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Tinsukia Tourism

One of the famous vacationer goals in Assam, Tinsukia offers the tourist a blend of fun, culture, and stimulation. This goal is wealthy in nature and has excellent scenes and staggering attractions to keep you involved all through your remain. Tinsukia is located in the upper easternmost part of Assam and is considered as the business capital of Assam. The significant fascination of Tinsukia is Dibru Saikhowa National Park, which is a biodiversity hotspot and is wealthy in widely varied vegetation. It is home to many imperilled species like Gangetic dolphin, water buffalo, white-winged wood duck, slow loris and elephants. The Tilinga Mandir or the Bell Temple is an acclaimed sanctuary and is symbolized by a banyan tree. Aficionados visit Shiv Dhaam consistently. The Marut Nandan Kanan Park is a renowned entertainment mecca in Tinsukia. Another significant spot to see in Tinsukia is Sadiya, which is lying on the lower regions of Himalayas and is a little and delightful town encompassed by streams on three sides. On the o side, it has Arunachal Pradesh. Digboi is one more attractive place to be seen. It gloats of tea ranches and happens to be Asia's first oil town. It has 18-gap fairway and stunning beautiful magnificence. Remember to visit the oil historical centre here. One can likewise play golf at Margherita, another picturesque and one of the must-visit places. It is encompassed by Burhi-Dehing River on one side and the Patkai goes on the other. The months when Tinsukia is perfect for a trek is for the long periods of October - March amid the winter season.

Things to do in Tinsukia

1.Bell Temple

11 kilometres from city centre

Tilinga Mandir or Bell temple is situated in the community of Bordubi of Tinsukia local...

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2.Dibru-Saikhowa National Park

20 kilometres from city centre

Dibru Saikhowa National Park is one of the 19 (nineteen) biodiversity hotspots on the p...

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50 kilometres from city centre

Lekhapani is a town situated in Tinsukia, Assam. The town is celebrated for its wonderf...

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30 kilometres from city centre

Renowned as the 'Oil Town of India', Digboi is a town popular for its petroleum process...

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5.Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary

27 kilometres from city centre

Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the well-known vacationers' attractions in A...

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15 kilometres from city centre

Envision yourself awakening to the perspectives on broadly spread tea gardens and where...

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49 kilometres from city centre

Sadiya is a popular vacation spot in Assam. It is a town situated in Tinsukia area and ...

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5 kilometres from city centre

Indians love their cup of tea and India is one of the biggest tea producers on the plan...

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11 kilometres from city centre

Bordubi is a Village in Kakopathar Tehsil in Tinsukia District of Assam State, India. I...

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22 kilometres from city centre

Well known for its Tea Gardens, this is another fascination of Tinsukia. The ranch here...

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44 kilometres from city centre

Ledo is a quiet spot that lies in the Margherita sub-division of the Tinsukia area of A...

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2 kilometres from city centre

The Na-Pukhuri is the greatest fascination of the town. This is a gathering of nine pon...

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Assam tourism
Assam tourism
Assam tourism
Assam tourism
Assam tourism
Assam tourism
Assam tourism
Assam tourism
Assam tourism


Tinsukia is a charming city situated in the Indian province of Assam. In the bygone times, Tinsukia used to be the capital of the Muttack Empire that was established by Swargadeo Singha in the mid-seventeenth century. As indicated by the guide arranged by Captain Hamilton Vetch in 1841, a huge part of present Dibrugarh and Tinsukia area had been recognized as "Bengmara Country of Moamareeya Tribe" with its capital at Bengmara which now is the present Tinsukia. Hailed as the business capital of Assam, the spot has an overwhelming blend of Assamese, Bengali and Hindi-talking individuals. The ancestral tribes staying in this part of Assam have their own indigenous legacy and culture and is rich and assorted with a ton of celebrations and fairs that are commended with soul and zest by the general population here. The conventional clothing types and legends of this spot have its very own appeal and magnificence. A portion of the celebrations that are praised in this region is Bihu, Shapawang Yawng Manau Poi, Tuluni and Saghi Festival, Ali ayi Ligang, and so forth. Shapawang Yawng manages Poi is a significant folk dance festival of the Singhpo clan which is praised in Tinsukia with pageantry and jollity.

How to reach

Reachability of Tinsukia is very respectable. Trains can be taken straightforwardly to the town of Tinsukia, as the townhouses a noteworthy railroad station. The closest air terminal is situated in the adjacent area of Dibrugarh. Road networks are quite connected and are alright as well.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest aeroplane terminal from Tinsukia town is the Mohanbari Airport which is in Dibrugarh at a distance of 40kms. Flights from every single significant town, for example, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Guwahati land in this air terminal.

How to Reach by Train

Tinsukia is all around associated with the remainder of India by railroads also. Tinsukia Junction and New Tinsukia intersection railroad station are the vital rail line intersections serving the city of Tinsukia. Trains are very much associated with every single significant city including Delhi and Kanpur separated from the close-by towns and major communities.

How to Reach by Bus

Tinsukia has a significant transport bus depot station and buses are accessible from all the major towns and cities of Northeast communities like Dibrugarh, Jorhat, and Guwahati.

How to Reach by Road

Roads that lead to and from Tinsukia have been developed making it extremely proficient for individuals to move to and from the city by private vehicles through the National Highway 37. The distance from Guwahati is around 491 km.

How to travel within

Tinsukia is a major town and can be accessible by way of taxis, cabs, auto rickshaws and local buses etc. Tourist can hire private cabs to visit the attractions in and around Tinsukia.


Tinsukia's cooking, similar to the nourishment of the remainder of the state is light and gentle and tastes with kinds of common and local herbs, all making the dishes here really solid and healthy. The Assamese individuals are loyally non-vegetarian and thus fish and meat comprise of a noteworthy part of their meals. A portion of the local ingredients of the zone is Maasor tenga (tangy fish curry), aloo pitika (potato squash), khar, murgir manxor jool (chicken curry), dal, xaak bhaji (green leaves sear), chutney, pickle and curd. After a meal, it is just about a propensity for the general population of Assam to have paan and betel nut (tamul) and offering it is a characteristic of regard. Aside from Assamese dishes, there are additionally different clans living here who get ready different sorts of indulgences with pork, matured fish and different herbs and green flavors.

Tinsukia Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Dibrugarh airport, get a cab that will take you to Tinsukia in a space of less than an hour road trip. Reaching the town, get checked in at the pre-booked hotel of your choice and freshen up to start your trip in this beautiful town. Getting refreshed head out to visit the beautiful city of Lekhapani and Doomdooma. Later visit Digboi and have a tour around this colonial town where the first oil refinery of India can be found. Before finishing the day back in the town of Tinsukia, visit famous recreational park known as Nau-Pukhuri. Relish your night enjoying the cuisine offered by the town.

Day 2: Finishing breakfast, head out to visit the beautiful village town of Bordubi, where you can also get the blessing from the renowned Shiva Bell Temple. From there move towards Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary to explore the lovely flora and fauna of the rainforest. Also make time to visit Ledo, Rangagora and Sadiya to see the beautiful landscapes that are encompassed with tea leaves in these estates. Stay overnight and head back to Dibrugarh the next day to board your flight back home.

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