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Tura Tourism

A hilly town tucked away in the West Garo Hills district, Tura is a mesmerizing holiday getaway. It is an ideal destination for aesthete minds who love to explore and disengage their routine to some of nature’s very best creations. It is blessed with the presence of the mighty Brahmaputra and sits against a backdrop of lower plains, lush with greenery. A visit to the Tura peak beckons you with a splendid view of the golden yellow plains of Bangladesh and an adventurous trek to reach the top of this majestic beauty. The whole package of this destination is nothing less of dreams. With the rich green of the vegetation complementing the rocky landscape that aids the flow of gentle rivulets, you are sure to fall in love with Tura. It may come as no surprise to you when you find the flourishing eco-tourism in Tura which facilitate the ascending footfall of tourists who are eager to visit.

Tura, being the cultural and administrative hub of the Garo tribes, is also home to multiple other tribes – Hajong, Koch, Rabha - who are strongly rooted in their traditional values. You will be pleasantly surprised and equally entertained when you mingle with them as they are a group of people who strongly believe in myths, legends, and fabled tales. To them, everything interesting and unnatural have lore behind them. They are a humble personification of the tranquil and serene environment that they habit in. Tura is home to spellbinding wildlife where you can spot rare species such as leopards and golden cats thriving in their natural habitat.

Things to do in Tura

1.Tura Peak

12469 kilometres from city centre

The majestic Tura peak is located at the West Hat I Hills district of Meghalaya. It sta...

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2.Siju Caves

12496 kilometres from city centre

The limestone caves of Siju, locally known as Dabokkal caves that means bat caves, is a...

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3.Nokrek National Park

12480 kilometres from city centre

Nokrek National park is recognized by the UNESCO in its Biosphere Reserve list and is o...

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4.Balpakram National Park

12480 kilometres from city centre

Land of Perpetual Winds. as the name Balpakram literally translates to is a vast tablel...

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5.Pelga Falls

12463 kilometres from city centre

Pelga waterfall sits in the lap of lush forests,  flowing around the nooks and crevices...

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Tura Photos

It would not be fitting to describe the natural splendor of Tura in just mere words. However, credits are due where it belongs and in this case, it truly belongs to the people of Tura. They collectively bring life to this natural beauty and further enhance it. Collectively with their traditional values, they bring joy and good will by the festivities. They celebrate many festivals - be it the galore of Durga Pooja or the merriness of Christmas. The Garo festival of Wangla is one of their highlights every year, where people can be seen taking to the streets with drums.

Owing to the reserve of natural gems, it is home to national parks and sanctuaries. The government also takes an active initiative in preserving the treasure that the land holds and protect it from the external harmful agendas. With a bundle of exquisite nature, Tura is literally a walk through clouds. No wonder eco-tourism has flourished here to its maximum potential!

How to reach

Tura town is quite remote which can be accessed by road. There is good connectivity to the nearest airport and railway station to reach Tura.

How to Reach by Flight

The Guwahati airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 153 km from Tura. You can avail cab service from the premises to reach Tura from the airport.

How to Reach by Train

The nearest railway station is again at Guwahati which is located 200 km from Tura. It is linked to major cities across India. You can get a cab from the station or hop onto the regular bus service to reach Tura.

How to Reach by Bus

Meghalaya Transport Corporation (MTC) bus services run on a daily basis and are readily available. The buses are available from the Inter State Bus Terminus, Beltola. You can also find private buses from Machkhowa near Bhorelu Mukh - they have both day service as well as night service.

How to Reach by Road

You can travel to Tura by road from 2 of the major destination connected by road in Meghalaya - Shillong, and Guwahati. You can hire cabs from :

  • Tourist Taxi Stand in Police Bazaar area (Shillong)
  • Close to the ASTC Complex (Guwahati)

How to travel within

You can travel in your private vehicle or hire a cab to travel with Tura. Both state-run buses, as well as private buses, will take you up to Tura.

Tura has its own distinct flavors that will delight your palette with various styles of the Gora cuisine.  Wak Pura, Kappa, and Nakam Bitchi are some of the must-try food here in Tura. Also, don't forget to savor the local beverages. You must also relish the popular items here, like the Sakhin and Minel Pitha. It is also easier to find Chinese food here apart from the authentic Garo cuisine.

Tura Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Visit Tura Peak
  • Head towards Pelga falls
  • Nokrek Biosphere Reserve
  • Balpakram National Park

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