people get-togethers on the planet. Held in India, the fair celebrates the incredible S...

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Vikram University and Park

11.Vikram University and Park

309 kilometres from city centre

A significant organization of Ujjain is Vikram University, a famous focus of learning in the city. The University, situated on Dewas Road, was set ...

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Kaliadeh Palace

12.Kaliadeh Palace

306 kilometres from city centre

Arranged on an island situated in the Shipra River, this Palace holds monstrous religious criticalness. It was built in 1458 AD. The Palace is flan...

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Ujjain tourism
Ujjain tourism
Ujjain tourism
Ujjain tourism
Ujjain tourism
Ujjain tourism
Ujjain tourism
Ujjain tourism
Ujjain tourism
Ujjain tourism


The general population of Ujjain are religious and are revelled into different religious exercises in their everyday life. In spite of the fact that local people have abundantly revealed into the safeguarding of old temples and history of Ujjain, yet they have grasped the advanced way of life and culture in a sorted out manner. Being an acclaimed Hindu journey goal, a larger part of Hindu populace rules the city of Ujjain. Notwithstanding, a little proportion of individuals having a place with different religions likewise lives there. The fundamental language of the city is Hindi and English. The way of life of Ujjain is best mirrored in its fairs and celebrations that occur here in a beautiful way. The greatest celebration here is the Maha Kumbh Mela which is held following 12 years. It is an extraordinary shower celebration of the town and assembles a huge number of individuals all over the nation and abroad at the banks of River Shipra in Ujjain.


How to reach

Reaching the city is not a tough job. You can easily reach the destination with the appropriate means of transport. It is well connected with railway tracks and roadways.


How to Reach by Flight

The closest airport is the Indore Airport which is 55 km far from the city. Indore is associated with every single major city by means of air and it wouldn't be an issue to reach Ujjain from Indore as the taxis are accessible in bounty.


How to Reach by Train

Ujjain has its own railway station. It is one of the major railway junctions in the country. It also widely connects to a lot of prime cities.


How to Reach by Bus

Ujjain is very much associated with state transport and open transport administrations. Normal transport administrations are accessible from major urban areas of Madhya Pradesh to Ujjain. Quick and Deluxe A/C transports are additionally accessible in these courses. Ujjain is especially safe by means of roadways.


How to Reach by Road

The city is well-connected to many prime cities such as Indore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and many more. You can travel to the city at your own pace by hitting the road with your car.


How to travel within

The most advisable method to travel within the city will be through autorickshaws and tongas, as they are open on all sides and lets you view the city in all its glory.



Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh has one of its very own kind of centrality as far as its geological areas, rich chronicled foundations, social impacts, and monetary situations are concerned. What's more, the cooking styles of this area are derived from the mix of culture that has cumulated in the area. When you taste the few great traditional dishes, you will yourself know the reason behind the claim to fame of the sustenance of this locale. The Malwa food created in the area is a mix of the Sultanate and the Holkar cooking, which fuse sovereignty in the treats. The cooking of Ujjain comprises of the traditional Malwa sustenance which is a stir of both Gujarati and Rajasthani food. A particular bite is the bhutta ri kees which is set up by grinding corn and cooked in ghee alongside milk and flavour. Chakki ri shaag is set up with a wheat batter that is washed in running water, steamed and afterwards cooked in a sauce of curd. Since a long time, settled bread of Malwa is called baati or bafla, which is set up with wheat batter and cooked on cattle manure giving it a decent fragrance. Baati is delighted in eaten with dal, while perplexes are dished in ghee and after that presented with daal. The daal-baati, bread absorbed daal is another popular Malwa dish.


Ujjain Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey from Indore to Ujjain. Pay your respect to Chaubis Khamba Temple and Chintaman Ganesh Temple in the morning itself. Then head to explore the Bhartrihari Caves and Kaliadeh Palace in the afternoon. Spend a pleasant evening by scouting the Jantar Mantar and Kal Bhairava Temple. Pay a visit to Harsiddhi Temple on your way back to the hotel.

Day 2: Start your morning by paying respect to Mahakaleshwar Temple. Then head to exploring the Kumbh Mela and have fun. Then spend your evening by scouting the Vikram University and park. Pay a visit to Ram Mandir ghat and Ram Mandir. Hit the road back to Indore. You can reach home by midnight.


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