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Panchkula Tourism

Panchkula is a small tourist town tucked away in the verdant hills of the Himachal, offering respite to all those who want to get away from the monotony of life. It is abode to five ancient canals constructed during the time of the Rajputs. Surrounded by greenery of the foothills of the great Himalyan range, it is a wonderful place to embrace the true spirit of nature. The city is famous for it's trekking experience which is teemed with peacocks and great biodiversity. The various gardens situated in this city embellish it like the gems on a crown.It also gives one an insight into the past of our culture and life through the well-known Chandel ruins. Apart from this, the Panchkula tricity, composed of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula give a taste of the urban life in India. The glamour of the Rehri market, sector 7 market and Amartex Shoppers World attract many tourists to buy a wide range of products at an economical price. Panchkula may be small in area, but one can easily get lost in the wonders and marvels of this humble spot.

Things to do in Panchkula

1.Mansa Devi Temple

3 kilometres from city centre

Mata Mansa Devi Temple is a Hindu shrine that is dedicated to the lovely goddess Mansa ...

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2.Morni Tal

22 kilometres from city centre

Morni is located in the lower reaches of the bottommost range of the Himalayan mountain...

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3.National Cactus and Succulent Botanical Garden and Research Centre

1 kilometres from city centre

A trip to Panchkula is incomplete without visiting the famous cactus garden -National C...

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Panchkula Photos

Panchkula tour
Panchkula tour
Panchkula tour
Panchkula tour
Panchkula tour
Panchkula tour
Panchkula tour
Panchkula tour

Geographical Terrain

Panchkula district has a slope which is from north east to south-west. In fact, due to this geographical feature, many rain-fed streams flow down from here and deposit high amounts of silt and pebbles. As a consequence, the riverside areas are highly fertile and cultivable. Panchkula has a sub-tropical continental monsoon climate. This makes the summer extremely hot and the winters cool and pleasant. Rainfall is received in good amounts in the district. It also receives winter rains from the western disturbance. The rainfall, received in the monsoon creates an atmosphere of enchanting greenery.Morni hills constitute the highest point of the district as well as of Haryana. Furthermore, the mountains and hills Kasauli are clearly visible from Panchkula. The Ghaggar is the only perennial river in Panchkula.


The name Panchkula came from the sanskrit words "Panch", meaning five and "Kul" meaning canals. This took after the construction of the five great ancient canals that drew water in the city from the river Ghaggar by the rulers of the early medieval period. This region played a very vital role when it was under Kushan rulers, based on a recent discovery of Kushan bricks near Amabala district, in Haryana. Historical silver coins found in the region make it evident that it was a part of the Gupta dynasty. In the 7th and 8th century, the area was under the rulers of Kashmir. Medieval history also claims that it was acquired by the Chauhan dynasty of Delhi, in the 12th century. The defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan by Mohammad Ghori in 1192 AD established Muslim rule in the area, followed by the rule of Delhi Sultanate. The area was ruled by several other dynasties such as the Mughals and the Marathas, before the rule of the British. Upon the beginning of the Mughal Era, Akbar visited this region during his conquests and appreciated it's strategic location. Nawab Fidai Khan, who was the foster brother of the great ruler Aurangzeb laid down the beautiful gardens of Pinjore and worked for the beautification of the city. Finally, in 1830, it came under British rule and joined the Union of India in 1947.


The most dominant religion of Panchkula is Sikhism followed by Hinduism. Women are generally seen wearing salwar suits along with kameez while men are seen wearing kurta-pyjama and trouser-shirt.

