Glory Peak

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Glory Peak is situated in the area of Phek and is one of the most astounding heaps of Nagaland. This prominent vacation spot is significantly well known for not just its astounding perspective on the mountains secured with lavish greenery yet additionally for its grand perspective on the World's most noteworthy mountain, Mountain Everest. The Peak is around 4 kilometers from Pfutsero town and 70 kilometers from the capital of Nagaland, Kohima. You can even observe Mount Saramati, which happens to be the most noteworthy heap of Nagaland. The summit of the peak is a level of the land. On one portion of the summit, local people commend events and fabulous social events with incredible jollity and vivacity, and on the other portion of the summit, there is a treehouse from where you can see Mt. Everest and Mt. Saramati.


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