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Thattekad Bird Sanctuary Tourism

Favored with such a significant number of natural marvels, Thattekad is an amazing destination, conceal in the wonder of copious widely varied flora and fauna. This magnificent spot is situated on the Njiyapilli Hill and is primarily famous for the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, named after the incomparable Ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali. This haven was set up in the year 1983 by the Kerala Government, on the proposal of Dr. Salim Ali in the mid-1930s. This is the most prevalent bird sanctuary of India and houses around 280 uncommon types of water and land birds. Thattekad Ecotourism, alongside the guided help of local people and natives of the region, is an endeavor gone for advising and engaging the community in large. This exceptionally structured arrangement of network-based eco-tourism industry programs improves guests' involvement with the haven. The aides here are learned, enthusiastic birders themselves. Without a guide, you will lose big time since they can take you to the best spots. They even realize which rare bird is found in which spot. That way, the odds to spot uncommon species, for example, Ceylon Frogmouth, Indian Pitta, and Malabar Trogon are very high. Winter (November – February) is the pinnacle transitory season. Rare species of birds from the Himalayas and different part of the world land here amid that period. Hence, that is the best time to visit Thattekad Bird Sanctuary. The most energizing part about bird watching occasion in Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is that here one get a chance to do kayaking. Aside from enjoying the bird watching safari, one should visit a few attractions close Thattekad Bird Sanctuary like Nadukani, Bhoothathankettu, Malayattoor, Kodanad, Kalady, Wellington Island, Bolgatty, Mattancherry, and so forth.

Things to do in Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

1.Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

60 kilometres from city centre

The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary additionally normally known as the Thattekad Bird Sanctuar...

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2.Bhoothathankettu Dam

3 kilometres from city centre

Bhoothathankettu is among the most pleasant dams in Kerala. It is believed by the local...

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Thattekad Bird Sanctuary Photos

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary trip
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary trip
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary trip
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary trip
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary trip
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary trip
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary trip
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary trip
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary trip
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary trip


Territory assorted diversity and geographical position of the region is the primary motivation to make it fledgling rich. 322 types of birds including long distance transitory ones which involve the avifaunal universe of Thattekad Bird Sanctuary. Favored with tranquility, Thattekad is fundamentally known for its bird sanctuary, which can be best experienced by taking the numerous packages from the various organizations accessible for these destinations. Few of the most common packages liked and offered for tourist in Thattekad includes -

  • Jungle Night camping at Frogmouth Tower or Nestling in the wild: Stay there in the isolation of Nature and feel disguised in the cool green shades of trees. The Rarest sight of a couple of Frogmouth will leave you fascinating.
  • Jungle Night Camping at Hornbill Tower: It will let you get sharpened to the sweet respites and reminders of Nature.
  • Buzza Trail: it will lead you to the wild universe of birds and welcomes you for a guided trail in the limited zone of the Sanctuary.
  • Camping at treetop machan at Ovunkal: in this program, you can live one day in Nature's way offering an ear to the heavenly mysterious 'mantras' provided by nature.
  • Paid Nature Camp: A bundle of paid Nature Awareness Camps for young students, NGOs, professional experts, self-financing graduates, and business groups.
  • Birding at explicit areas: Birding for locating rare species of birds in specific areas is the help for enthusiastic expert bird watchers.
  • Boating in Periyar: Cruisers may get the delight of boating just as may get chance to see a few water birds, particularly, cormorants, teals, snake birds, kites, kingfishers, owls, etc in action or sitting in their affectionate habitats.


How to reach

There are woods, coconut forests, wetlands, and rivers regardless of whether you remove birds from the condition. Thattekad is found 60 km towards the north-east of Kochi in the Kothamangalam Taluk of Ernakulam district on the northern bank of the Periyar River. It is all around associated with different major cities in the state and the remainder of South India by road and rail.

How to Reach by Flight

Thattekad does not have an air terminal, and the closest airport is Kochi International Airport which is around 60 kilometers away. There are regular flights to Kochi from all major cities of India.

How to Reach by Train

Thattekad does not have a railroad station of its own, and the closest one is situated at Aluva which is 47 kilometers away. It is the second biggest junction in Ernakulam and all trains going to South Kerala stop here.

How to Reach by Bus

Thattekad is associated with the remainder of the nation by a series of well-maintained roads, and there are regular buses which are accessible from every adjacent city like Kochi, Madurai, Alappuzha, and Thrissur. Since the sanctuary doesn’t have any bus terminal stoppage of its own, you will have to take a bus to Muvattupuzha or kothamangalam and to Thattekad Bird Sanctuary thereof.

How to Reach by Road

Thattekad is around 54 km from Cochin. The closest and most used route for driving is along Muvattupuzha and Kothamangalam that takes under two hours.

How to travel within

Jeeps and vessel safaris are accessible on booking. Abstain from going out around evening time and by walking without anyone else's guidance.


Cuisine and Accommodation

There is a lot of convenience choices accessible inside this sanctuary, which offers the most relaxing stay to the guests. One can locate a Forest Department investigation cabin 'Hornbill', and quarters inside the forest zone to give the vacationer superior access to the wilderness. For individuals who need to remain somewhat far from the sanctuary can book a homestay or hotel in Kothamangalam. The three-story watch tower inside the wilderness additionally offers to stay quarters to the general population with two beds, a toilet, and a kitchen. To experience adventurers who need to go through a night in tents close-by the wilderness territory can take camp facilities outside the sanctuary on the Southern side of the stream. In spite of the fact that Thattekad probably won't offer you an unmistakable cooking or huge food culture ascribed to the region, it compensates for the equivalent, in the various eating joints accessible around the territory cultivating a significant assortment alongside famous and conventional Keralan local cuisine. Additionally, there are some well-known resorts, for example, Soma birds resorts, on the off chance that you need to encounter Ayurveda alongside touring and bird viewing.


Thattekad Bird Sanctuary Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Kochi International airport, get a cab to take you to the sanctuary which is approximately a 2-hour journey. Sit back and watch the beautiful landscape of the mesmerizing countryside. Plan your flight in a way, that you reach the sanctuary before nightfall to spend a night in it. Reaching in the evening, checked in the resort of your choice and enjoy your evening in a laid back manner getting entertained by the resort and eating local cuisine.

Day 2: Start an early morning by getting advised by the resort guides for the best tour packages they offer for touring the sanctuary. Spend the day in this remarkable forest full of teak and mahogany trees sighting the rare bird species with the guidance of your tour guy. Later in the evening you can visit the well-known Bhoothathankettu Dam and enjoy the activity of trekking and boating in this region. Stay overnight and take a flight back home the next day.


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