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Phek Tourism

Established in the year of 1973. Phek is a beautiful district, situated in the State of Nagaland. It is the perfect destination for people, wanting to satiate the wanderlust in them through bird watching and exploring the flora and fauna through various activities like trekking and photography. Even the name ‘Phek’ has been derived from the word in Nagamese ‘Phekrekedze’ – which means a ‘watchtower’. The delightful region of Phek is effortlessly decorated by three fundamental streams - Tizu, Lanye, and Sedzu. Phek is also well known for housing some uncommon types of orchids, which are found in the valleys. Known for its rich verdure, Phek is additionally home to the prestigious bird called Blyth's Tragopan. Phek is the home area of the Chakhesang and the Pochuries. The Chakhesang comprises of three sub-clans, the Chakhru, the Kheza, and the Sangtam. The general population here are known for their wrestling ability and powerful wellbeing. They live on farming and are known for their proficiency in porch development. The cut fields for such development give an incredible sight and grandeur to this district. This little township at an elevation of 2233.60 meters resembles a portal to Southeast Asia with sensibly great road transport accessible from Kohima through a 70 km outskirt street. The place is known for its vegetable and natural product items.

Things to do in Phek

1.Glory Peak

24 kilometres from city centre

Glory Peak is situated in the area of Phek and is one of the most astounding heaps of N...

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2.Shilloi Lake

39 kilometres from city centre

This one of a kind lake is molded like an impression and is a noteworthy vacation spot....

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3.Khezhakeno Village

33 kilometres from city centre

Khezhakeno Village is one of the vacation destinations and is broadly eminent for its v...

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4.Dzudu Lake

10 kilometres from city centre

This otherworldly lake is encompassed by lavish greenery and is an awesome incredible s...

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Phek Photos

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The District is possessed by three noteworthy clans, the Kheza, the Chokhri, and the Pochury. There is no less than five semantics aggregate in the District, to be specific the Chokri, the Khezha, the Pochury, the Sapu, and the Semas. Agribusiness is the primary occupation in the District. Jhum development and Terrace Rice Cultivation is also, overwhelming. The primary harvests are Rice, Maize, Millets, and so forth. Other than farming, assortments of vegetables are found in the locale. Furthermore, people around the area like to participate in salt making, paddy cum fish raising, making organic product juice and so forth. The general population are master specialists and magnificent in making pots, bushels, models, furniture and so on.

How to reach

The district of Phek is well-known for having very well-maintained roads that can be accessed by from Kohima to it. They are well-connected to highways, and can directly or indirectly be reached through various modes of transport.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport to reach Phek is in Dimapur which is about 75 km away from the place. You can take a taxi and drive all the way to Phek. The airport receives frequent flights from all the major cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, etc.

How to Reach by Train

The nearest railway stations to Phek are also Guwahati, Dimapur, Kohima. Hiring a cab is the most advisable means to travel from Dimapur to Phek.

How to Reach by Bus

There are frequent buses available both local and government from different major cities, since it is quite a famous tourist place. You can easily take a bus to travel from Dimapur to Phek at a very reasonable price.

How to Reach by Road

Phek can be reached to from the adjacent urban areas, for example, Guwahati, Dimapur, Kohima through street too, as it is associated with a proficient street system to every one of the urban communities in the region.

How to travel within

As Phek is a very small town, the best way to explore the spot is on foot. Although, you can always opt for traveling by the local autos available within the town.


Phek is the place that is known for impeccable tastes and flavourful aroma which weaves all the major networks living in amicability inside the bumpy territory. The alternatives for nourishment are fairly restricted here, however one can locate some nearby joints that offer an unobtrusive assortment of cooking styles. Nagaland's sustenance is one of a kind and commanded by non-veggie lover arrangements, while vegan decisions are rare. A portion of the neighborhood Naga rarities are Dried pork, smoked pork stew, bamboo steamed fish, boiled digestive organs, beans blend, naga phantom chili sauce. Additionally, since Nagaland is a dry state, it probably won't be anything but difficult, to discover mixed refreshments here, notwithstanding, the local Rice brew is available at certain places around the region.

Phek Itinerary

Day 1: Take a flight in the morning from Guwahati to Imphal. Then take a taxi to Phek. You can reach the place by noon. Visit the Khezhakeno Village and scout the view of the place. You can spend a pleasant evening on Dzudu Lake. Head back to the hotel, have dinner and take rest.

Day 2: Start the journey of the day by visiting Glory Peak. Explore the place and enjoy it. In the evening, spend a peaceful time by visiting Shilloi Lake. Later, head back to Imphal and catch a flight back to Guwahati. You can reach home by evening, safe and sound.

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