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Tholpetty Tourism

Sprawling with natural woods and wildlife parks, Tholpetty is a portion of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and comprises the Nilgiri forest Reserve. Popular for its large squirrels, mouse deer, spotted deer, langurs, tigers, panthers and leopards Tholpetty is a wonderland for the admirers of nature. According to the legends, Malabar King Pazhassi Raja fought a battle with the Colonial British at this very place. Recommended sites in and neighbouring Tholpetty cover the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, Kuruva Dweep Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary and the Papanasini river. The Papanasini river cascades down through this town and gives this town a graceful makeover. Trip to the sanctuary is an adventure in itself. The place will bring you closer to nature and to your own soul. The experience is enriching and will make you want to come back again and again. 


Tholpetty is located in the Wayanad district which is home to a huge population of Adivasi in Kerala. Scheduled tribes here. Wayanad has a persuasive past. Relicts and edicts unearthed in different regions of Wayanad converse of an outstanding prehistoric era. Historians are of the viewpoint that organised human life breathed in these areas, at least ten centuries B.C. Tholpetty according to the sagas, is a spot where Malabar King Pazhassi Raja had a clash with the Colonial British. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary which is a major traveller spot in Tholpetty was established in 1973 and was taken under the Project Elephant in 1991–92. 

Top things do in Tholpetty

1. Kuruva Dweep

15 kilometres from city centre

2. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

34 kilometres from city centre

3. Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

34 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

One can reach the Place by flight, roads or via railways. Although it is advisable to arrive here by road transport. 

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport is located in Calicut. It is located at a distance of 100 Kms from Tholpetty. 

How to Reach by Train

Tholpetty doesn't have its own railway station and the closest railway station is located in Calicut which is located at a distance of 100 Kms.

How to Reach by Bus

Bus services from other parts of the state are available. 

How to Reach by Road

It is prudent to catch road transport from any significant city in South India. One can hire a taxi or a cab to the destination for a hassle-free ride. 

How to travel within

The ideal way to travel within the site is Safaris and Jeeps. 


FOOD: Places such as The rain tree, Tholpetty Taj hotel, Thalassery Restaurant, Vanessa mess, Food Corner, Sapthagiri, Safari Inn, Bison Manor, Jungle retreat Wayanad etc offer delectable food around the town. 

WHERE TO STAY: Mayookham Resort, Agraharam Resorts, Wildlife retreat, Pugmarks's Jungle resort, Pepper green resort, Jungle retreat Wayanad, Machhaan Wilderness Lodge, Thennal Jungle camp, Himagiri Homes etc offer lodgings in the beautiful backdrops. One can also locate other hotels near Tholpetty by the websites and apps.

AVAILABILITY OF ATMs: Syndicate bank, South Indian bank, SBI, Canara Bank are the major banks that have operations in Tholpetty. It is advisable to withdraw cash from the other major places in Wayanad district. 

Tholpetty Itinerary


Kick start the day by heading towards the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. After that move towards the Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary and have a wonderful time watching a variety of birds. Lastly, spend the evening in the Kuruva Dweep. Leave for the respective homes by the night.