Ashoka Pillar

#0 of 5 things to do in Sarnath

Ashok Pillars are no mystery for Indians, they respect it more than anything as it is printed on the Indian currency, thus signifying its importance. Ashok Pillars are spread throughout the entire country mostly, with around 20 being in number. What remains astonishing is how they still survive today, having faced all kinds of the harshness of time and climate. One such pillar is in Sarnath, and it is definitely given the importance it deserves. The lions on the Pillar head with four lions facing in the four directions is what gets printed on our currency. 

It is very well known that Ashoka had given up on violence and had adopted Buddhism post the aftermath of Kalinga war. He then started to give Dharma utmost importance and had issued 'Dhamma' commonly called Ashoka's Dhamma in public interest. This pillar is one of the architectural samples of his work. 

The pillar is 50 m long and along with the Dhamek Stupa, are some of the offerings by Ashoka towards Buddhism. He chose this place, particularly as this marked the beginning of Buddhism. Though it was built in the 13th century, it stands high with pride while other monuments in the vicinity have started to show the signs of time's wrath. The area is very calm and gives out rally peaceful and good vibes. 

Timings: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
             Closed on Fridays

Entry Fees: Adults: INR 5

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