Kailash of the South

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Srikalahasti Tourism

Srikalahasti is referred to as the 'Kailash of South' and rightly so because it does have all the characteristics of being the Kailash down south. The main temple, the Srikalahastisvara Temple is pristine white and also has a beautiful hill alongside. To add to it, a small river named Swarna Mukhi flows through the city, quite analogous to the mighty Ganga. The place seems to be full of devotees, of Lord Vishnu and Shiv especially. This makes the atmosphere quite spiritual and religious. To soak oneself into the divinity of God and to render his/her offerings this is one best places to be at.

Not just temples, the place also has quite a few natural blessings as well in the form of lush hills and a beautiful little waterfall. Some of the temples are located on the top of hills which requires a bit of hiking as well, providing quite a wonderful experience.


Things to do in Srikalahasti

1.Veyilingala Kona Waterfall

7 kilometres from city centre

A nice little waterfall around the city certainly boosts up spirits, and so does the Ve...

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2.Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple


Located centrally, this is one of the main attractions of the city, the very sacred Sri...

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3.Sahasra Linga Temple


'Sahasra' means lings, and thus the name suggests what the temple is about. There are 1...

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4.Srikalahastisvara Temple


The prime attraction of the town which attracts thousands of visitors, mainly devotees ...

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5.Bharadwaja Tirtham

1 kilometres from city centre

The Bharadwaja Tirtham is one of the famous religious sites in Srikalahasti. What makes...

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6.Durgambika Temple


This temple is dedicated to Goddes Durgambika, or commonly known as Goddes Durga. It al...

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7.Bhakta Kannappa Temple


The word Bhakta in Hindi means devotee, and just like the name suggests, the temple is ...

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8.City Shopping

253 kilometres from city centre

Hand made paintings are quite famous in Srikalahasti, which generally are pictures of G...

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Srikalahasti Photos

Srikalahasti trip
Srikalahasti trip
Srikalahasti trip
Srikalahasti trip
Srikalahasti trip
Srikalahasti trip
Srikalahasti trip
Srikalahasti trip
Srikalahasti trip
Srikalahasti trip

Land of Temples

Well, no doubt the land is very religious and spiritual and definitely, that is because of the number of temples in the area. The Srikalahastisvara Temple is the main temple of the town and the prime attraction as well. It is pristinely white and looks beautiful. Then there is the Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple which looks quite similar to the Srikalahastisvara Temple. Both these temples are respected a lot and they account for the maximum tourist count of the place. Then there are other temples as well, all dedicated to different Gods and one even to a very devoted Bhakt. So, if you want to visit a place where wherever you go, you get to see a glimpse of God, the town of Srikalahasti is just the right place for you.

How to reach

It is accessible by all means, air, rail and road.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport is in Tirupati, 2 kms away. From there, a cab or a taxi can be easily available.

How to Reach by Train

The nearest railway station is in Srikalahasti only, which connects to many major cities of the country.

How to Reach by Bus

Srikalahasti is well connected to the rest of the Andhra Pradesh by state transport buses.

How to Reach by Road

The roads are  well maintained, and can be reached by driving from major cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

How to travel within

It can be travelled by foot, or even by local buses. Autos are available too.

Staying in the town

The town is garnering popularity day by day, which also means more and more facilities for the tourists. There are a lot of hotels in the town of Srikalahasti in all price ranges. People can choose to stay either in Kalahasti or Chittoor, depending upon their needs and plan. 

When it comes to food, authentic South Indian food is available, strictly vegetarian due to respects for the temples. The food is quite delicious and appreciated a lot.

Srikalahasti Itinerary

  • Start your journey by visiting the very prestigious and revered Srikalahastisvara temple. Seek blessings from God and feel the good vibes there!
  • Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple should be visited next.
  • Head towards the Sahastra Linga temple and be amazed by the works of God.
  • Next pay your respects to the bhakt who made himself count by visiting the Bhakta Kannappa Temple.
  • Head towards the rest of the temples.
  • Visit the Veyilingala Kona Waterfall during sunset the feel the elixir our nature is.

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