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Thanjavur Tourism

Thanjavur also pronounced as Thanjai and Tanjore is a district in Tamil Nadu, It is about 5  hours away from Chennai.Thanjavur is a city of Temples, it is also one of the most important place of the South Indian religion art, heritage and architecture of South India.The place attracts devotees from all over India and even foreigners have also marked Thanjavur as a point of interest, some of the Amazing living Chola temples which are monuments of UNESCO world heritage sites are also in Thanjavur while some of them are located at a really close distance from Thanjavur.

Talking about the roots of this city's name "Thanjai" is considered to be the granary and Rice bowl of the Southern state, Tamil Nadu. River Cauvery is the main source of irritation in this district,it is known for its heritage in water management. The fertile soil of makes Thanjavur one of the largest area of paddy cultivation in the entire region of South India.

The place is visited people on a really large scale every year, the local delicacies of Thanjavur attracts many top chef and travellers from all across the globe. The rich history and heritage makes Thanjavur one of the most visited places in South India. The magnificent architecture and beautiful monuments of Thanjavur really sets it apart among the other sites. Thanjavur is vaulted by Colroon from the north, which bisects the district from Tiruchapalli and Ariyallur. It is wide spread in a region of about 3397sq.kms, the Literacy of this district is more than 75% and has a homogeneous mix of population of all religions.

One must visit this site of World heritage to be acquainted with the heritage of this truly beautiful city, Thanjavur( The Rice Bowl of South India).

Things to do in Thanjavur

1.Brahadeshwara Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

Brahadeshwara is a temple in Thanjavur which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is ...

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2.Aalangudi Temple

30 kilometres from city centre

This temple is located in a small village known as Alangudi in the Tiravarur district w...

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3.Chandra Bagwan Temple

12 kilometres from city centre

Chandra Bagwan Temple, as the name already points out to Moon it is clear that this tem...

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4.Other Temples

1664 kilometres from city centre

Thanjavur has about 98 temples that can be visited by one. Some of the minor temples th...

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5.Shiva Ganga Garden

1 kilometres from city centre

Shiva Ganga Garden being a famous place of Interest is also a famous landmark in Thanja...

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Thanjavur Photos

Thanjavur tourism
Thanjavur tourism
Thanjavur tourism

Heritage and History

Thanjavur blossomed as the ancient capital of the" Great Chola Dynasty" and later for the "Marathas" and" Nayaks".The major point of Interest in Thanjavur is the Brahadeeswara Temple. This temple is a exemplary  example of South Indian architecture and not only this, it is also a world heritage site. The city was at the peak of its glory during the Chola period time(10- 14th century) during this period it also became a great place of culture and learning. The city is famous for its Thanjavur painting which is a classical style of painting, the style was actually inaugurated from Thanjavur and later it spread through the adjoining region of Tamil Nadu. The art form lines itself together withs its immediate resources and inspiration which dates back to the perios of Nayaks.The period not only encouraged this style of painting but also was the source of encouragement of Classical music classical dance.

The city is was named after an Asura(Demon), Tanjan. He was killed by Lord Vishnu. Earlier people used to refer this city as "Thanseioor" meaning a spot surrounded by rivers green fields of paddy. Initially it was tranformed from Thanjavur to Tanjore. Today its a mid sized crowded city but still its past is very much present to this day.The city is also the home to one of of the most remarkable civilization of Dravidian history. This kingdom is among the few others that were to expand Hinduism beyond the boundaries of India. The labyrinthine royal palace holds within the memories of many other powerful dynasties of the later centuries which ruled Thanjavur. A dizzying historical legacy was forged into this city during its heyday. The Great Brihadeswara temple, a place of worship for thousands of devotees and visitors is a living testament to the legacy of the Cholas.

How to reach

How to reach Thanjavur

As Thanjavur is a really popular place among the travellers and visitors from all over India and it is also the Handicraft hub of India due to which it is easily accessible from all the other states and cities of India. The city is well connected Via Train,Road and in terms of Via Air the nearest airport is Tiruchirapalli airport which is about 60 kms away from the Thanjavur.