How to reach

The nearest airports are Chandigarh International Airport (19km) and Mohali Interntional Airport (14 km). It is well-connected to Delhi, Chandigarh and Dehradun by bus service. The Chandigrah Railway Station and the Chandi Mandir Railway Station are within fifteen minutes by road and well connected to all major cities of India.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airports to Panchkula are the Mohali International Airport, which is approximately 14 km from the city and the Chandigarh International Airport, which approximately 19 km away. Both airports have domestic as well as international flights. The flight duration from some major cities in India to Panchkula are as follows:

1)Delhi to Panchkula : 1h 00m

2)Mumbai to Panchkula : 2h 30m

3)Kolkata to Panchkula : 2h 30m 

4)Bengaluru to Panchkula :3h 05m

5)Hyderabad to Panchkula :4h 30m



How to Reach by Train

The Chandigarh Railway Station (situated in Chandigarh) and Chandi Mandir Railway Station (situated in Panchkula) are both approximately 5km away from the city. Tourists can commute easily through intercity trains for shorter distances such as Delhi, Jaipur etc. and Sampar Kranti, Rajdhani and Duranto for longer distances.

How to Reach by Bus

Panchkula is very well connected with the nearby cities by road.The biggest bus station in the area is the ISBT (Inter-State Bus Terminus) in Chandigarh. It directly connects the city to Delhi, Jaipur and Dehradun.

How to Reach by Road

National Highway number 74 and 334 run across the city of Panchkula. Major state highways also cross the city, thereby making it well-connected by road. Roads in Punjab are some of the best ones laid out in the country ensuring a smooth drive however you may encounter rough patches along the way through Haryana.



How to travel within

Panchkula has cycle rickshaws as well auto rickshaws that tourists can hire to commute within the city at cheap fares. There is also local bus transport service and Punjab tourism  bus service that can be bought in packages. These services naturally, do not allow additional stops and have restricted visiting time but are highly organized and economical for large groups. Tourists can also comute within the city by foot as the clean roads and footpaths make it a pleasant walk. However, pedestrians must watch out for the heat during the day.


Hotels in Panchkula with good amenities can be found in most parts of the city. However, tourists can also stay in Chandigarh as the commuting time between the places is almost negligible. A few hotels in and near Panchkula are: 1)Holiday Inn, Panchkula 2)Sun Park Hotel, Panchkula 3)Golden Plaza Hotel, Panchkula 4)Hotel Palmdale, Chandigarh 5)JW Marriot, Chandigarh


Panchkula follows Punjabi cuisine which is a culinary style originating in the Punjab with an essence of Haryana. This cuisine has a rich tradition of many distinct and local ways of cooking. One is a special form of tandoori cooking. Additionally, due to high urbanisation, there is a wide variety of cuisine available. -If you are interested in eating street food for the real spice of the city, with flavours that will leave you licking your lips, then Garg Chat in sector 23 is the best spot to visit! It is famous for it's gol-gappas and dry chaat. Make sure you go there on an empty stomach to make the fullest of the meal. Cost per person is approximately 100INR. Other places you can go to for street food are the Indian Coffee House and Pal Dhaba. -If you have something continental and different on your mind, then be sure to visit the fine dine restaurants, Baluchi, OKO and Saffron! The food here has real zaika and is well prepared.The ambience and service in these restaurants will give you nothing less than the highest degree of luxury! -If you want to have a quick snack and tea, then Chandigarh baking company is just the place for you! It's a vegetarian-friendly restaurant with the best cakes and pastries in town. The sandwiches here are too delicious! Other places you can go to for a quick snack are the cafe coffee day lounge and chaibubble!


ATMs and banks are easily found in Panchkula. You will also find a grocery or kirana store around each corner, so worry not if you forgot to pack some essentials. Basic medicines are also often found at kirana shops.

Panchkula Itinerary

DAY 1:

 -Visit Cactus Garden

-Visit the Gurudwara Nanasaheb (stop for lunch)

- Drive to Morni Hills and enjoy trekking experience in the late afternoon

- Visit the morni tal lake (have dinner and return to Panchkula/alternatively/return to Panchkula and have dinner)

DAY 2:

- Visit Sukhna Lake, Park and Animal Sanctuary early in the morning (stop for lunch)

- Visit butterfly garden

- Visit Manasa Devi Temple (return to the hotel for relaxation and dinner/alternatively/add customised destinations and return for dinner)

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