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Rourkela Tourism

Encompassed by slopes and streams, the city of Rourkela is situated in the province of Odisha. Famously called as the 'Steel City of Odisha' and Ispat Nagar, it is one of the main urban areas of the nation to end up popularized for steel production. Rourkela's is situated in the lap of nature making it a visitor area for the general population of close-by territories. Life appears to take an increasingly loosened up way of the road when one begins visiting the numerous travel industry spots like temples, fortifications and common miracles of the city. Visit Rourkela when rainstorm leaves the city and appreciate the excessive celebrations as well as shopping, superb indulgences and different activities. Rourkela has different attractions covering slopes, lakes, streams, parks, historical centers, and so forth. Sightseers can have an extraordinary time visiting a few remarkable goals. One of the most astounding places of interest in the fantastic temple complex of Hanuman Vatika, which houses Asia's most noteworthy hanuman statue. The picturesque magnificence of dams like Mandira Dam and Pitamahal Dam pull in voyagers consistently. Rourkela tourism displays a few wonderful temples, for example, the Ghoghar temple, Maa Vaishno Devi Temple, Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Jagannath Temple, Maa Bhagwati Temple, Gayatri Temple, Ahirabandh Temple, Rani Sati Temple, and so on. The magnificence of Khandadhar Waterfalls is entrancing. There are various outing spots in and around the city of Rourkela. One such luring spot in Darwin. There are attractions for adventure and sports lovers too. The well known Biju Patnaik Hockey Stadium draws a ton of enthusiasm from the guests. The best season to visit Rourkela is during the long periods of November and December.

Things to do in Rourkela


22 kilometres from city centre

Ghoghar Temple is located at a distance of 25 km from the city of Rourkela. The celebra...

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2.Khandadhar Waterfall

62 kilometres from city centre

The Khandadhar Waterfalls is located at a distance of around 104 km away from Rourkela....

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3.VIP market

2 kilometres from city centre

VIP Market in Sector 5 is probably the best market in Rourkela. The market-determined i...

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7 kilometres from city centre

Vedavyas is a spot that pulls in countless sightseers. This grand spot is viewed as a t...

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5.Biju Patnaik Hockey Stadium

2 kilometres from city centre

Biju Patnaik Hockey Stadium is located in the middle of Sector 5 and Sector 6. The aren...

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6.Super Market

4 kilometres from city centre

Grocery store situated close to Udit Nagar is another shopping mall of the steel townsh...

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7.Ambagan Market

1 kilometres from city centre

Ispat Market also is known as Ambagan market, located at the focal point of Rourkela, n...

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Rourkela tour
Rourkela tour
Rourkela tour
Rourkela tour
Rourkela tour
Rourkela tour
Rourkela tour
Rourkela tour
Rourkela tour
Rourkela tour


The name 'Rourkela' signifies the meaning 'Our Village' in the innate tribal language Sadri. Ved Vyas Dham located on the bank of river Brahmani is accepted to be the sacred spot where Maha Rishi Vyas made the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Rourkela remains as a superb city settled in a natural environment, supplied with slopes and improved by waterways. The magnificent city is a part of the ancestral center point, the Sundargarh area. Rourkela is a fine case of the agreeable presence of inborn culture in the midst of advanced settlement. Rourkela is home to individuals from various neighboring states, for example, West Bengal and Bihar, which has brought about the development of various cultural and social gatherings. Celebrations, for example, Diwali, Dussehra, and Dol Purnima, or Holi are acutely celebrated in this locale. Another prevalent celebration of this region is Vedavyas Mela praised each year during Shivaratri, for the most part during the period of February. A 15-day reasonable is sorted out in the Vedvyas Dham ground. Merchants from the nation overcome to set up their stalls and sell things, for example, desserts, nourishment things, trimmings, and handiwork things. Vacationers and explorers originate from the niche and corners of the nation go to this celebration. This city came into the center for having the Rourkela Steel Plant, which acquainted CCTV with the landmass of Asia without precedent for 1984.

