Ranchi: The Heart of Jharkhand
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Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Maithili, Mundari
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November to February
Birsa Munda Airport
14℃ to 26℃

Ranchi Tourism

Ranchi is a year-round destination in Jharkhand, where one can enjoy the celebration of culture and religion as well as nature. A place gifted with the forests, lakes, majestic waterfalls, and a variety of flora and fauna thriving in the Birsa zoo. Ranchi is also a tourist destination with a lot of colorful traditions, temples and cultural expressions. This subtropical city has the potential to contain the hustle and bustle of tourism while maintaining its own serenity. Well connected to other major tourist destinations in India Ranchi has now become a booming tourist attraction.

Things to do in Ranchi

1.Topchanchi Lake

110 kilometres from city centre

An artificial lake stretching across 8.75 sqkm along the valley of the Prashanth hills ...

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2.Tagore Hill

7 kilometres from city centre

A small hillock located in Morabadi, overlooking the town below. The breathtaking view ...

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3.Dassam Falls

27 kilometres from city centre

The Dassam falls is an alluring water cascade in the Kanchi river, a tributary of Subar...

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4.Angrabadi Temple Complex

2 kilometres from city centre

A beautiful place for your prayers and inner peace; this temple complex dedicated to Lo...

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5.Panch Gagh Falls

27 kilometres from city centre

A Banali river splitting into a collection of five cascades falling through blocks of h...

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6.Hundru Falls

27 kilometres from city centre

This 98 mt high fall in the Subharnarekha river is a mighty form of nature in the monso...

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7.Birsa Zoological Park

20 kilometres from city centre

A 108 hector of deciduous forest converted to serve as a habitat for hundreds of flora ...

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8.Sun temple

6 kilometres from city centre

Dedicated to the Sun God, an architectural marvel in the form of a chariot with intrica...

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9.Ranchi Lake

3 kilometres from city centre

This pristine man-made lake is just 20 minutes away from the city at the foot of the Ra...

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Ranchi Photos

Jharkhand tourism
Jharkhand tourism
Jharkhand tourism
Jharkhand tourism
Jharkhand tourism
Jharkhand tourism

When to visit?

This subtropical city is an ideal tourist spot since it is a year-round attraction. But there are some variations to the experience according to the time of the year. Summer, from May to June can be a bit hot here and is the least crowded time of the year. Monsoon starting from July and ending in September is mild and helps to cool down the temperature, so is a good time to enjoy the waterfalls and lush greenery that come alive during this season. But the best time to visit this place would be during the Winter, from November to February, in the cool and foggy atmosphere.

How to reach

Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand is well connected and easily accessible tourist destination by all means of transportation. The city has its own airport and railway station and a well-connected road network.

How to Reach by Flight

The Birsa Munda airport in Ranchi has regular flights connecting to all parts of the country mainly to cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Patna etc.

How to Reach by Train

The Ranchi railway station is a major point and has regular trains from and to all major cities in India.

How to Reach by Bus

The public bus service in Ranchi is efficient and cheap to get around the city or for intercity travels. Private buses are available for hire here.

How to Reach by Road

The National highways 33 and 23 passes through Ranchi making it easily accessible by road from other major cities like Agra(986 km) Jamshedpur(128 km), Kolkata(424 km), Delhi(1212 km), Asansol(218 km), Siliguri() 627 km.

How to travel within

Cabs, motorbikes, and private buses can be hired to get around in Ranchi. Auto rickshaws and public bus services are the better affordable options.

Drink & Dine...

Ranchi has many Dhabhas and eating joints where you can get both local dishes and dishes from other parts of the country. Some of the specialties in Ranchi include:

Dhuska, a deep fried snack served with gravy.

Pitha, a type of rice cake.

Arsa and Chhika are sweet.

Litti and Chokka ade fried snacks

Hadia, a rice wine served usually on special occasions.


Ranchi Itinerary

Day 1: Early morning head for the Sun temple, then visit the Ranchi lake. Don't forget to visit the Pahari Mandir near the Lake. In the afternoon have a heart meal from a Dhabha, Then head to the Hundru falls and the Birsa Zoological Park. In the evening enjoy shopping and the variety of food items in Ranchi streets.

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