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Tuticorin Tourism

Tuticorin, officially known as Thoothukudi is a port and industrial city in the district of Thoothukudi in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The beautiful city lies on the coast of Coromandel of Bay of Bengal and is a popular tourist place, mostly among marine lovers. This amazing coastal town which is said to have the busiest ports also serves to have wildlife sanctuaries, family parks, sandy beaches, numerous temples and churches, and monumental sites. The port city was ruled by many dynasties and then settled by the Portuguese and later on used by the British East India Company, thus giving it a rich cultural heritage in art and architectural sites. The Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park has around 36,000 species of Flora and Fauna, the port is also famous for its pearl fishing which makes it a major attraction among tourist to visit.





64 kilometres from city centre

In a distance of 2 hours from Tuticorin, lies a serene little town Kalugumalai or also known as Kazhugumalai. This quaint little town is famous for...

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Sri Vaikuntam Temple

2.Sri Vaikuntam Temple

29 kilometres from city centre

Sri Vaikuntanathan Perumal Temple, commonly known as Sri Vaikuntam Temple is located in a Srivaikuntam town near Tuticorin. It is one of the nine s...

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Thiruchendur Murugan Temple

3.Thiruchendur Murugan Temple

30 kilometres from city centre

The Thiruchendur Murugan Temple is located on the beach of Tuticorin, this famous temple attracts many devotees and tourist every year. The temple ...

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Tuticorin Port

4.Tuticorin Port

5 kilometres from city centre

The Tuticorin port falls under the 12 major ports of India and said to be the busiest fish export area. The port is now known as V O Chidambaranar ...

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Tiruchendur Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam

5.Tiruchendur Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam

30 kilometres from city centre

The Tiruchenur Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam is another temple complex dedicated to Lord Murgan and situated in the shores of the Bay of Bengal...

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Our Lady of Snows Basilica

6.Our Lady of Snows Basilica

5 kilometres from city centre

The enchanting church of Our Lady of Snow Basilica is a prime attraction among the tourist who visits Tuticorin. This beautiful mesmerizing Church ...

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Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary

7.Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary

91 kilometres from city centre

Lying 115 km from Tuticorin, Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the top wildlife destinations in Tamil Nadu. The evergreen forest sanctuary was ...

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The Beach

8.The Beach

4 kilometres from city centre

Tuticorin being a tourist place has a lot to offer apart from temples, churches, and wildlife, the beaches of Tuticorin are famous for its low tide...

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Ettaiyapuram Palace

9.Ettaiyapuram Palace

6 kilometres from city centre

Ettalyapuram Palace is located at 35 km away from Tuticorin city. This legendary palace was built in 1565 and once ruled by the King of Ettapan who...

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Kattabomman Memorial Fort

10.Kattabomman Memorial Fort

22 kilometres from city centre

Kattabomman Memorial Fort is located in Salikulam an hour journey from Tuticorin City. The beautiful monument was first built by the King Veera Pan...

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Holy Trinity Church

11.Holy Trinity Church

5 kilometres from city centre

Located at 48 km from Tuticorin, in the town of Vellalanvilai, The Holy Trinity Church is a beautiful but a lesser known structure. The serene and ...

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St James Church

12.St James Church

4 kilometres from city centre

St. James Church is located in Manappad, a town few kilometers away from Tuticorin. The church is a popular site for its interior and exterior arch...

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20 kilometres from city centre

Ottapidram is just 35 km away from Tuticorin and is the home of the famous freedom fighter V O Chidambaram Pillai also called VOC. The small town i...

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Tuticorin trip
Tuticorin trip
Tuticorin trip
Tuticorin trip
Tuticorin trip


This port city of Tamil Nadu is adorned with temples and churches which brings Hindus and Christian devotees regularly for their pilgrimage. The Shiva Temple in the center of the city and the Our Lady of Snows Basilica are examples of beautiful architecture of cultures from different diverse religion.  Tuticorin or Thoothukudi is a family destination that has a rich cultural heritage background was once ruled by Chola and Pandyas dynasty along with later being under the Carnatic Kingdom. In the later century, the Portuguese and Dutch settled there and gave the city the adoring architecture of colonial style. The local people of the port mainly practice fishing, salt pan, pearl fishing and working in Agriculture and Industries. Tamil and English are the main languages spoken here and the best time to visit the port city is during winter. The main festivals celebrated here is the Adi Amavasai, Sasti, and Chittirai chariot festival along with the Our Lady of Snow Basilica Festival.

How to reach

The port city Tuticorin is well connected with every major city by way of air, rail, and road. In the last few years, it has become the busiest port and a popular tourist attraction for the state government to give its full attention to make transportation convenient for the people.

How to Reach by Flight

The Tuticorin Airport in Vagaikulam is the nearest airport for the city. It gets flights from Chennai and few other major cities. Madurai International Airport is also the second nearest airport for the city being around 140 km away.

How to Reach by Train

Tuticorin Railway Station is one of the oldest and famous Stations of Tamil Nadu that facilities, Pitiline for Cleaning and Maintenance. The station has direct rail connectivity with Chennai, Mysore, Coimbatore, Okha etc. 

How to Reach by Bus

There are two bus stands around the city that is located in Palayamkottai Road and Ettaiyapuram Road which operates 700 buses that cater local and intercity transport. The Bus stands have private buses and TNSTC buses that are connected with every important neighboring city for a tourist to travel comfortably.

How to Reach by Road

The major road connecting Tuticorin with other important surrounding cities including Madurai, Chennai, Vellore, and Kanyakumari is NH 74 and NH 45B. The roads are maintained well by the state government and give a very smooth traveling experience by car.

How to travel within

A major city in Tamil Nadu and a popular tourist place, the city provide buses, cabs auto rickshaws for the benefit of locals and travelers to experience every inch of this beautiful town.


Being a coastal city, seafood is the most common cuisine found in the city after the authentic South Indian Tamil Cuisine accompanied by Tea and filter coffee in abundance around the city. But Tuticorin is notoriously famous for its Bakery Products mainly Macaroons which are made of cashew, dry fruits, and coconut milk.  The tourist won’t be able to miss the smells wasting from the streets of the city that includes dishes like Parotta Salna Set, Banana Halwa, Paaghu, Puttu Karupatti, Chicken/Mutton Gravies, Paniyarams, etc

  • Capsi Family Restaurant
  • Aardvark Café Restaurant
  • Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant
  • Sri Krishna Restaurant
  • Bell Hotel Restaurant

Tuticorin Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Tuticorin Airport in the morning hours, kick start your journey by planning to travel all the nearby temples and churches of the town. Hiring a local cab will help us to reach the sites easily. A few hours journey in the surrounding area will help us explore the Ettalyapuram Palace, Memorial Fort, Ottapidram and the churches while coming back. Spend the evening eating local cuisines, particularly the famous macaroons and sleeping in the serene night of a beach town.

Day 2: Book the whole half of your day to visit the Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary, the enormous park will absolutely take your half day to explore the flora and fauna with various safaris and trekking packages provided by the Reserve. If not too tired in the evening, after lunch you can a have lazy time walking in the sandy beaches of Tuticorin, watching the sunset and eating local street foods served by the vendors.

Day 3: Visiting the Tuticorin Port, is an experience to never miss, this beautiful natural structure is one of its kind and watching the huge ships and workers is something that is a luxury in this trip. Close by it are the famous Temples of Lord Murugan, that will give us a peaceful mind of ending our journey b taking a cab back to the airport.

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