The Cultural Hub of Kerala

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Cochin International Airport
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Thrissur Tourism

Kerala is known for its natural beauty and considered as a paradise on earth. But the best place to get a glimpse of the state’s blend of architecture with culture, one has to visit Thrissur. Surrounded by innumerable temples, beaches, and hillocks, Thrissur is located right in the heart of Kerala. Known as the cultural capital of the state it is a beautiful district that celebrates the famous Onam festival and Thrissur Pooram festival in the renowned Vadakkumnathan Temple. Some of the main attraction in Thrissur that are often sought out by visitors during the trip includes the Shakthan Thampuran Palace, Archaeological and Art Museum, Vadakkunnathan Temple and Guruvayur Temple. Living up to its name, the city serves as a blend of natural beauty and divinity in a multifarious form. The history that shines forth is the architecture of this ancient place of worship along with the treasures of Indian heritage preserved in museums and archives, which will remind you of the culture of ethnic Kerala. Along with the above-mentioned places the city also houses few distinguished sightseeing places like Chavakkad Beach, Snehatheeram Beach, and Chettuva Backwater, Athirappilly Falls, Vazhachal Falls, and Charpa Falls. The Peechi Wildlife Sanctuary is home to 25 types of mammals with beautiful fauna scattered for nature lovers. It is a paradise for trekkers to explore the wide varieties of birds along with 50 different species of orchids.


Thrissur is alluded to as the cultural operational hub of the province of Kerala. Speaking of the rich cultural legacy and customary inheritance of the province of Kerala, Thrissur houses a few scholarly and cultural training and social orders in performing crafts of the area. Thrissur celebrates various religious and social occasions with much pageantry and magnificence. Onam, Pooram, and Pulikkali are a portion of the unmistakable celebrations of the nearby populace of Thrissur. The one of a kind culture of the excellent spot of Thrissur is reflected through the different merriments of the spot. Amid the Onam celebration, the specialists of Thrissur play out the customary move of Kathakali. The cultural center point of Kerala, Thrissur keeps up an amicable harmony between religious expressions and cultural qualities. The Pooram celebration is additionally notable for the radiant showcase of firecrackers. It is characterized by two opponents gathering to speak against the two divisions of Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple competing with one another in making the presentation of firecrackers more fabulous and increasingly brilliant.

How to reach

Situated in the heart of Kerala, Thrissur has its own benefits. Although it might not have its own airport, it has a Railway Station and many Bus Depots for the convenience of tourist. Well maintained roads are connected to the city from all the neighboring cities of Kerala and other South Indian Places.

How to Reach by Flight

The Kochi International Airport is the Nearest Airport for Thrissur which is located 67 km from the city. The airport is connected with all major cities of India through regular airlines. As e=well as International flights from the Middle East, Singapore, Europe, and Kerala are available for Kochi on a regular basis.

How to Reach by Train

The Thrissur Railway Station is one of the major railheads in South India and is located just a few minutes away from the main city center. Regular train services from New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are available for the station.

How to Reach by Bus

Regular Bus Services from nearby locations like Bangalore, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Kannur, Kozhikode, Kochi etc. offers comfortable rides to Thrissur. Various Private including Volvo and State government run buses gives services to this long journey to Thrissur.

How to Reach by Road

Thrissur is connected with the many major cities of Kerala through a well-maintained network of roads. The main highways that are used to reach Thrissur are National Highway 544, 17, 47 and 66.

How to travel within

This beautiful cultural town provides a lot of options to travel within the city for sightseeing or visiting the pilgrimage sites. Buses, Taxis, auto rickshaws can be seen around the city giving service to the locals and tourist alike. Even one can hire bikes to explore the beauty of the nature trails.


Rice is the staple sustenance of the general population in Thrissur. There is no extraordinary distinction in the diet and food of the Christians and Muslims in Thrissur. The lunch is very significant, as the most imperative dish of the menu being cooked is rice of Choru, unique curries, and buttermilk. Parboiled rice is utilized here rather than Kaccha or crude rice. Another strength of the Thrissur cooking is that in every single culinary arrangement coconut oil is openly utilized rather than gingli or mustard oil, which is utilized in different places of India. Achappam and Kuzhalappam are the most prevalent dish that you will find in Thrissur Christian families. These tidbits are for the most part served in the season of Christmas or church celebrations in Thrissur. Achu signifies 'form' and appam implies something made with rice flour which is broiled or steam cooked. Some of the most popular restaurants in Thrissur are:

Thrissur Itinerary

Day 1: Start your venture from Kochi early in the morning to Thrissur. You can reach your destination by afternoon. You can visit Shakthan Thampuran Palace and Paramekavu Bhagavathy Temple by noon. In the evening, you can spend a time of tranquility at Peechi Dam and enjoy the view. On your way back to the hotel, you can visit Vilangan Kunnu and also, can pay your respects to the Gods in the Vadakummanthan Temple. Take rest for the day and have a good night sleep.

Day 2: Wake up early in the morning and visit Vazhachal Falls and take a refreshing bath. Then head to Thiruvilvamala and explore the place. After lunch, you can enjoy the Thrissur Zoo by taking photos of various species of animals found there. Then head to Appan Thampuran Smarakam and Archeological and Art Museum. Pay your respect at Arattupuzha temple on your way back to the hotel. Have dinner and rest for the day.

Day 3: You can take a pleasant walk on Chavakad Beach and have breakfast over there. Then visit Basilica of Our lady of Dolores. In the evening you can cover Heritage Garden and Charpa Falls and spend some quality time with your loved ones there. Try to visit at least once, the Chalakkudy River when you get time in the midst of your journey. Head back to the hotel and take rest.

Day 4: Take a refreshing bath in Athirapally Falls and start your journey of the day. Visit Kerala Kalamandalam and explore the place. Pay your respect to Thiruvambadi Krishna Temple and head to Shankara Samadhi by evening. Hit the road back to Kochi. You can reach home by midnight.