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Rajsamand Tourism

Rajsamand is a small town located in the state of Rajasthan, only 70 kilometers from the city of destination weddings Udaipur. It gets its name from the Rajsamand Lake which is an artificial lake created by Rana Raj Singh of Mewar in the 17th century. It is the second largest man-made lake in the world.

While most of the states economic income comes from agriculture, this part of the state, in particular, is very rich in mineral resources. It is the most prominent of Marble and Granite producing industries in India. The Jawar Mines are a principal source of Zinc, Silver, and Manganese Ores.

One notable achievement of the Rajsamand District is that it has a girl-boy ratio of 1:1. In a small village called Piplantri in Rajsamand, there is a custom that is followed, according to which, whenever a girl child is born, 111 saplings are planted. A great way to empower the girl child, isn't it?

Things to do in Rajsamand


2 kilometres from city centre

A twin to the city of Rajsamand, Kankroli too lies in the district of Rajsamand, Rajast...

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2.Haldi Ghati

28 kilometres from city centre

Haldi Ghati is a mountain pass in the Aravallis between the districts of Rajsamand and ...

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3.Rajsamand Lake

0 kilometres from city centre

The Rajsamand lake is an artificial lake built across the rivers Gomti, Kelwa, and Tali...

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4.Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

31 kilometres from city centre

Stretching its big arms across the Aravallis, the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary covers...

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Rajsamand Photos

Rajsamand tourism
Rajsamand tourism
Rajsamand tourism
Rajsamand tourism
Rajsamand tourism
Rajsamand tourism
Rajsamand tourism

Local Cuisine

If you have been to anywhere in Rajasthan and haven't feasted on some yummy Rajasthani food, what have you even done! The places where you must eat while in Rajsamand are:

1. The Gajanan Hotel on the Nathdwara-Kankroli road 

2. The Kumbhal Palace Restaurant located near the Kumbhalgarh fort, both of which serve authentic Rajasthani delicacies at reasonable rates.

Some must-try items on your list should be Daal batti, Pitod ki Sabji, Papad ki Sabji and Bajre ki Roti.

How to reach

The best way to reach Rajsamand is to reach Udaipur and take a cab from there. The journey takes only an hour and is very convenient. It is also fairly well connected by buses and trains from Udaipur.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport to Rajsamand is the Udaipur Airport. From Udaipur, you can reach Rajsamand either by bus, train or a taxi. The journey in any of the modes does not take more than two hours.

How to Reach by Train

From Udaipur City, you can take a passenger train to Malvi Junction and then another to Kankroli, Rajsamand. The entire journey takes around two hours.

How to Reach by Bus

Rajsamand is well connected to the city of lakes, Udaipur by road and there are buses available at all times by private travel firms.

How to Reach by Road

By road is the best way to reach Rajsamand from the Captial city of Mewar, Udaipur. A taxi or your own vehicle can comfortably cover the distance in an hour and the drive also offers some good views.

How to travel within

Shopping in Rajsamand

This place has some very indigenous crafts to offer to a tourist who loves his souvenirs. A giant marble producing industry, tiny replicas of animals, jewelry boxes, miniature replicas of palaces and forts, all of them, made out of shiny white marble, that too with intricate designing can be found here.

One more thing you must take home are the terracotta plaques from the Village of Molela. Idols are made on a flat surface and this is the only place in the country that practices the making of this handicraft.

Rajsamand Itinerary

Day 1:

Start the day by visiting the Kumbhalgarh fort and Sanctuary. Treat your taste buds to some Rajasthani delicacies for lunch at the Kumbhal Palace Restaurant. After lunch, head to Haldi Ghati. Soak in the sunset at the Rajsamand Lake and also visit the Dwarakadhish temple that lies on the banks of the lake. End the day by introducing yourself to some Rajasthani Culture, the music and dance with the melodious tunes of Tansen and Sarangi.

Day 2: 

Begin your day by shopping around for some local handicrafts and then visit the tiny village of Molela to buy its unique terracotta plaques. Head back to Udaipur to continue the rest of your journey.

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