A Cultural Heritage

( 2.3 )
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Telugu, English

1 Days

October- March

Rajahmundry Airport
26℃ to 34℃

How to reach Samalkot

Samalkot has a fairly accessible location and can be reached by trains and buses directly, but not flight as it does not have its own airport.

How to Reach Samalkot by Flight

Samalkot does not have an airport of its own. The nearest Airport is Rajahmundry Airport, around 48 kms away. From there buses, cabs and taxis are easily available.

How to Reach Samalkot by Train

Samalkot has its own railway station and is connected to a lot of major cities by trains on a regular basis.

How to Reach Samalkot by Bus

A lot of buses are available from all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to reach Samalkot.

How to Reach Samalkot by Road

National Highway 5 passes through Samalkot which makes it an easy drive to reach there.

How to travel within Samalkot

All kinds of local transport is available- buses, cabs, taxis and autos.