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Roing Tourism

Sitting as an administrative headquarter of Lower Dibang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh, Roing is a pleasant town by the side of the Dibang River. The region is hilly in the north and delicate to plain in the south with various streams, rivers, and rivulets. The district attracts a large number of tourist due to its unlimited treasure of spellbinding vacation spots including serene picturesque lakes, old archeological sites, wildlife sanctuaries and tranquil gardens that appear to cast an otherworldly spell on each visitor entrancing them spellbound for their whole lives. Perched at a height of 2655 meters, the spot is a snow-searchers empyrean presented with a breathtaking view that is basically amazing. Going from Roing to Mayudia is likewise something which falls as a special attraction, one can without much of a stretch go through a night or two in this remarkable hill resort. Various ancient forts and cryptic sites of archeological significance add to the spot's appeal which brings in a lot of history and archeological lovers as well. Winters are a perfect time to visit Roing, amid this season you can go to travel the intriguing places like Mayudia, Mehao Lake, Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, and Bhismaknagar Fort.


Things to do in Roing

1.Rukmini Nati

2537 kilometres from city centre

Rukmini Nati which is also known as the Chimiri Fort is situated in the core of Chimiri...

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2.Salley Lake

3 kilometres from city centre

The beautiful Sally Lake situated 3 km far from Roing is a renowned place of interest a...

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3 kilometres from city centre

Located 56 km from Roing is Mayudia which is a unique kind of hill resort situated at a...

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4.Mehao Lake

10 kilometres from city centre

This enormous lake situated inside the Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary at a height of practica...

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Roing tourism
Roing tourism
Roing tourism
Roing tourism
Roing tourism
Roing tourism
Roing tourism
Roing tourism
Roing tourism


On any chance that one is anticipating an essential cultural extravaganza, Roing, with its abundance of vivid and charming tribes, additionally offers an extraordinary retreat to every single tourist and leaves them with an experience to remember forever. The town situated on the foot of the hypnotizing Mishmi Hills is home to hospitable and warm Mishmi and Adi clans who are very open to outsiders and leave no stones unturned in facilitating their visitors with their caring friendliness. For the best social experience, do get ready for touring in Roing amid the season of celebrations and festivities which are stuffed with ceaseless fun of folk music and dances, acrobat performances, and interesting religious customs. The Apatani community along with tribes like the Mishmi and Adi people celebrates various festivals in Roing throughout the year. The most famous ones are the Solung Festival celebrated during the month of September the first week as a harvest festival. Moreover, Aran, Reh and Keh me ha are celebrated equally with grandiose and fervor.


How to reach

Roing is a sort of goal where you can appreciate the serenity among the excellence of nature. Furthermore, the most ideal way to reach Roing is by means of roadways. However, different methods of transport to Roing are also accessible.


How to Reach by Flight

The closest airport to Roing is Mohanbari Airport, which is located in Dibrugarh district of Assam and is in a distance of 148 km. The airports get regular flights from major cities of India. You can hire private taxis or get buses to reach Roing from there.


How to Reach by Train

The Tinsukia Railway Station located at a distance of 107 km is the closest railway service for Roing. It is a major junction and gets regular trains from cities like Chennai, Guwahati, and New Delhi etc. Buses and taxis can be hired from there to reach Roing.


How to Reach by Bus

Buses are the major mode of transportation used to reach Roing. The Arunachal State Transport Services, as well as the Assam State Transport Services with few other private buses, give regular services from cities of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to reach Roing.


How to Reach by Road

The National Highway 15 and 115 links Roing with major cities of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Taxis can be hired from even Guwahati to reach Roing through a well-maintained road.


How to travel within

Taking your personal car or a taxi to Roing is the best way to explore and sightseeing in Roing.



An opportunity to nibble on the customary cooking of these clans is an additional feature and is certain to leave all food lovers with some delightful flavors carved on their taste buds until the end of time. The staple nourishment of the town includes rice, fish, meat, and vegetables. A similarly staple tidbit enjoyed by the locals, generally with tea is boiled rice cake. The region is particularly well known for treats of Sweet potato, fish, and meat. A locally made rice bear known as Apang is additionally very prominent in the region.


Roing Itinerary

Day 1: Getting a flight from Kolkata or Guwahati, you can reach Mohanbari Airport in the space of 2 – 3 hours, cabs are easily hired out of the airport and will help you to reach Roing in the space of 3 hours. Getting there and quickly finishing the formalities of checking in the hotel you can have your lunch in the restaurants and enjoy the local cuisine. After lunch, you can visit the Rukmini Nati and take a small drive to Mehao Lake to enjoy the sunset view while boating. A quick dinner and early night in the hills is always a luxury you shouldn’t miss.

Day2: After breakfast, you can hire a cab to go to Mayudia to see the natural landscape and beauty, Roing provides. While driving back you can visit the Salley Lake which is renowned for its breathtaking surroundings. The evening can be spent exploring and shopping beautiful handcraft artifacts from the tribes of Roing. Stay overnight and drive back to the Airport in the morning to catch your flight back home.


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