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Porbandar Tourism

Among the best the destination goals are Gujarat, Porbandar is a beautiful beach town that has dependably been in the features for its sandy scene and bubbly celebrations. It is a splendid coastal city that lies in the Western Region of the Indian state that alongside flaunting a paradise like a goal for shoreline lovers additionally invests wholeheartedly in being the home to Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi and the exemplification of friendship, Sudama (Friend of Lord Krishna). Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Miyani Beach, Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Kirti Mandir and Porbandar Beach are a portion of the essential spots to visit in Porbandar. Kirti Mandir is the living resident of Gandhiji and his predecessors which has now been changed over into an exhibition hall. The Bharat Mandir is another historical centre showing models and pictures of Indian legacy. The Barda Hill Wildlife Sanctuary used to be a private property of the ex-royal State of Ranavav or Porbandar. There are numerous species of wild animals and a wide assortment of fauna accessible in this woodland. The Huzoor Palace is an enormous structure like a European chateau, rambling, with a substantial greenery enclosure at the edge of the ocean. A short stroll from the Huzoor Palace prompts Daria Rajmahal, Porbandar's sea confronting city royal residence, worked in a style that mixes Arabic, Indian, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture. The atmosphere of Porbandar is commonly wonderful, amid the period of winter that begins from November to February is the best time to visit Porbandar.

Things to do in Porbandar

1.Miyani Beach

27 kilometres from city centre

The miyani shoreline is one among the undeveloped and virgin shoreline that can be foun...

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2.Kirti Mandir

3 kilometres from city centre

Eminent as the temple of fame, Kirti Mandir is built beside the home of Mahatma Gandhi,...

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3.Porbandar Beach

2 kilometres from city centre

The Porbandar Beach, prominent by the name 'Chowpati' is a popular tourist destination ...

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4.Nehru Planetarium

2 kilometres from city centre

Prominently known by two names, Tara Mandir or Nehru Planetarium, it is one of the top ...

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5.Bharat Mandir

2 kilometres from city centre

Wreathed by the distinctive shades of Indian culture and its assorted variety, stands t...

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6.Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

2 kilometres from city centre

In contrast to the ordinary sanctuary, this one parades a delightful concurrence of bir...

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Porbandar tourism
Porbandar tourism
Porbandar tourism
Porbandar tourism
Porbandar tourism
Porbandar tourism
Porbandar tourism
Porbandar tourism


Porbandar is otherwise called "Sudhamapuri" in light of the fact that as indicated by Indian folklore this is the origination of Krishna's friend Sudama. Excavations uncovered remaining’s of the Harappan development, dated nearly as the time as Beyt Dwarka. In the later periods, Porbandar was a noteworthy port of the Jetwa Rajputs, a line that ruled tremendous territories of the Kathiawad promontory for around 2000 years. Subsequent to confronting rout because of the Jadeja Rajputs in the late sixteenth and mid-seventeenth hundreds of years, the Jetwas returned to control during the 1630s. The Gandhi family were the inherited Diwans of Porbandar. On October 2, 1869, Karamchand Gandhi had a child, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi as he later came to be known the world over. Be that as it may, Mahatma Gandhi was by all account not the only mahatma related to Porbandar. Swami Vivekanand had done quite a bit of his exploration in Porbandar, and Rabindranath Tagore visited the city for an impressive period in 1923. Along the coast at Madhavpur close Porbandar, the Madhavrai Fair is held in the long stretch of Chaitra month (March/April) to celebrate Lord Krishna's elopement with Rukmini.

How to reach

Porbandar, being a vital and significant port city along the Gujarat coastline, has grown massively and has turned out to be well-associated with the other major cities of the nation, by road, rail or through the air. Public and private transports interface Porbandar with numerous huge cities in the province of Gujarat. Porbandar has not too bad rail network too. The city has its very own aeroplane terminal as well.

How to Reach by Flight

Porbandar has its very own air terminal which is associated with all the major cities of India. Porbandar Airport is a domestic aeroplane terminal, which can deal with 100 arriving and 100 leaving travelers at any given moment.

How to Reach by Train

The Porbandar Railway Station interfaces Porbandar to most major areas in and around Gujarat. Day by day trains to Rajkot, Somnath and Mumbai, keep running from the Porbandar Railway Station, which interfaces the significant major cities of India to Porbandar. Trains rushed to Delhi, Kolkata and Rajasthan intermittently, and there are likewise weekly trains to Kerala and Hyderabad and South.

How to Reach by Bus

The National Highway 8B, which interfaces the acclaimed cities of Ahmedabad and Rajkot - is likewise associated with Porbandar. Numerous public and private transport buses run day by day at various time interims, to the neighbouring cities of Gujarat like Vadodara, Surat, Jamnagar and even Mumbai.

How to Reach by Road

Porbandar city is associated with Rajkot and Ahmedabad through the national expressway 8B and is linked with the cities of Dwarka and Jamnagar in the north and Bhavnagar and Verval in South through the National Highway 8E Extension. The highway is used frequently by tourist to travel to this destination by car.

How to travel within

The Kargil Parivahan Company, operated a city transport bus as a form of local transport connecting the key territories of the city to each other. Auto rickshaws are additionally accessible around the city for the tourist who intends to go around the city, wherein one can hope to encounter the everyday hustle clamour of Porbandar, in the entirety of its brilliance. Sudaama Chowk is the centre for taxicabs and buses and routinely frequented by local people and tourists.


Porbandar is overflowing with alternatives for cuisines that are rich, effectively accessible and light on your pocket. The eateries here offer Indian, Punjabi, Chinese and Continental cuisines alongside local Gujarati indulgences that you just can't miss. Carefully the following vegetarianism you would truly begin to look all starry-eyed at the vegetarian dishes served here after this excursion. Curating dishes like shrikhand, sev, dhokla, mohanthal, doodh pak, kadhi, suter pherni and undhyo are only a portion of the dishes you can strive first of all. Besides, you can likewise attempt farsan, fafda, papad, khakhra, chivda and for the ones who can't go multi day without the sugary nibbles experiment with puran poli, busandi, sutarfeni, shrikhand with puri, ghevar, malpua and halwasan.

Porbandar Itinerary

Day1: Landing in Porbandar Airport, hire a cab to take you to the town at your destined pre-booked hotel. Reaching your room, get freshen up and have quick refreshments with light snacks or lunch and head out to visit the Kirti Mandir situated in the heart of the town and famous for preserving the history of Mahatma Gandhi. Later getting back to the main town, visit the famous restaurants of the place to get enlightened in the delicious taste of Local Gujarati Cuisine.

Day2: Finishing breakfast, head start your day by visiting the Porbandar Bird Sanctuary that is notoriously famous for its numerous colourful bird species in the freshwater lake. Getting back to town, visit the Nehru Planetarium or locally known as Tara Mandir to see the theatrical display of cosmos. Later visit the Bharat Mandir, dedicated to the Hindu King Bharat. Spend the evening in the glorious beach of the Porbandar enjoying the view of the sunset and taste the delicious snakes served in the shacks near the shoreline.

Day3: Get up early and finish breakfast to spend the last day of your trip by travelling to Miyani Beach located a few kilometres from Porbandar.  Spend the day in this untouched sandy beach also visiting a few of the well-known tourist sites located near the beachside. Get back to the town of Porbandar before nightfall and stay overnight to catch the flight back the next day from the airport to get back to your home.


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