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Sibsagar Tourism


A city in the Sivasagar district of Assam, situated at about 360 kms from the north of Guwahati, Sibsagar is a bound to architectural marvels, history, heritage and culture of Assam.  Surrounded by the Dehing rainforest, the city is well known for its historic tourist attractions. Known for its tea and oil industries, Sibsagar was the capital of Ahom Kingdom. The main feature of the town is the water body named after the city itself, the Sivasagar Tank. With its rich historical background, mesmerizing architecture and the intriguing culture, the city attracts tourists as well as architecture enthusiasts from all over.


Things to do in Sibsagar

1.Talatal Ghar

7 kilometres from city centre

  The Talatal Ghar or the Rangpur Palace is situated at a distance of 4 kms from the ci...

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2.Sibsagar Lake

1 kilometres from city centre

Sibsagar Lake or Sivasagar Lake located in the heart of the city was dug by Queen Ambi...

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3.Joysagar Tank and Temples

1 kilometres from city centre

Considered to be the largest tank in Assam, the Joysagar tank is located at a distance...

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1 kilometres from city centre

A group of structures comprising of three Hindu temples on the banks of Sibsagar Tank ...

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5.Rang Ghar

3 kilometres from city centre

Located near the Rangpur Palace at a distance if 3 kms from the Sibsagar town, Rang Gh...

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6.Gargaon Palace or Kereng Ghar

11 kilometres from city centre

Located 13 kms from the town, the Gargaon place was the royal seat of the Ahom Dynasty...

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24 kilometres from city centre

  Located at a distance of 28kms from Sibsagar, Charaideo was the capital of Ahom dynas...

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8.Ahom Museum

2 kilometres from city centre

  Located on the west bank of Sibsagar Lake, the Ahom Museum was constructed to keep th...

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9.Gaurisagar Tank

6 kilometres from city centre

One of the major tourist attractions in Assam, about 12 kms from the city of Sibsagar,...

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Sibsagar Photos

Sibsagar tourism
Sibsagar tourism
Sibsagar tourism
Sibsagar tourism
Sibsagar tourism
Sibsagar tourism
Sibsagar tourism


The weather in Sivasagar is pleasant and it has significant rain all months, but also has a short dry season. Hence the best time to visit this historic town is from October to February when the sun is not too harsh. Some of the most places in Sibsagar includes the Bhorpukhuri – the water tank, Joysagar – the manmade lake, Ahom museum, Rudrasagra tank and temples, Gaurisagar tank and temples, Kareng Ghar and Rang Ghar.


How to reach

Sibsagar is very well connected by rail and roads with many major cities of India.

How to Reach by Flight

here is no airport in Sibsagar itself but, the nearest airport to the place is the Jorhat Airport which is located at a distance of around 67 km from the city. The airport is well- connected to major cities like Banglore, Mumba and Delhi.

How to Reach by Train

There is a railway station in Sibsagar called Sibsagar Town Railway Station which is closely located at a distance of 2 km.

How to Reach by Bus

Sibsagar is readily available via a good network of road transport. There are regular bus services that operate between Sibsagar and nearby cities like Guwahati. Tickets from Jorhat are as cheap as INR 50 per head.

How to Reach by Road

Located at a distance of 363km from Guwahati. You can drive from Guwahati to Sibsagar in 7.5 hrs.

How to travel within

Auto rickshaws and cabs are available for local transport.


Local cuisine

The dishes here are of typical spices flavoured with indigenous herbs. Rice is the essential part of all the meals. The popular dishes include Khar, Tenga, Pokori, Poitabhat, Pitika, Laksa as well as a number of snacks to go with the teas. The local snacks that one can try are Jolpan, Pitha and Laru.

Some of the best restaurants in Sibsagar are:


·        Nawab Restaurant
·        Gomoti
·        Hotel Dhakaiya
·        Blue Orchid
·        Sky Chef Restaurant


Sibsagar Itinerary

Day 1:

Arrive at Guwahati. After breakfast, drive from Guwahati to Jorhat. Spent the night at Jorhat.


Start to Sibsagar after an early breakfast. On reaching Sibsagar head to Sibsagar Tank, Shivadol, Joysagar Tank & Temples and Charaideo. After lunch in the nearby restaurant drive towards Kereng Ghar and Talatal Ghar. Head back to the hotel and spent the night in Sivasagar.

Day 3:

Depart from hotel to Guwahati.

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