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Puttaparthi Tourism

The blessed house of the spurious figure, Sathya Sai Baba, Puttaparthi is a town which returns you to the times of ashrams and the methods for living in those occasions with an equivalent impact of the present. A small town in Andhra Pradesh, Puttaparthi has increased worldwide acclaim as a focal point of religious brightness. It is a town which offers current methodologies of religion, settlements and even urbanization, being a remarkable town with modern offices. Despite the fact that Puttaparthi does not have such a large number of regular wonders, or conventional vacation spots its lavishness and substance lies in its profound hugeness and a crisp breath of belief systems that it houses. A portion of the spots one must visit incorporate the Sathya Sai Ashram, Sri Sathya Sai Space Theater, Anjaneya Swamy Temple and a couple of few more places. Other attractions incorporate a village, a mosque, a Hanuman temple and a Satyabhama temple, which was built by Sathya Sai Baba's granddad, Late Kondama Raju. Another Satyabhama temple was as of late built on the Bangalore course by Sathya Sai Baba's senior sibling, Seshama Raju. Other than that there is the Shiva temple which was developed on the site on which Sathya Sai Baba was conceived. Another noticeable spot is the wishing tree on the banks of the stream Chitravathi. The contemplation tree situated on a hillock towards the college has additionally picked up noticeable quality. The instructive and social organizations have likewise risen as significant places in the ongoing occasions. One can likewise observe the Indian village scene by procuring an auto and taking a voyage through the towns encompassing the community. The best part of the year to visit Puttaparthi is from September to February.



Things to do in Puttaparthi

1.Meditation Tree

0 kilometres from city centre

The Vata Vruksham or the contemplation tree is a Banyana tree that was embedded by Saty...

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0 kilometres from city centre

Gopuram is an enormous and embellishing door committed to Ganesh the elephant god. Buil...

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3.Chaitanya Jyoti Museum

1 kilometres from city centre

Chaitanya Jyoti Museum was tossed open in the year 2000. The gallery houses accumulatio...

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4.Spiritual Museum

1 kilometres from city centre

Adjacent to the University in the ashram is a place to bring various religions closer. ...

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5.Sathya Sai Ashram

0 kilometres from city centre

Prasanthi Nilayam is the blessed homestead of Satya Sai Baba. The Name Prasanthi Nilaya...

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6.Anjaneya (Hanuman) Swamy Temple

75 kilometres from city centre

The Anjaneya Swami Temple is situated on the Gorupuram Road and can be entered through ...

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7.Sri Sathya Sai Space Theatre (Planetarium)

1 kilometres from city centre

This planetarium was propelled in the year 1985. The point of Sri Sathya Sai Space Thea...

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8.Sathyabhama Temple

0 kilometres from city centre

The Satyabhama Devi Temple has been developed by Satya Sai Baba's granddad, Late Kondam...

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9.City Shopping

143 kilometres from city centre

While in Puttaparthi, one can look for gems, scents, and fragrant oils, pashmina shawls...

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1 kilometres from city centre

Gokulam is the dairy of the ashram which supplies milk and other dairy items to every o...

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Puttaparthi tour
Puttaparthi tour
Puttaparthi tour
Puttaparthi tour
Puttaparthi tour


Puttaparthi, a community of the Anantapur region of Andhra Pradesh, has turned into a famous explorer center point for being the heavenly dwelling place of the otherworldly master Sathya Sai Baba. The town is on the banks of the stream Chitravathi and is roosted at a stature of 475 meters. The historical backdrop of Puttaparthi spins around the birth and life of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. In the past, Puttaparthi was a little cultivating town known as Gollapalli, which means the "home of cowherds". Because of a few occurrences, which mirrored his extraordinary forces, individuals trusted him to be a resurrection of Shirdi Sai Baba and he was called Sathya Sai Baba. Attributable to this, individuals began tailing him, and he came to be accepted as a profound pioneer. His lessons have gotten overall praise, and his lessons are established in the standards of harmony, truth, love, honorableness, and peacefulness. In 1950, the Prasanthi Nilayam was set up, and the foundation of this ashram transformed this town into a world-class town. It houses every one of the offices, for example, an air terminal, a railroad station, a super claim to fame medical clinic and an enormous number of instructive establishments.

How to reach

This town is associated with all communities in South India just as the principal town in the remainder of the nation via air, rail and street. Since this is a noteworthy pilgrimage focus, the streets and visitor offices are very much developed.

How to Reach by Flight

The town today has a residential airplane terminal called the Sri Satya Sai Airport, set 4 km away from the ashram. The airplane terminal is all around associated with major communities, for example, Chennai and Mumbai. The Bangalore air terminal is the nearest air terminal and is situated 131 km away from Puttaparthi.

How to Reach by Train

Puttaparthi railroad station is 8 kilometers from the town and is associated legitimately via train to communities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Kolkata.

How to Reach by Bus

The govt transport buses are accessible to Puttaparthi from every city in Andhra Pradesh normally. Super deluxe transport buses make customary excursions to Puttaparthi from Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

How to Reach by Road

The streets are all around kept up, and the drive is wonderful. It is associated with its neighboring cities by expressways.

How to travel within

Being a community, you can without much of a stretch benefit a taxi or transport to arrive at your goal easily. In any case, you can likewise stroll around and enjoy the embodiment of the lives of local people.


Food of Andhra Pradesh is incredibly mainstream among local people and vacationers. The hot and fiery dishes are a forte of the area. Mostly vegan dishes are filled in as a major aspect of the food of the district. The uniqueness of Cuisine of Andhra Pradesh is that it is a mix of both Hindu just as Muslim styles of cooking. Being a religious town, just veggie lover sustenance is accessible here. Anyway, cooking styles of various nations are likewise accessible giving the town a practically astonishing and rich assortment in nourishment. Nearby dishes incorporate Laskora Undalu (coconut laddu) Sunnundallu, Pachadi-regularly made of vegetables/greens and simmered green/red chillies, Pappu Koora(Lentil based dish), Vepudu(Fry)- firm fricasseed vegetables, Garelu (A kind of Vada), Dosa, Chutney, Sambhar. A conventional Andhra Pradesh feast is served on a banana leaf. Pickles and chutney are a significant part of dinner in Andhra Pradesh.



Puttaparthi Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Sri Satya Sai Airport that is 4 km away from the main city, get a cab that will take you to the main city. Get settled in at the place of your choice and freshen up to start your trip in this spiritual town. Getting freshen up, head out first to visit the Anjaneya Swami Temple to get the blessing of Lord almighty, later visit the Chaitanya Jyoti Museum to explore some unique architecture. Before ending the day visit the Gokulam and Gopuram while also strolling the streets of the city tasting the local delicacy along with shopping for your needs.

Day 2: Finishing breakfast, head out first to visit the Meditation Tree for awakening your inner tranquility. Later move out to visit the Spiritual Museum and Sathya Sai Baba Ashram, both of which are most renowned places visited by a tourist while in the city. Also, visit the Sathyabhama Temple and the Sri Sathya Sai Space Theater Planetarium before finishing your trip of this beautiful city. Stay overnight and head out the next day to the airport, to board your flight back home.



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