Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary

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Located at a distance of 11 kms from the city centre the reserve forest spans over 950 hectares of land with a varied altitude ranging from 1900m - 2620m. Home to vivid flora and fauna, with a magnificent view of the mountains, the reserve forest is an excellent destination for tourists, nature lovers and photographers.

The Himalayan deodar, pine, oak, rhododendron, horse chestnut and maple are most widely found trees. Exotic plants like weeping willows and silver oak also dot the area. During the monsoon season, cobra plant, wild strawberries and other berries grow in abundance.

With nine perennial streams, including Churat Nala and God Ki Nala flowing through this area, this catchment is a major water supply for Shimla. The sanctuary not only attracts people with its rich wildlife and vegetation but also offers adventurous activities like trekking and mountaineering.


Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary Photos

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