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Hindi and Gujarati are the most commonly spoken languages of Patan.

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The best time to visit Patan is during its Rani Ki Vav festival that is held in the month of December or January every year. The major attractions of the festival include-
1. Local arts and craft exhibition.
2. Cultural music and dance performances.
3. Street market.
4. Exquisite food festival

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Patan Tourism

Situated on the banks of Saraswati River in the lowlands between the Aravalli Range and the Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay), Patan is a city in northern Gujarat.

One of the newest tourist hubs of India, Patan is a spiritual city that strongly believes that their Kuldevi resides their city who keeps the city intact and its people happy and growing. The ancient yet warm and alluring city of Patan resides comfortably amidst its huge walls. Having been the capital of the state for as many as 650 years in the medieval period, Patan and its people have a very positive approach towards learning and growth. This is where a lot of crucial political decisions were taken in the past, a number of furious battles were fought. This city has seen it all, the beauty it is, it smiles at its visitors and welcomes them so warmly, making them feel at home. Patan is equally famous for its Dargah and Jain temples.

Once the capital of the Chavada and Solanki dynasties from 720 to 1240 AD, Patan was sacked by Maḥmūd of Ghazna in the year 1024. Patan also homes several institutions of higher learning including a nearby medical college and Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, named for the noted Jain polymath and teacher Hemachandra.


Things to do in Patan

1.Rani ki Vav

3 kilometres from city centre

Queen Udayamati commissioned this vav or stepwell, in 1063 in the memory of her hus...

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905 kilometres from city centre

More than 100 temples are present in Patan belonging to both Hindu and Jains but the mo...

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3.Patola Saree making unit

1 kilometres from city centre

Home of beautiful hand-woven Patola Sarees, Patan is one of the most sought after posse...

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4.Sahastralinga Talav

3 kilometres from city centre

This artificial water storage tank constructed by the Chalukyan king Sidharaj Jai Singh...

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5.Shopping in Patan

0 kilometres from city centre

Patan is an excellent destination for all shopaholics and fashion lovers as Patola is f...

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Patan saw prosperity peaking under the Solanki rule from 10th to 13th century and emerged as a popular center of the famous patola weaving. It was during the 13th century that Patan fell under the invasion of the Delhi Sultanate and was completely destroyed. After its restoration, Patan emerged as a new tourist destination in India. 

Hugged by its fort walls and gates still largely intact, the ancient city of Anahilvada Patan was founded by Vanraj Chavda, the first ruler of the Chavda dynasty. Legend has it that he laid the foundation at the place pointed out by Anahil, a shepherd friend from his younger days, and named the city after him.

How to reach

Ahmedabad International Airport is the nearest airport, located at a distance of 100 km from Patan and can be reached either by rail or by road. Gandhinagar is another place from where Patan can be reached easily.

How to Reach by Flight

Ahmedabad is the nearest airport located around 100 km away from the city of Patan. Daily flights are available from Delhi and all other major cities to reach Ahmedabad.

How to Reach by Train

Patan is well connected to all metro cities as well as frequent local trains are available from all neighboring cities.


How to Reach by Bus

Patan is connected to the rest of the nation via national and state highways. Frequent buses are available from Ahmedabad to reach Patan.

How to Reach by Road

The roads connecting Ahmedabad to Patan are in pretty decent conditions and taxis can be hired from all neighboring cities to reach Patan.

How to travel within

Shared autos, jeeps, cabs and buses are available for the tourists to commute within the city.

Dine and Drink

There is no shortage of restaurants in Patan but the influence of Jain culture and philosophy makes the region a predominantly vegetarian barring some communities who incorporate non-vegetarian items such as goat, chicken, eggs, and seafood in their platter.

Apart from local Gujarati snacks like Thepla, Dhokla, Bhajiyo, Khandvi, Pani Puri, there are a lot of dishes which serve as the staple diet of the state. Gujarati menu has a huge list of options in extreme variety.

Though alcohol is strictly prohibited in Patan as Gujarat is a dry state.

Patan Itinerary

Day 1

After settling down in your hotel, proceed to visit Rani ka Vav, temples of Patan, and Sahastralinga temple and be the witness of the Prosperity of the city from the Solanki Rule.

Day 2 

Spend the day well by witnessing the weavers create magic through their geometrical intricacy and get on the shopping spree.

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