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How to reach Pune

Pune is the 9th biggest cosmopolitan town in India and the 2nd largest in the state of Maharashtra subsequent to Mumbai. It is highly developed and thus reaching here from any part of the country is hassle-free. One can reach here via air, railways or other road transportations.  

How to Reach Pune by Flight

Pune Airport is positioned at the centre of the town. The Pune International airport with it’s international terminal and flights plying from all around the world is a famous mode of transportation. Direct flights to the city are accessible from all significant airports in India. The quickest and most convenient route to arrive at Pune is through flights. Outside the airport, one can surely find a taxi and other bus services in order to reach the destination.

How to Reach Pune by Train

Pune has great connectivity to the railway as well. Local, as well as direct trains, operate during the day. Trains to Pune are accessible from all important railway stations in India. Some of the famous Pune trains are Pune Duronto Express, Puducherry Express and Tirunelveli Express. The bookings and further checking of seats can be made online through various apps available.

How to Reach Pune by Bus

Travelling by bus to Pune is the cheapest mode of conveyance. Tickets for the trip can be reserved online and also from the nearest bus stand. The state government, as well as private buses, offer regular co-operation of bus services to Pune. The central bus depots are Chinchwad and Pune (By-Pass). Buses usually halt at those stations.

How to Reach Pune by Road

If you are travelling with family and kids then hiring a cab/taxi or driving to the city yourself is the best option at hand. Pune car rentals are available for those who want to drive and travel by themselves. 

How to travel within Pune

Pune tour vehicles are available for hire which is the most cost-effective way to travel the entire city. Since this is a cosmopolitan city, metro services are also available which are very helpful in reaching the destination quickly and hassle-free. Availability of cabs and taxi is never an issue, they are present in abundance.