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Tarkarli Tourism

Located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, Tarkarli is a prominent tourist destination amongst the people of the country as well as foreigners. At a distance of 546 km from Mumbai, Tarkali serves as an ultimate goal for the adventure seekers and beach lovers. Tarkarli has a series of pristine white sand beaches, where one can enjoy walking on the shores, have a family picnic or dive into the many water sports, that has been introduced there. Being situated in the confluence of Karli River and the Arabian Sea, Tarkarli attracts tourist for various activities at the beaches such as Boat rides to watch dolphin, scuba diving, parasailing etc. Along with the beaches, Tarkarli is also famous for its only sea-fort of the region, known as Sindhudurg Fort. The best time to visit Tarkarli is during the months from October to March, since during monsoon most part of Tarkarli go under the Sea.

Things to do in Tarkarli

1.Tarkarli Beach


Tarkali Beach has been declared as one of the premier beach destinations in Maharashtra...

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2.Dhamapur lake


At a distance of 20 km from the Tarkali is the famous tourist destination of Tarkali kn...

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5 kilometres from city centre

Can be counted as the prettiest place in Tarkali reason, Deobagh is a major destination...

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4.Sindhudurg fort

3 kilometres from city centre

One of the best attraction of Tarkali apart from its beaches is the famous landmark of ...

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5.City Shopping

556 kilometres from city centre

The Malwan Market or the bazaars in Tarkali are filled with homemade products and handi...

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6.Water sports

297 kilometres from city centre

The most sought after destination in Maharashtra for water sports, Tarkali is slowly em...

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Tarkarli Photos

Tarkarli tourism
Tarkarli tourism
Tarkarli tourism
Tarkarli tourism
Tarkarli tourism
Tarkarli tourism
Tarkarli tourism
Tarkarli tourism


The beautiful beach town of Tarkali has an intriguing culture and history in its lap. There are a number of places to visit if you want a fill of history and culture of Maharashtra and Malvan region. The genre that includes forts, museums, monuments, and archaeological sites will help you to discover the richness of culture and history of Tarkali. The 17th Century Sea-fort of Sindhudurg is and epitome example of the Portuguese architecture where you can find the temples dedicated to the Gods of Hindu Religion. Tarkali also is the home of the famous Shree Shivchhatrapati Temple where the idols are carved out of stones and have real footprints of Shivaji carved into a dome. Tarkali celebrates a number of festivals that includes the famous Ramnavami Utsav that’s held during the month of March in Mapurush Temple, various cultural performances and dramas are held in the temple premises. Also, the Anganwadi and Brmhan Dev Jatra with Ganesh Chaturthi are few known festivals that is celebrated with much enthusiasm.

How to reach

Located on the coast of Konkan that is 6 km south of Malvan, Tarkali falls into the route to Goa. To indulge in the enticing experience of white sand beaches, sunset, scuba diving, and snorkeling at Tarkali Beach one can easily reach the beach town through major cities via rail, road, and air.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest Airport to Tarkali is the Goa’s Dabolim Airport, located 81 km from the beach town. Another Airport is Kolhapur Airport, that 113 km away. Both of the airports are connected with major cities of the country.

How to Reach by Train

The Mandovi Express and the Konkan Express are the best options to reach Tarkali via Rail. The nearest station is Kudal, located 45 km from the town and receives trains from Goa, Pune, and Mumbai on a regular basis.

How to Reach by Bus

Tarkali doesn’t have any Bus station of its own, but located 6 km is Malvan Bus station which is the nearest bus depot for Tarkali. Malvan receives a number of buses from neighboring cities of Mumbai, Panjim, and Pune.

How to Reach by Road

Mumbai to Tarkali is a distance of 531 km and might take 11 hours via AH47 to reach it. People prefer routes from Pune which is in a distance of 388 km and Panjim which is just 107 km and will take around 3 hours to reach.

How to travel within

Personal cars, hired cabs, and autos are the best options to move within the city, though you can walk around the town to explore the sights and picturesque beaches of Tarkali.


Tarkali being a beach town is dominated by the Sea-food along with Konkan influenced Malvani cuisine. The region specialized in Non-Vegetarian Foods, but Vegetarians have delicious Malvan Specialties like the Kombadi – Vada, Aamras and Sol Kadi. The sea cuisine is a blend of spices and local masalas that you can taste in their popular dishes of Shark Curry and Mori Masala.

  • Athithi Bamboo Restaurant
  • Chaitanya
  • Swami Family Restaurant
  • Blue Sea Beach Homes
  • Shree Siddheswar Hotels

Tarkarli Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Goa’s Airport in the morning hours, hire a cab to take you to Tarkali. Kick start your journey by planning to travel all the nearby temples and landmarks of the town. Hiring a local cab will help us to reach the sites easily. A few hours journey in the surrounding area will help us explore the beauty and culture of Dhamapur Lake and Sindhudurg Fort. Spend the evening eating local cuisines, particularly the famous Malvan cuisine while also buying the cashew nuts and sleeping in the serene night of a beach town.

Day 2: Book the whole half of your day to visit the backwater of Karli River and Deodham, this picturesque place will absolutely take your breath away along with divulging in the various water sports and boating while watching dolphins. Walk in the white sandy beaches and watch the turtle lazing around. If not too tired in the evening, after lunch you can a have lazy time walking in the quiet beach of Tarkali, watching the sunset and eating local street seafood served by the vendors. Wake up early the next day to get back for your destination to home.

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