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Surat Tourism

Surat is the heartbeat of the state of Gujrat and can easily be coined at the textile centre of India. Situated on the banks of Tapi River, this is where all the hustle resides. It’s not only one of the fastest growing cities of cities but it’s also home to some of the greatest historical landmarks and architectural wonders. Famous for cutting and polishing diamonds, Surat is called ‘The Diamond City’. With so much talk about being the busiest city of India, it also plays host to ample tourists throughout the year. The life of this city maybe fast paced but the rich and vibrant Gujrati culture is well preserved with the perfect blend of historical gems and modern Gujrat. From calming beaches to magnificent Temples whether you are planning a family vacation or a business trip, the Diamond City has tons to offer and cater to all your needs.   


Things to do in Surat


30 kilometres from city centre

The posh end of Surat is the place where you can find all the five star restaurants, ho...

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28 kilometres from city centre

28kms from the city centre, this place is of paramount importance in the history of Ind...

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16 kilometres from city centre

Another famous beach which is also acts a transhipment port is Hajira, situated at the ...

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4.Sardar Patel Museum

3 kilometres from city centre

Build in the year 1890 Sardar Patel Museum is one of the oldest Muesums of Gujrat. With...

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5.Swaminarayan Temple

208 kilometres from city centre

Another famous tourist attraction is the Swaminarayan temple, known for its serene ambi...

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6.Chintamani Jain Temple

5 kilometres from city centre

Near Rani Talab in Surat is a 400 year old world famous ChintamaniJain Temple known for...

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7.Ambika Niketan Temple

4 kilometres from city centre

Ambika Niketan Temple, situated on the banks of River Tapti, was built in the year 1969...

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8.ISKCON Temple

209 kilometres from city centre

Explore the purest form spirituality at the Iskon temple in Surat located on Ashram Roa...

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9.Science Centre

4 kilometres from city centre

A complete delight for kids and adults, this place is one of the extravagant projects o...

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10.Tithal Beach

64 kilometres from city centre

Not a lot of people know but 88kms from the city is Tithal whichi is one of the few bea...

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11.Vansada National Park

82 kilometres from city centre

The once regal state of Vansada in the southern region of Gujrat has now been transform...

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12.Suvali Beach

22 kilometres from city centre

Away from the chaos of the city is hidden treasure 20kms from Surat, the Suvali Beach. ...

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13.Ubharat Beach

20 kilometres from city centre

Surat and its nearby areas are a home to a multitude beaches including the Ubharat Beac...

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14.The Dutch Garden

3 kilometres from city centre

The European influence can be best seen in the Dutch Garden which offers a marvellous p...

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15.Dumas Beach

16 kilometres from city centre

Located 21 kilometers south-west of Surat, an exotic beach spreading over 2kms fore-loo...

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16.Choppati, Jawahar lal Nehru Garden

3 kilometres from city centre

If you are planning a day full of fun and games this is place you are looking for. Chop...

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Surat Photos

Surat tourism
Surat tourism
Surat tourism
Surat tourism
Surat tourism
Surat tourism
Surat tourism
Surat tourism
Surat tourism
Surat tourism

Local Cuisine

When in Gujrat how can someone forget the mouth-watering Gujrati Cuisine? Hit the bazaars and the streets of Gujrat to experience the flavours of some of tastiest and the most spectacular dishes in the world. Surat has a myriad street food markets which allow the visitors and the locals to gorge on the delectable traditional Gujrati cuisine. Your taste buds will light up at the sight of the food. From the colourful Sev Bhel to the gigantic Gujrati thali, from finger-licking fried farsans to the world famous dhoklas, from papaya chutney to malai kulfi from spicy to saucy, Surat is a dreamland for foodies.  

How to reach

The Diamond City is well connected to all the major cities of India by rail, road and air transportation services. It is fairly convenient to reach Surat at a budget friendly cost via a variety of ways.

How to Reach by Flight

The Surat Airport is a domestic airport and is situated at around 12 km from the city centre. This airport connects Surat to flights from major cities in India. Surat has direct flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and a few more cities. The cost of the flight depends on when and from where you book them.

Nearest Airport: Surat

How to Reach by Train

Surat station is very nicely connected to a lot of parts of the country via rail. Surat falls on Delhi-Mumbai route, Jaipur-Mumbai route and also on Mumbai-Ahmedabad route, making it very accessible from western and northern parts of India. A double decker train connecting Mumbai and Ahmedabad also passes through Surat. Surat is also connected to eastern and southern parts of country including Bihar, West Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

How to Reach by Bus

Surat has bus stations connected that receive many buses from other states. Surat visit by bus is the one of the exciting ways to explore the city. So many private as well as state government buses offer daily services to the city from all over India.  Surat (Adajan) is the main bus station in the city.


Local Transport in Surat

Buses form an important part of Surat's transportation scene. The daily commuters in Surat avail the bus services provided by the Government of Gujarat. Taxi is another mode of transport, but the most preferred mode of transportation in Surat is the auto-rickshaw.

How to Reach by Road

It is extremely easy to reach Surat by road. The city is connected to the National Highway 8 through a 16 km connector highway. One can hire a cab at the rate of around Rs.10-20 per Km. There is an active bus service plying from cities within the state as well as from the neighbouring state at a rate of about Rs 2-5 per km.

How to travel within


Buses form an important part of Surat's transportation scene. The daily commuters in Surat avail the bus services provided by the Government of Gujarat. Taxi is another mode of transport, but the most preferred mode of transportation in Surat is the auto-rickshaw. Apart from that you can hire a cab service whioch are pretty easily as well. 

Surat Itinerary


Reach Surat early morning and check in to your preferred hotel, relax for a bit. Visit the Surat Castle for glimpse into history, followed by a relaxing evening at the Dutch Garden in the lap of nature and  


Start the day by seekinmg the blessing of the almighty at the Chintamani Jain temple, followed by a refreshing day at the Dumas beach and in the evening you can hit the streets of Surat for a taste into the divine local cuisine.


Explore the vibrant cultural heritage of Gujrat at the Hajira village, followed by a visit to the Gavier Lake and Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium.


End the trip with a trip to the historic Dandi village, have fun at the beach and depart home in the evening.

Some of the great eating places in Surat are-

  • Kansar Gujrati Thali
  • Sasumaa
  • La Pizza Trenu
  • NareshBhai Bhelwala
  • Kailesh Street food
  • Sizzling salsa




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