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Suryamal Tourism

In the range of Thane, there lies an unsung beauty ‘Suryamal’; situated in Mokhada Taluka at the outskirts of the district. At a distance of 85 km from Nashik and 120 km from Mumbai, this village spreads over 15 acres of forest and valley. The weather being the specialty of this place, leaves the tourist with an amazing experience of this serene paradise. Enthusiastic people having a passion for adventures like trekking or road trip, start their journey from ‘Khodala’, a small village. Being the perfect spot for your family vacations or those long-awaited trips with friends, Suryamal is the one-stop destination for the thrill seekers as it is famous for being the tallest peak of the region. The pleasant weather captivates you and throws you into a peaceful trance; hypnotizing with its view from the top of the peak, you can watch the entire Suryamal with all its calm and thrill. Suryamal Peak is really a paradise on earth as it will mark you with a feeling of serendipity and numinous memory. The best time to visit the place is during the months starting from September till May, since the weather remains comfortable during this time.




Things to do in Suryamal


118 kilometres from city centre

Trekking is what makes this trouvaille destination the most sought after by the thrill ...

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Suryamal is a village, away from the hustle bustle of the city life, making it a peaceful and a numinous destination for the peripatetic. Its a sight to behold with its luscious green valleys and forests. Belonging to the outskirts of Thane, it has an elegant culture with the background of Konkan Culture. People around the area live a simple rural life, since it is not much of a developed area. Various Ethnic groups and communities also reside in this region such as the Kuruba, Vaishya, Padti, Brahmins, Gabit, etc.

How to reach

We would recommend travelling by a car/bike as there is no direct route to Suryamal. Although you can reach the maximum till Khodala using Public Transport like Bus.




How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport to Suryamal is Nashik Airport. The flight might be a connecting flight with one or more stops. After reaching Nashik, you can book a cab or taxi to Igatpuri.


How to Reach by Train

The nearest Railway station will be Nashik Railway Station. There are no daily trains. The trains available are only scheduled on Monday and Sunday.


How to Reach by Bus

If you take a bus to Nashik from Mumbai, it will take you about 4 to 6 hours to reach Nashik. No direct route to reach Suryamal.


How to Reach by Road

After you have reached Nashik using any of the other means of travel. You can take a car or a bike directly from Nashik to Suryamal, via NH848 and Khodala, take the Harsha Road. Its a journey of around 80 km so it will take about 2 hours.

How to travel within

You can explore Suryamal best by a cycle or a bike. Although by foot is not a bad option either, as it is a Trekking Destination.



Local Cuisine

Getting fuelled is more important for any venture. There are many local Dhabas and restaurants. The hot food served in chilled weather is really a nice experience. Indian restaurants and hotels are also available.  Few good places for food in Igatpuri are:

  • Manas Resort
  • Hotel Narmada
  • Hotel Leaf
  • Tulsi Restaurant
  • Zaika Family Restaurant

Suryamal Itinerary

Day 1

The journey will be of 6 hours approximately (depends on the mode of transport used). You can take a flight from Guwahati to Nashik and then bus from Nashik to Igatpuri. There are no lodging facilities in Suryamal as such, that’s why you need to stay at Igatpuri. You can reach the place around evening if you start early in the morning. After reaching you can take rest for the evening and later enjoy the night jungle safari.

Day 2

Start your venture in the early foggy morning. The view and atmosphere is gorgeous than any before. Energize yourself and gear up for an adventure of a thrill to the peak and forest of Suryamal. The road trip will give immense pleasure and inner peace to a peripatetic. Along the route, you can come across many places to visit such as Trimbakeshwar Temple, Kohoj hill fort, etc.

Day 3

After getting a good night sleep and getting breakfast early, you can head back to your life in the cities. One should get back to the route as there may not much be bus frequency from Igatpuri to Nashik. After reaching Nashik airport you can get on the flight back to Guwahati.


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