Tibetan Temple

#3 of 5 things to do in Sarnath

The Tibetan Temple was constructed in 1955 and is maintained by the Lhadhan Chotrul Monlam Chenmo Trust and has glass display cases filled with miniature Buddhas. It is quaintly beautiful, lovely, bright and all things good. its proximity to the market area makes it quite a hit among the visitors. 

The architecture is quite fascinating. On the main door itself, there are two lions guarding the door. It opens inside the large and open compound where is the light pink stupa as a remembrance and gratitude by the Tibetans to the government of India for granting asylum to the fleeing Dalai Lama. It also denotes to pay tribute to all those who died in Tibet’s freedom struggle and those who continue to suffer oppression in Tibet. 

Open all day. 

Tibetan Temple Photos

Tibetan Temple  trip
Tibetan Temple  trip