Jakhoo Temple

#12 of 23 things to do in Shimla

Overlooking the sister town of Sanjauli, set amidst the verdant Shivalik hill ranges on Jakhoo hills, the Jakhoo temple is an ancient site dedicated to the Hindu monkey god - Hanuman. Located at the highest point in Shimla, 2 kms from the city centre, the temple attracts both tourists, devotees and locals of all ages.  The amazing setting of the temple surrounded by thick deodar trees is complimented with abundant monkey population. Amongst these trees rise the 33m tall statue of Hanuman, one of the tallest ones the country. The construction is a marvellous piece of engineering as it is situated at the height of over 8000 feet, making it the tallest statue in the world at such a height above sea level, surpassing Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro. It is said that a trip to Shimla is incomplete without visiting the Jakhoo temple.


Jakhoo Temple Photos

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