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Shojha Tourism

An undiscovered place of sorts, Shojha is a very small village located right in the middle of the Himalayan mountain range and the wilderness of the forest around. Not many people have set foot in this small village and hence it still is able to maintain its beauty and view. Shojha was featured in a very famous Bollywood movie, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. It is a must visit for people who love trekking. At a distance of 5 km, the Jalori Pass is indeed a tricky trail to trek. Giving the most extraordinary view of snow-capped mountains at the end of this trek, the Jalori Pass can get extremely dangerous. Although, with the correct trainer and trekking skills, one can get pass through this trail and bask into the purest air of the top of the range. The weather around Jalori Pass is always pleasant. The area is filled with deodar forest and makes it easy to avoid the sun at its peak hours. With the dense forest on one side and the snow-capped mountain range on the other, the trek to Jalori Pass becomes very scenic. At night, the moonlight flashes on top of the hill and makes the snow look like a layer of silver on top of the Himalayan mountain range. There are many other tourist spots such as the fort, village and a lake that will always keep them engaged. 

Things to do in Shojha

1.Tirthan Valley

66 kilometres from city centre

Home of the Great Himalayan National Park, Tirthan Valley is one of the most famous tou...

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2.Serolsar Lake

44 kilometres from city centre

About 5 km away from the Jalori Pass is the Serolsar Lake. This lake has the clearest o...

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3.Jalori Pass

41 kilometres from city centre

Timings: Open all day. Remains closed during the peak of winter typically December, Jan...

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The Undiscovered Land of Shojha

Shojha still remains one of the most serene, undiscovered places in India. The main reason for visiting Shojha would be to find your own inner peace and calm. It gives you the ultimate solace that you may not have found in a while. It happens to have very pleasant weather throughout the year. Shojha is located about 5 km away from Jalori pass. There are many tourist attractions such as the waterfall, the beautiful hills and a fort. If you wish to be left spellbound, the waterfall point is the place to go. The gorgeous waterfall over the hilly mountains is a view worth your time. Serolsar Lake is another quaint location to visit. It is also a very ideal place to host a small family picnic. When is Shojha, you must take up trekking to actually get the view of the amazing mountains. There are other activities such as fishing that you can take up. There is a lot to offer in Shojha.

How to reach

The nearest airport to Shojha is Bhuntar Airport in Kullu. The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar Railway Station. Otherwise, this place is very well connected via roadways. Taking airways or railways is also a very good option which can be later followed by a small road trip to reach Shojha.

How to Reach by Flight

The Bhuntar airport of Kullu-Manali is the closest airport to Shojha at a distance of 8km from it. There are frequent flights to and from this airport which links major cities such as New Delhi, Shimla etc. One can hire a cab from the airport and cover the 8 km distance to reach the final destination of Shojha.

How to Reach by Train

Nearly 60 km away from Shojha is the nearest railway station. While Joginder Nagar Railway Station is the second nearest at a distance of 165 km. There are buses and taxis available from the station to reach Shojha.

How to Reach by Bus

Both private and state-run buses available from Delhi and other neighbouring cities. A bus journey from Delhi to Mandi or Manali is comfortable. Once reaching Manali or Mandi, one can take a taxi or a cab to reach Shojha.

How to Reach by Road

Both private and state-run buses available from Delhi and other neighbouring cities. A bus journey from Delhi to Mandi or Manali is comfortable. Once reaching Manali or Mandi, one can take a taxi or a cab to reach Shojha.

How to travel within

The local commute in Shojha is very easy as it is a very small place. One can travel from one place to another on foot and reach the destination easily. Otherwise, cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws are also available.

Food in Shojha

Because of being a hidden treasure between the Himalayan ranges, Shojha has very limited eateries around. Mostly the food is catered from the hotels you stay in. Otherwise, there are small stalls with Maggi and other quick snacks for you to munch on. It is advisable to carry food on your journey here so that there is no deficiency later. There is a small dhaba near Serolsar lake will serve hot food in the cold weather that will be lip smacking. 

Shojha Itinerary

DAY 1:

-Visit the Waterfall point

-Trek to Jalori Pass

-Visit Serolsar Lake

-Visit Tirthan Valley

-Visit Raghupur Fort

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