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Silvassa Tourism

Silvassa can be easily regarded as a heaven on earth lying in the Western Ghats of India, surrounded by luscious greenery and forests. It is remarkably known for its Portugal heritage which makes it a very famous place amongst the history enthusiasts and it also acts as an ideal satiation for the tourists looking for some adventure and fun. Silvassa is the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Situated in the southern regions of Gujarat, Silvassa is popular for its scenery, resorts, and most importantly, tax-free alcohol. For adventure enthusiast, visiting Silvassa is a treat to the soul. There are many activities to be undertaken, and places to be explored such as Water Park, amusement park, wildlife park, etc. The handcrafted products of Silvassa like Warli Painting, paper bags, etc. are famous assets throughout the country. You can find unique and delicious food around the place with a wide range of options to suit your taste buds and leave your lips smacking for more. The industrialization in the city is very established since there exist several industries and factories in the vicinity. The government keeps the property well maintained, as a result, it is very clean and one of the most, well-developed city in the country.


Things to do in Silvassa


19 kilometres from city centre

The formation of Dudhni is also a history. In 2004 Madhuban Dam was constructed on the ...

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2.Island Garden

3 kilometres from city centre

Island Garden is surrounded by a lake. You can see many sea animals and birds in the la...

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3.Our Lady of Piety Church

1 kilometres from city centre

The church of Our Lady of Piety is one of the most ancient Portuguese church in Silvass...

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4.Lion Safari Wildlife Park

9 kilometres from city centre

The wildlife park of Silvassa is famous for their rare species of Asiatic lions. The pa...

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5.Tribal Museum

215 kilometres from city centre

The tribal museum is the major crowd puller of Silvassa. The museum is the showcase of ...

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6.Vanganga Lake

6 kilometres from city centre

The Vanganga Lake is situated near Hirwa Van Garden. It is 6 km away from the city cent...

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7.Hirwa Van Gardens

2 kilometres from city centre

The name of the place is Hirwa Van Garden because it is literally a green forest. It is...

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Silvassa trip
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Silvassa trip


Many tribal communities reside in the regions of Silvassa such as Myriad, Konkani, Warli, etc. Also as it is in the outskirts of Gujarat, people over the place have an influence of Gujarati culture. It is also known as the home of myriad tribal. Many tribal festivals are celebrated with high enthusiasm and love. The common festivals of the place are Kanseri, Vagh, Divaso, etc. During festivals, you can find many handmade ornaments on display, such as bangles, colourful bead necklaces, anklets, chains and much more local art and craft items. Till the 19th century, Silvassa used to be a small village, but with the advent of time, it has modernised itself to a large extent. In ancient times, the city was under the Portuguese Administration. You can still find many traces of Portuguese and Roman Catholic culture in the architecture of the buildings in Silvassa.

How to reach

The city is well connected by roads to many big cities. You can reach Silvassa without any difficulties if you find the proper route to the destination.

How to Reach by Flight

Silvassa is not directly connected with airlines since there is no airport within the city. The nearest airport is in Surat. You can get domestic as well as International flights. Surat is 136 km away from Silvassa. One can take a cab from the place and reach the destination.

How to Reach by Train

There is no direct connectivity by rail to Silvassa. The nearest railway station is in Vapi which is around 16 km away from Silvassa. You can easily find a local taxi to reach the Vapi railway station.

How to Reach by Bus

There is no direct bus facility available to reach Silvassa. The nearest bus stop is Bhilad which is 12 km away from the Silvassa. You have to take a taxi from Bhilad and reach the city on your own. Buses to Bhilad are frequently available which operates smoothly. Other places you can take buses from are Ahmednagar, Surat, etc.

How to Reach by Road

The city is well connected with the roads so one can reach to the Silvassa with his/her own comfort. You can rent the car and reach the desired place on time without any troubles. You can travel as per your wish to the places you can go to visit around the place with ease by road.

How to travel within

The city is well established so local buses are available to reach the places you wish to visit the city. You can hire a taxi as well as cabs too. The local autorickshaws are also available readily on demand. There is no issue in travelling within the city itself.


Silvassa is a paradise for the foodie since you can find dishes with a wide range of options. It’s a place where you should try and taste every dish available. There are plenty of restaurants and food with several varieties of food items. Mainly you will find Gujarati cuisine around the place. Many famous Gujarati dishes are readily available like dhokla, handva, thepla, kadhi, etc. Seafood like crabs and fishes are also very common in the region. You can also find international cuisines including Thai, Chinese, Italian, etc in most of the high-end restaurants. Some of the famous places you can visit are:

Silvassa Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey early in the morning and hit the road from Surat. Hire a cab and travel to Silvassa. You can expect to reach the destination by noon. Have lunch and then head towards the Tribal museum and explore the place. In the evening visit Hirwa Van Garden and spend some quality time with your loved ones by taking a walk on the tracks near the Vanganga Lake. You can visit Our Lady of Piety church while returning back to your hotel. Have dinner at night and a good night sleep.

Day 2: You can start your journey by visiting Dudhni and see the sunrise from the sunrise point of Dudhni. You can take a bath in the waterfall as well. Then head back to the road and visit Lion Safari Wildlife Park and enjoy the view of nature with the rare species of lions. Head back to the hotel and take rest for the day.

Day 3: Start your morning by having a pleasant walk under the trees of Island Garden. Spend some time there and then have your brunch. Head back to Surat. You can reach home by noon or evening.

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