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Panna Tourism

Panna is a town located in the province of Madhya Pradesh and holds a great deal of recorded importance. A previous Gond settlement, Panna is a little city in the core of the nation, which brags of being the only city with precious diamond reserves. Panna is likewise most outstandingly known for the Panna National Park which is a world heritage site and a huge activity towards wildlife preservation in India. The city additionally holds a great deal of religious significance for the Hindus. It was here that Mahamati Prannath lectured the message of self-awakening and furthermore spread out the banner of Jagani. It is accepted that Mahamati chose to take his Samadhi in Panna in the wake of having gone through eleven years here alongside his followers. Panna tourism draws to a great extent from the nearness of Panna National Park however the Pandav Caves and Falls are similarly famous. Nature lovers are certain to get an extraordinary treat in this delightful city of Madhya Pradesh because of the parks and beautiful outing spots possessing large amounts of the region. The Panna National Park is a noteworthy fascination of Panna particularly in light of the fact that this sanctuary is one among the many national parks where tigers can be found. Panna is situated on Vindhyachal Ranges which give it such a significant number of delightful sites to visit. Brihaspati Kund, Nand-Chand, Nachne, and so forth are some of them. Likewise recognized for its sanctuary, the outstanding temples of Panna incorporates the Temple of Baldevji, Koshorji, Govindji, Prannathji, Jagannath Swami and Lord Ram. The topographical area of Panna renders a sub-tropical atmosphere that makes it a fantasy to make a trip to the spot between the long stretches of October and April.


Mines sparkling with precious stones inside a national park that is home to probably the greatest predators and cascades of confounding statures, Panna has the astounding power to keep you bewitched. The city's illustrious past goes back to mid of seventeenth Century AD when it turned into the capital of Maharaja Chhatrasal's kingdom. It is 44km from the Khajuraho and was named after Panna, a national warrior. As per a legend, the Pandavas spent a serious length of time in the wildernesses of Panna during their outcast. Indeed the timberland was before a game hold for the eminence of Panna. Then again, with Ken River going through Panna slopes, the city has a natural life inviting present. The heavenliness and glory of Panna can be explored in its old religious destinations and sublime landmark. The cultural heritage of the district is one of a kind in its own specific manner. Although the area is overwhelmingly Hindu, Jainism is truly noteworthy and a few Jain tiraths are additionally situated in this district. Diwari, Ravala, Badhaaiya, Raai and horse dance are the prevalent folk dances of the locale while the folk music involves faag, Alha, Dadre and Gare, Lamtera, Khyal, and kaharwa. Earthen statues and toys, woodwork, craftsmanship and metal workmanship has additionally added to the excellence of cultural inheritance of Panna.

How to reach

In spite of the fact that it is a mainstream visitor goal, relatively few choices are accessible to reach Panna legitimately. The closest air terminal, Khajuraho is 36 km away. The closest railroad stations Satna and Khajuraho are very much associated with major communities in the nation through regular trains. NH 75 joins Panna to close-by cities like Bhopal and significant areas like Delhi.

How to Reach by Flight

The Panna Airport isn't in operation right now, so the closest airplane terminal is the Khajuraho Airport at Khajuraho and is around 29 km far from Panna.

How to Reach by Train

Panna does not have its very own station. The closest railroad station is Satna 75 km away, however, not all trains take a stop here. The closest significant railroad station is Jhansi which is 176 km from Panna and every one of the trains end at this station.

How to Reach by Bus

Tourist and state claimed transport buses associates Panna to every single major city in the state. State possessed open transport administration buses are accessible from Jhansi to Panna at standard interims. Khajuraho additionally gives similar offices.

How to Reach by Road

Making a trip to Panna by road is truly agreeable since the city is very much associated by the National Highway 75.

How to travel within

Jeep safari is not given inside the recreation center, so in the event that you need to explore the zone on a vehicle, you would need to arrange it by yourself. The rest of the city of Panna is much the same as another city with Taxis as the most ideal method for driving inside the city.


Be it legacy, craftsmanship and specialties, handloom, culture or cooking styles, Panna emerges among all. The kebabs, mawa-bati, khoprapak, and malpua are the conventional dishes of Madhya Pradesh that won't just do the trick to your appetite longings superior to anything you expect yet additionally leave an enduring impression in your souls. The credit of ensuring and reestablishing the year-old traditional food goes to the homemakers, who kept it alive. For non-vegetarian lovers, Panna offers some un-coordinated customary cooking styles including Bundeli Gosht, Kadaknath Murgha, and Keeme Ki Tikki. You can have unlimited alternatives with regards to sweets of Panna region. Ras Kheer and Lapsi are among the yummiest sweet dishes to give a shot! A conventional dish which needs an extraordinary thought here is Anarsa, it's a pan-fried sweet dish produced using rice flour and Jaggery.

Panna Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Khajuraho airport, get a cab that will take you to Panna in a space of an hour. Reaching the city, check in at the pre-booked hotel of your choice and freshen up to start your day in this lovely sparkling city. Getting refreshed, head out first to visit the Baldeoji Temple, from there move towards the Diamond mines to have a tour and guide on diamond mining. Later visit the religious site of Mahamati Prannathji Temple. End your day by taking a trip to Jugal Kishorejii Temple which is a renowned pilgrimage site. Get back to town and enjoy a lovely local cuisine before ending your first day.

Day2: Finishing breakfast, start your day by taking an elephant safari in the famous Panna National Park. Spend a few hours exploring the rich flora and fauna of this unique heritage wildlife reserve before returning back to the town. Later visit the famous Pandava Falls along with the Pandava Caves while ending your trip. Stay overnight and head out the next day to catch board your flight back home.