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Silchar Tourism

Silchar is the second largest town in Assam, located along the river Barak. It has unique neighbours, it is surrounded by Manipur on the east, Bangladesh on the west, Mizoram on the south and the Barail hills on the north. Having plenty of natural bounties around, Silchar attracts a lot of tourists for the amazing place it is. 

Silchar derived its name from two words- shil ('rocks') and char ('fields'), meaning rocky fields.

Like many other north-eastern cities, Silchar is also famous for its tea gardens. It has beautiful, big, green tea gardens which are a breathtaking sight to watch. When inside tea gardens, even grown-ups become childlike and start plucking tea leaves. The aroma, the atmosphere seems magical. The quality of tea is amazing, facilitated by the supportive atmospheric conditions. The tea grown here is exported overseas too.

Things to do in Silchar

1.Srikona Bara Bazaar

6 kilometres from city centre

The Srikona Bara Bazaar is one of the most famous markets in Silchar. Known for its art...

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22 kilometres from city centre

Khaspur houses the ruins of the ancient city of the great Dimsa Kingdom. Not many build...

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62 kilometres from city centre

The very famous Ek Patthar Ghar, the 12th-century temple is in Maibong, along with othe...

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4.Janiganj Bazar

2 kilometres from city centre

It is one of the modern markets of Silchar, with shopping complexes and an array of sho...

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5.Gandhibag Park

2 kilometres from city centre

Named after Mahatma Gandhi, The Gandhibag Park is located on the banks of a lake. This ...

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22 kilometres from city centre

There's a Vishnu Temple in Salganga, quite ancient and revered. It falls on the way to ...

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7.ISKCON Temple

2068 kilometres from city centre

ISKCON temples are in themselves a big and respectable chain which is regarded highly t...

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8.Dolu Lake

10 kilometres from city centre

Dolu Lake is one of the most serene and picturesque places in Silchar. Located beautifu...

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9.Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd.

19 kilometres from city centre

For all those with lots of 'hows' in their minds, the Hindustan Paper Corporation LTD s...

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187 kilometres from city centre

Hajo is one of the most culturally beautiful places in the country, with its unique ama...

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11.Shopping in Silchar

2 kilometres from city centre

It is a great habit to collect souvenirs from places one has been to. And a great way t...

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12.Badarpur fort

21 kilometres from city centre

Situated along the banks of Barak River, Badarpur fort was built during the Mughal era....

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Assam tourism
Assam tourism
Assam tourism
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Assam tourism
Assam tourism

An Education Hub

Silchar is definitely an education hub, for the number of institutes it has for higher studies. It has the premier engineering institute of India, National Institute of Technology, Silchar. ALong with it, it has great medical colleges too like Silchar Medical college and hospital. A law college- A.K. ChandaLaw College. Silchar is home to the Main campus of Assam University, which is a central University.

Silchar is considered to be great for technical studies like engineering and polytechnic. A lot of students take admission on Silchar, which promotes tourism heavily. When parents come to drop their children or visit them, they also tend to visit all the tourist places nearby, which boosts up the hospitality and tourism business significantly. 

How to reach

Silchar is well connected to a lot of cities. Some of which include Guwahati and Kolkata. From here buses, trains and flights are available regularly.


How to Reach by Flight

Silchar has an airport of its own- Silchar Aiport. It has regular flights from Delhi, Guwahati and Kolkata, with other flights from some other cities too.

How to Reach by Train

Though there is a railway station in Silchar it is not a mjaor one. It does connect to many nrth-eastern cities, but for somebody coming from a distant place, they would have to go to Guwahati first, and then take a train from tehre.

How to Reach by Bus

A lot of buses are available from Kolkata, Guwahati and Dibrugarh to Silchar. Also, buses run from many neighbouring towns and cities as well.

How to Reach by Road

From Guwahati, Silchar can be reached by travelling on the national highway for around 340 kms.

How to travel within

Cabs and taxis are available for sightseeing in Silchar.

Staying in Silchar

There are a lot of hotels in Silchar, with a great price range, meaning there are cheap as well as expensive hotels, which can be chosen according to one's preference. 

Food is also a speciality of Silchar. Having a culmination of Assamese and Bengali culture, it offers some great options in food. Along with these, North Indian and Mughlai is also very much loved in the area.

Silchar Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Start your day by visiting the ruins of Khaspur, followed by the ruins of Maibong.
  • Pay the peaceful Badarpur fort a visit.
  • Visit the Dolu lake to spend some quality time with nature. 
  • Visit the ISKCON temple and spend some time there, connecting with God. 
  • Do some street shopping.
  • Enjoy authentic cuisine and head to your hotel to take some rest after an exhausting day of travel.

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