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Saputara Tourism

Cuddled in the Sahyadris or the Western Ghats, Saputara is an interesting little hill station in the Dang area of Gujarat. Famous for rich green woodlands, undulating mountains, stunning cascades, marvelous winding streets, irate scenes and a lot of enchanting places, to invest energy with your friends and family, the town is the primary most loved destination among vacationers. It is situated at tallness of 875 meters above ocean level and is an ideal escape for the eco-friendly, untamed life fans, and individuals who love experiencing sports. Situated at a separation of four kilometers from the Maharashtra fringe and two hundred and fifty kilometers from Mumbai in Dang area, Saputara actually implies in natural surroundings of snakes and the tribals of this district venerate snakes, particularly amid Holi. It is an excellent uneven district enhanced with tremendous greenery offering a grand scene, the ancestral culture of an alternate sort and incredible trekking openings. This is an incredible spot for nature and adventure fans; and as the dusk falls, the far off voice of splendid society music by the tribals and jabbering of stream Gira and Purna includes to the feel. Nonetheless, to enter inside the Purna haven legal authorization is required like other sanctuaries.

Things to do in Saputara

1.Sunrise and sunset point

2 kilometres from city centre

By Malegaon, there is a spot which is known as a spot to love the magnificence of sunri...

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2.Gira falls

32 kilometres from city centre

As you taste in the tea or coffee from the slows down close-by, getting a charge out of...

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3.Hatgadh Fort

2 kilometres from city centre

This remote fortification worked by the Maratha ruler Shivaji is an ideal spot for unwi...

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4.Purna sanctuary

41 kilometres from city centre

Recorded as the woodland with most noteworthy normal precipitation, Purna sanctuary is ...

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5.Vansda National park

34 kilometres from city centre

Tucked in the middle of the Sahyadri ranges, lies this moderated untamed life park spre...

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6.Satpura lake

1 kilometres from city centre

An excellent and peaceful lake, known for sailing, with the rich green and bright green...

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7.Saputara Museum

0 kilometres from city centre

The number of inhabitants in the Dangs, where Saputara is found, is 90% adivasi. This g...

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8.Artist Village

0 kilometres from city centre

Only a couple of kilometers from Satpura lake close to Nasik road lies a lovely village...

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Saputara Photos

Saputara tour
Saputara tour
Saputara tour
Saputara tour
Saputara tour
Saputara tour
Saputara tour
Saputara tour
Saputara tour
Saputara tour


In Saputara, all the significant celebrations are commended with eagerness and enthusiasm. Dang Darbar is one of the principal celebrations of this part of the state. This ancestral celebration is a yearly occasion that occurs before the celebration of Holi. Much the same as Holi, Dang Darbar too is a bright festival where clans assemble to recognize the innate lords. They do as such with music, move, and selling of neighborhood innate products. Another popular celebration is the Monsoon Festival which is held to advance Saputara as a traveler goal by attracting thoughtfulness regarding its social and regular attractions. There are sustenance celebrations, laser appears, water sports, legacy strolls and that's just the beginning of the list of things you can witness in Saputara.

How to reach

Saputara has no airplane terminal or railroad station. Along these lines, you need to depend on the streets to achieve the city. The nearest air terminal is at Surat while the nearest railroad station is the Waghai rail line station. Be that as it may, it isn't all around associated. Along these lines, the helpful intersection to reach Saputara is Bilimora.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest household air terminal is at Surat which is around 120 km away while the nearest universal air terminal is 250 km away in Mumbai. You can make a trip by transport to Saputara from both these urban areas.

How to Reach by Train

The closest railroad station, Bilimora is 50 km away and is all around associated with close-by significant urban areas in Gujarat and Maharashtra by means of various standard trains. Transports and autos are accessible from the station to reach Saputara. There is a check train among Bilimora and Waghai which is 52 km far from Saputara.

How to Reach by Bus

Saputara can reach to by numerous urban areas through bus administrations. Numerous urban communities like Mumbai, Surat, Nashik, and so forth give bus offices. The inexact km remove surat and Saputara can be shrouded in 03 hrs 03 mins on a normal, contingent upon the state of the street, traffic and bus type.

How to Reach by Road

A system of national roadways interfaces Saputara to a few urban areas in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Various cab services to Saputara are accessible from real urban areas in Ahmedabad, Pune, and Mumbai.

How to travel within

Going inside or outside the city is exceptionally helpful in Saputara. There is extraordinary accessibility of unmetered or metered taxis and cars, cycle rickshaws and buses.


Saputara is one of the real places of interest in Gujarat and the general population who come here enjoy the delectable food of Gujrat. Probably the most adored are Bajri no rotlo, Bhakri which are thicker than rotis and are fresh, Dhokla, fafda, khandvi and some more. Aside from these Khichdi, dal and roti are regular dishes of the region. Some of the best places to eat in Saputara are:

Saputara Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey early in the morning from Surat by car to Saputara. You can reach by 10 am in the morning. Visit Purna Sanctuary and scout the view of nature. In evening Visit Satpura Lake, and Sunrise and Sunset point. Then explore the Saputara Museum. Head back to the hotel and take rest for the day

Day 2: Start your venture of the day by visiting Artist Village. Then head to Vansda National Park and explore the Hatgadh Fort on your way to go to Gira Falls in the evening. Hit road to Surat in the evening. You can reach home by midnight

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