How to Reach by Flight

How to reach by Flight

Tiruchirapalli airport is the closest airport to this city, about 60 kms away from Thanjavur.As Thanjavur does not have a airport of its own one can come here via Tirchipalli airport and hire a local taxi or take a private or goverment sector owned bus to reach Thanjavur.

How to Reach by Train

How to reach by Train

Thanjavur is well connected with 4 major cities Trichy, Madurai,Nagore and Chennai via rail. Daily trains from cities like Benguluru, Chennai and Coimbatore are available.

How to Reach by Bus

How to reach by Bus

Thanjavur is well connected with adjoining cities like Tirichupalli, Benguluru and Chennai so both Private and government owned sector buses are available from these cities with frequent service.

How to Reach by Road

How to reach by Road

As it is connected with adjoining cities one,can take reach Thanjavur via Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore and Tiruchapalli. Its is about 60 kms away from Tiruchapalli and it will take around 2-3 hours by to reach Thanjavur District. This is really a road trip that you won't regret because the beautiful and totally enchanting view of this beautiful city will truly amuse you.

How to travel within

You can visit the local sites and temples in Thanjavur by bus, local cabs, rickshaws and you can also do some exploration on foot. Make sure to carry a map with you if you are not well acquainted with Tamil, as this is a small city you don't have to worry about money and theft. ATMs are available in all the major locations in Thanjavur. Don't forget to carry small denominations if you are planning to travel by local state bus. 

Where to reside in Thanjavur

There are many top hotels and resorts that are available in Thanjavur, one can choose from a wide variety. Some of the top resorts are

  1. Ideal Riverview Resort Ideal Riverview Resort
  2. Svatama Hotel Svatam Hotel
  3. Grand AshokGrand Ashok

Food and ATMs

Food is Thanjavur is simple and really authentic, though there are places where you can find good international delicacies. Things that you must try in Thanjavur are

  1. Thanjavur Elai Virundu, it is usually served on a big plantain leaf, it is a full course meal and is a legendary delicacy that is passed on from ages.
  2. Thaval Adai, this dish is a mix of rice and lentils and is served with the traditional companion of any dish in south India, Coconut chutney
  3. Ashola Halwa, a dessert made with the moong dal
  4. Surul Poli, traditional sweet dishbof Thanjavur.

When it comes down to ATMs, you don't have to worry about finding one, Many major banking chain ATMs are available at all the locations in Thanjvur though it is preferred to carry cash in a small amount.

What to buy

Thanjvur dancing dolls which are readily available in the local markets are the must-haves, The palace also has a local painting exhibition where you can buy paintings if you have that special love for art. Idols and many other artistic plates are also available in this city. You can stroll through the local market and buy handmade jewellery, ornaments and the traditional handicrafts which the city is famous for.

Thanjavur Itinerary

Settle in and stroll through the nearby area.

Day 1:  Visit the Lord Krishna temple, the city is famous for the Thanjvur dancing dolls (Thanjavur thalai attu bommai), paintings of lord krishna and Tanjore artistic plates are the things which you must checkout when in Thanjavur. Visit the the Phoompuhar art gallery, it exhibits a wide variety of  artistic Bronze idols. Try the dry Gulab jamuns at Bomabay sweets which is near the railway  station. Spend the evening strolling through the local market and try the local delicacies of the city.

Day 2: Visit Gangaikonda cholapuram,the serfoji saraswati Mahal library, Ramasamy temple,Brihadeeswarar temple and Punnainallur Mariamman koil. One must also visit the local farms in Thanjavur to learn about the local crops and rural life of this humble city. Head back to your hotel, have dinner and get some rest.

There are many other places that you can do while you are Thanjavur, if you wish to extend your itinerary for a couple of more days you explore some other minor temples, historical monuments, forts and many of the art galleries in Thanjavur. The place is rich in heritage and one must visit and explore the city to be acquainted of the history and culture of this site of heavenly heritage.

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