How to reach

The most helpful method for heading out to Rourkela is via train, as it is associated with most parts of the nation by overly quick trains. It doesn't have its own air terminal and the closest airplane terminal is situated in Ranchi, 250 km away. In the event that you wish to go by road, you can get to Rourkela from Bhubaneshwar. The state has great and well-created roadways.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest open airplane terminal to Rourkela is Birsa Munda air terminal in Ranchi, which is very much associated with every single major city of the nation, for example, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore by a plethora of airlines. The other close-by air terminal is Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneshwar which is located at a distance of 237 km which takes around 5 hours to reach by road.

How to Reach by Train

Rourkela Railway station situated in the North-Western part of Odisha serves Rourkela and nearly the entire of Sundergarh region. It is determined to the Howrah-Mumbai railroad track just as the Ranchi-Bhubaneswar rail line track. Significant trains from here incorporate Dhanbad Bhubaneswar Garib Rath Express, Rourkela - Jammu Tawi Express, Rourkela - Gunupur Rajya Rani Express, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus - Tatanagar Antyodaya Express and Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express.

How to Reach by Bus

Rourkela has transport buses working to and from practically all close-by significant major areas, for example, Kolkata, Ranchi, and Raipur. You can browse government-run transport buses just as those kept running by private administrators, for example, Red Bus and Volvo Bus. You can profit AC, Non-AC or sleeper transports relying upon your prerequisites.

How to Reach by Road

State Highway number 10 and National Highway number 23 interfaces Rourkela to different major areas of Odisha, for example, Bhubaneswar and Puri. The distance of 501 km among Kolkata and Rourkela can be canvassed in a range of ten hours while it will take you just four hours to venture out from Ranchi to Rourkela.

How to travel within

To drive inside the city automobiles and transports are the two most well-known mechanisms of the vehicle. Cars are modest and effectively accessible. Cabs and rental taxis are additionally advantageous methods of vehicle.


Odisha has a basic yet one of a kind cooking style that has its very own personality and this makes it a noteworthy culinary travel industry goal in east India. Secured for the most part with prolific fields and damp atmosphere conditions, the state is a rice maker, and accordingly, the food of Odisha is for the most part rice-based. The Odiya food utilizes a mix of privately sourced vegetables, grains, beats, dairy items, and fish just as it utilizes fewer flavors and oil contrasted and the cooking styles of other Indian states. Notwithstanding that, the plans and cooking are stacked with extraordinary taste, flavors, and fragrances. Rourkela has bunches of choices and spots to eat for visitors. Attempt Odisha cooking during your stay here. Rice is the staple eating regimen in the area, and they have numerous delicious chutneys, green vegetables, dal arrangements, and desserts as sides dishes. Their fish curry is likewise very prevalent. Discussing sweet, there are numerous treats in Rourkela going from cheddar based Chhena Poda to Chhena Jhili to Rasamalai to Chhena Gaja, and from flour-based Pheni to Jilapi to Malpua to Kheera Gaja, among others. It is commonly simple to get different cooking styles in Rourkela also.

Rourkela Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Birsa Munda air terminal in Ranchi, hire a cab that will take you to Rourkela in a space of fewer than four hours. Reaching the city, get checked in at the hotel of your choice and get freshen up to start your trip. After freshening up head out first to visit the Biju Patnaik Hockey Stadium known as one of the best arenas in the nation. Later visit the mesmerizing waterfalls of Khandadhar. Finish the day by shopping in the Ambagan market and tasting the local cuisines of Rourkela.

Day 2: Finishing breakfast, head out to visit the renowned temple of Ghogar along with the numerous temples that are scattered around the city. Visit the main attraction sight of Vedvyas, which is also popular as a pilgrimage spot. If time permits, before ending your trip visit the VIP Market and Super Market of Rourkela which are famous for its uniqueness. Stay overnight at head out the next day to the airport, to board your flight back home.

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