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Toranmal Tourism

Toranmal is a slope town settled in the lap of nature in Maharashtra and is decorated with nature's best components. Situated in the Satpura Range, this place of interest is roosted at an elevation of 1,150 meters above sea level. Favoured with characteristic wonders, Toranmal is a little plateau with soccer like shape. Its name is gotten from the Marathi word 'Toran' signifies an appreciated arch and 'mal' signifies garden. The staggering excellence of Toranmal enhanced with testing mountain precipices and rough landscapes which pulls in many adventure seekers and several different travellers to visit this separated heaven for comfort. Among the numerous attractions here, Yashwant Lake is a noteworthy visitor magnet. There is additionally a bounty of the old temple situated here like the Gorakhnath and the Nagarjuna temples. Sitakhai is a wondrous valley that ought not to be missed while Khadki Point and Sunset Point are two perspectives that permit you an all-encompassing perspective on the encompassing skyline. Improved with an assortment of widely varied vegetation, the zone is flanked by seven scopes of Satpura Hills that are spread with thick timberland that encompasses it. Since it is located on a slope, Toranmal is honoured with an awesome climate all year. The best time to visit the spot is amid the long stretch of October to May post the rainstorm thump the entryways of the town.

Things to do in Toranmal

1.Torna Devi Temple

2 kilometres from city centre

The Torna Devi Temple is in excess of six hundred years of age. The divinity that is re...

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2.Shopping in Toranmal

25 kilometres from city centre

Shopping in the town is restricted to a couple of items. Cotton being a noteworthy yiel...

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3.Sita Khai

3 kilometres from city centre

The Sita Khai - named after Goddess Sita – is an intriguing valley located about 1.5 km...

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4.Khadki Point

4 kilometres from city centre

The Khadki Point, similar to the Aawashabhari Point, is a famous point in the hill stat...

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5.Yashavant Lake

3 kilometres from city centre

The Yashavant Lake has been named after Maharashtra's previous Chief Minister – Yashwan...

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Toranmal tour
Toranmal tour
Toranmal tour
Toranmal tour
Toranmal tour
Toranmal tour
Toranmal tour
Toranmal tour
Toranmal tour


The spot once been an inborn territory is known to get its name from Torana, an innate Goddess who is also the managing deity of a temple situated in sloping locales of the region. The hill station got its name from the Torna tree. Legend has it that the town of Toranmal is so rich with such trees that the nearby clans began revering Torna Devi – the tree goddess – as a goddess of richness. Aside from seeing the life of different clans like the Bhils, Pavaras and Nhahalas the spot is honoured with a grand appeal which makes the spot a picture taker's enjoyment that offers colossal nature's fortune to catch in the focal points. Numerous sightseers visit this spot amid March and April when Mahashivratri Festival celebrated all around energetically in Gorakhnath temple of Toranmal.

How to reach

Tucked comfortably in the Nandurbar area of Maharashtra, Toranmal neglects to have a non-stop flight and train availability to rest of the significant areas of the country. Notwithstanding, the closest railhead for Toranmal is Nandurbar found 77 km and Dondaicha 79 km away. The closest aeroplane terminal is Surat, which is around 260 km from Toranmal. Taxis and transport buses are effectively accessible from Surat to Toranmal.

How to Reach by Flight

Found 260 km from Toranmal, Surat Airport is the closest airbase. The nearby transporter buses like Air India, Jet Airways, Indigo, Vistara, Spice Jet and others have non-stop flights from all metro communities like Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata and other numerous cities from rest of India. On achieving the aeroplane terminal, you can contract a taxi or book a transport seat on a bus to get to Toranmal, which will take you around 5 hours to achieve your goal. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai is the nearest International Airport.

How to Reach by Train

Nandurbar is the closest railhead to Toranmal. It is around 75 km away and lies on the Surat-Bhuswal line of the Western Railways. Dhule, which is around 141 km away, acts like another choice for movement via train. There are a few trains that interface Nandurbar to other communities and towns like Chennai, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Amravati and Surat.

How to Reach by Bus

There are regular transport administrations buses from close-by areas like Surat, Pune, Nasik and Ahmednagar to Toranmal with in excess of 50 courses. There are various transport administration buses accessible from different areas inside and outside the province of Maharashtra. There are a few state-possessed and private visit transport buses that offer transport benefits among Toranmal and communities like Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad.

How to Reach by Road

Toranmal is around 461 km far from Mumbai and you can procure a taxi to make a trip to Toranmal or drive your way to the goal. Be that as it may, ensure the driver has experience driving in sloping locales since the streets are stunning and somewhat unsafe. Toranmal is at a distance of around 50 km from Shahada city in Nandurbar locale. Though from Surat city the distance is around 258 KM and 295 km from Nasik city.

How to travel within

The most ideal approach to explore the extraordinary excellence of this spot is walking. Aside from strolling and trekking, taxi fills in as the most ideal approach to drive starting with one goal then onto the next and furthermore the quickest to move within the city


With regards to cuisine, the place that is known for Marathas can never baffle you. From the world well-known pav bhaji to the delightful poha, Maharashtra has a ton to offer to food lovers. Maharashtrian dishes are enticing as well as lip-smacking and very overly delightful. These dishes are loaded with flavours, smells and spices. Scarcely few traveller that has to discover Maharashtrian dishes somewhat find it too hot yet at the same time can't ward off. The town of Toranmal is very well known for its sugarcane and its items. Being situated in Maharashtra, the spot likewise transcendently served the delectable and zesty Maharashtrian food. The assortment of plates of mixed greens, chutneys and pickle they have is quite stunning. Indulgences made out of tur, maize, wheat and jowar are very popular here. Evaluate the nearby cafés and roadside stalls for real taste of the local dishes. Maharashtrian food is a fiery and hot one, which utilizes fragrant and delightful ingredients like peanuts, sesame seeds, coconut and chillies.

Toranmal Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Surat Airport, get a cab to the town of Toranmal which will take you the time of fewer than six hours road trip. Reaching the town get checked in at the hotel of your choice and get freshen up. Refreshing up, head out towards the Khadki Point to view the picturesque surroundings offered by the hill station. Later visit the Sita Khai and have a relaxing time boating in the Yashavant Lake viewing the lovely surrounding. Finish your trip by getting a blessing from the ancient temple of the region diety Torna Devi. Later head back to the town and end your day by shopping in the streets of Toranmal. Stay overnight and head back to Surat the next day.

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