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Ponnani Tourism

Ponnani, a town of various mosques, is the tiniest taluk in the Malappuram locale of Kerala. It is a community encompassed by the Arabian Sea on the west and is a significant angling focus. Ponnani has the main tidal port situated at the mouth of the Bharathapuzha River and this has, thus, added to the exchange and economy of the Malabar district. The populace here is a decent blend of Hindus and Muslims. Ponnani is called as the little 'Makkah' of South India, and this spot was at one time the second capital of Malabar amid the rule of the then Samoothiri or the King. Ponnani has likewise, dependably been a significant instruction focal point of Islamic lessons. The best time to visit Ponnani is from October to February. Among the sanctuaries here, Thrikkavu, a Saraswati temple, praises the nine-day celebration 'Navarathri' with grandeur and greatness. Likewise, the Kandurampankavu Pooram, a nearby temple, has celebrations which draw in numerous individuals from the neighbouring towns. Mookkuthala Bhavathi Temple around 10 km from Ponnani, is one of the oldest Durga Mandirs in Kerala. The Karthika Mahotsavam is praised in the Vrischikam month, that is amid November-December and draws a ton of devotees. Other significant events of the taluk are the 'Nercha' at Poonani Valiya Juma-ath mosque and the 'Andu Nercha' of Puthenpalli. 'Neychor' or ghee rice is disseminated to aficionados and the poor as a major aspect of this celebration. The tidal mouth of Bharathapuzha is a migratory home to numerous transient birds and pulls in many fledgeling watching tourists and ornithologists. Biyyam Kayal is a green tranquil conduit that has a water sports office. Amid Onam festivities, a pontoon race is held annually here. The lay house on the bank of the lake is furnished with every advanced convenience. Consistently in February, the social event of the 'Gandhians' called the Sarvodaya Mela is celebrated on the shores of Bharathapuzha in Thirunavaya and Thavannur. There is a beacon close to the Bharathapuzha River close to the fringe of Ponnani town which falls under the domain of the Government of India and features the significance of angling in the territory. This was additionally once a celebrated spot for the assembling of enormous wooden pontoons called 'Uru' or 'Pathemari'.                           

Things to do in Ponnani

1.Thottungal Masjid

2 kilometres from city centre

Accepted to be the most seasoned mosque of Kerala, Thottungal Masjid was built around 3...

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2.Navamukunda Temple

12 kilometres from city centre

Situated in the little town of Ponnani on the banks of River Bharath, Navamukunda Templ...

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3.Ponnani Juma Masjid

1 kilometres from city centre

Set up in the year of 1510 by a Muslim Spiritual pioneer Zainuddin Makhdum, Ponnani Jum...

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4.Thrikkavu Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

A significant traveller focus of Kerala, Thrikkavu Temple is an antiquated sanctuary de...

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5.Bharathapuzha River

67 kilometres from city centre

Streaming along a stretch of 209 km, Bharathapuzha River is additionally called River N...

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6.Ponnani Lighthouse

1 kilometres from city centre

One of the centres of attraction in Ponnani is Ponnani Lighthouse. Found simply outside...

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2358 kilometres from city centre

The main occupation in Ponnani is fishing. It is the prime most harbour for fishing. Th...

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Ponnani trip


Pre-recorded and early historical nature of this settlement are covered in the architecture of the temples of Ponnani. Its area at the estuary of the Bharatappuzha in the midst of the rich fields appropriate for rice development may have pulled in early pilgrims. It is realized that the stream mouth - arranged inverse to the fields of Coimbatore over the Ghat mountains - was reached by the leaders of focal Tamil Nadu through the Palghat Gap. It is commonly accepted that the ancient Tamil ruler came into contact with Greco-Roman guides at the mouth of the Bharatappuzha. Indeed, even in the later occasions, Ponnani filled in as the real rice provider to the Portuguese stations in India. All through the Colonial standard, the Ponnani rice cargoes were delivered over the West Coast. Tobacco was the other real item sent out from Ponnani to Goa. Ponnani used to be under the control of the Brahmins of "Tirumanasseri Natu", with assurance from the Vellattiri leaders, in the medieval period. Later the Tirumanasseri Namputiri gave over the port Ponnani to the Samutiri of Kozhikode. A course of action took place between the Brahmin and the Samutiri, because of which, the previous was obliged to ensure the interests of the last against the neighbouring head of Valluvanatu and Perumpatappu.

How to reach

Ponnani isn't very much associated with any of the major urban communities in Kerala. The closest air terminal is at Kondotty while the closest railroad station is at Tirur. Ordinary transport administrations are accessible from Palakkad, Kozhikode, and Thrissur.

How to Reach by Flight

Calicut International Airport fills in as the closest air terminal to Ponnani, found about 26 km away. Being a worldwide airplane terminal, it is associated not exclusively to only Indian urban communities but in addition to a few the Middle East and South East Asian nations. You may effortlessly contract a taxi from outside the air terminal till your required goal.

How to Reach by Train

Malappuram District has railroad stations going through the beach front line in numerous urban areas like Kuttippuram, Tirur, and so on. The recently laid Konkan Railway Line associates these urban areas with the northern region of the town. Tirur which is 19 km away and Guruvayoor which is 22 km away are the closest railroad station to Ponnani.

How to Reach by Bus

Private as well as state-claimed bus transports run routinely among Ponnani and Kozhikode which is 50 km away just as Palakkad which is 90 km away.

How to Reach by Road

Ponnani is effectively congenial by all the towns and urban areas of Kerala as well as of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Numerous National and State Highways associate Ponnani to its neighbouring urban communities and states.

How to travel within

Ponnani is a shoreline town where transport is the least expensive method of transportation. In any case, in the event that you are a traveller, taxi is unquestionably helpful for driving starting with one spot then onto the next. Other than that, you will complete a ton of strolling and walking around the shoreline or between the sanctuaries.


The town of Ponnani being situated in Kerala serves basically South Indian cooking. The nourishment is as regularly scrumptious as hot. Various assortments of the preparations of fish, along with coconut water of the south, is dependably a decent choice to beat the warmth. You can also find many Chinese joints for those who have the taste buds for spice and sauce. You can also get Thai and North Indian restaurants as well. In any case, the local food is worth trying and easy to get access in no time, with fewer efforts. Coconut is the main ingredient in all meals prepared by the people of Ponnani and served on Banana leaves with various sorts of chutneys with rice and fish.

Ponnani Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey early in the morning from Calicut to Ponnani. You can reach the town in an hour. The head to pay a visit to Bharathapuzha River and spend some time there exploring the beauty of nature. Then head to Ponnani Juma Masjid and explore the mosque. Visit the Ponnani Lighthouse and do fishing in the evening. Visit Thottungal Masjid while your way back to the hotel.

Day 2: Start your day by paying your respect at Navamukunda Temple and Thrikkavu Temple. Hit the road back to Calicut. You can reach home by evening.

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