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Pahalgam Tourism

Situated on the conversion of Lidder River and the stream starting from Lake Sheshnag, Pahalgam is a spot in between the pleasant valley. Tranquility and holiness that lies in the land encapsulate the soul of Kashmir. The place that is known for the delicate race, it offers a staggering impression on the Himalayan Range. Predominantly any Pahalgam visit bundle incorporates a visit to Betaab Valley and Chandanwari. Experience the unassuming impact of nature in the way of life and the upsurge of rich Kashmir culture at delightful Pahalgam. Grasping regular magnificence, the valley limits itself to a world that is modest yet great, quiet yet vivacious. The grand magnificence of Aru Valley and Betaab Valley articulates enchantment, though the shining waters of Lake Tullian, and Lake Katernag and  Lake Sheshnag, Lake Marsar and Lake Tarsar charm voyagers. The consecrated entry to Amarnath starts from Chandanwari in Pahalgam. The hurrying verdant downpours of Liderwath and snow-capped piles of Baisaran are extra spots of Pahalgam. The valley is likewise a motivation for experience fans to take up trekking, outdoors and climbing. It additionally offers a reasonable open door for trout angling and water boating also. On the opposite side, the outstandingly lovely Pahalgam Golf Course, which is set against a dynamite foundation, offers extraordinary games time to its guests.

Things to do in Pahalgam

1.Amarnath Yatra

28 kilometres from city centre

Amarnath yatra is the most loved journey in Hinduism, one which each Hindu tries to lea...

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2.Aru Valley

10 kilometres from city centre

Neglecting the magnificent snow-topped pinnacles of Himalayan Range, Aru Valley is an i...

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3.Betaab Valley

6 kilometres from city centre

Priorly known as Hagan Valley or Hagoon, Betaab Valley got its present name after the b...

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28 kilometres from city centre

Panchtarni is situated at the conversion of five streams, 13 km from the Sheshnag Lake....

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1 kilometres from city centre

It's not just for the golf devotees; the Pahalgam Golf Club is as wonderful as any regu...

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6.Mamaleshwara Temple

0 kilometres from city centre

Mamaleshwar Temple is a significant spot of devotees in Pahalgam. The temple goes back ...

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7.Kolahoi Glacier

15 kilometres from city centre

Kolahoi Glacier, the biggest icy glacier present in the regions of Kashmir, is spread o...

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8.Tulian Lake

19 kilometres from city centre

Tulian Lake is situated at an elevation of 3353 m, 11 km away from Baisaran and 16 km f...

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9.Lolab Valley

96 kilometres from city centre

Considering the excellence this charming state harbors, it is properly said that on the...

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10.Lidder River

1 kilometres from city centre

Lidder River is a significant stream in Kashmir valley of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a 73...

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0 kilometres from city centre

Chandanwari, situated in the edges of Pahalgam, is a position of tremendous religious a...

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12.City Shopping

2357 kilometres from city centre

The local market of the city is with full of surprises. Prevalently known as the valley...

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1715 kilometres from city centre

The drowsy valley of Pahalgam is additionally the bedrock of experience for trekkers. T...

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14.White River Rafting

2 kilometres from city centre

Enjoy into unadulterated amazingness in the streams flow in and around Pahalgam by boat...

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Pahalgam Photos

Pahalgam trip
Pahalgam trip
Pahalgam trip
Pahalgam trip
Pahalgam trip
Pahalgam trip
Pahalgam trip
Pahalgam trip
Pahalgam trip
Pahalgam trip


The way of life of Pahalgam is an excellent mix of Mughal and Kashmiri societies, apparent in its neighborhood cooking, crafted works, society move, and celebrations. Pahalgam is where the yearly Amarnath Yatra begins, pulling in Hindus from the nation over. Devoted to Lord Shiva, the Amarnath cavern is only 28 km from Pahalgam. Like other Kashmiri towns, Pahalgam is known for its bright crafted works, woolen garments, shawls, luxurious floor coverings, and so on. Pahalgam is an extraordinary spot to savor valid Kashmiri cooking, however, you can likewise discover other Indian rarities in the eateries. Kashmiri cuisine incorporates dishes, for example, Dum Aloo, Rogan Josh, Wazwan, and so forth. A unique sort of green tea is prominent in Pahalgam, containing cinnamon, saffron strands, cardamom, pecans, and almonds. The town is well known for Kashmiri society music and ghazals. There are different social occasions in the town. Pahalgam has only 5922 inhabitants, out of which Muslims structure the dominant part comprising 80.09% of the populace. Their clothing comprises of customary 'Pheran', worn by people. They use 'kangri', a pot loaded up with hot coals, underneath their apparel to keep themselves warm in winters. Numerous individuals have a place with the Gujjar people group, who are semi-roaming individuals who move to the higher valley during winters with their steers.

How to reach

There is no non-stop flight or rail network to Pahalgam. Jammu Tawi railroad station is the closest rail line station, which is about 283 km. away from Pahalgam, while Srinagar airplane terminal is the closest air terminal, which is 91.9 km. away from Regular transport administrations utilize back and forth Pahalgam, through grand roadways system.

How to Reach by Flight

Srinagar Airport is the closest airplane terminal to Pahalgam situated at a distance of 95 km from Pahalgam. The air terminal is associated with standard flights to Delhi which are associated with all the prime urban cities, for example, Mumbai, and Jammu to make reference to a couple. Travelers can contract taxicabs or other means of transports to Pahalgam from the airplane terminal

How to Reach by Train

The closest railhead to Pahalgam is Srinagar, situated at a distance of 90 km from it. Sightseers can without much of a stretch profit taxicabs or transports from the Srinagar railroad station to Pahalgam at a sensible cost.

How to Reach by Bus

Standard transport administrations handle to and from the city of Pahalgam. They work once a day, regardless of whether day or night. You can likewise take shared taxicabs or taxis for a similar course.

How to Reach by Road

The city of Pahalgam is situated at a distance of 828 km from Delhi and 95 km from Srinagar. Vacationers can take the NH 1A to achieve the valley of Kashmir.

How to travel within

A portion of the nearby travel alternatives are ponies which take around Rs. 50, taxis, buses. The buses are moderate and are by and large crowded. However, a modest method of transportation costing anyplace between Rs 5 to Rs 15 and getting around by walking.


For quite a long time, the peaceful terrains of Pahalgam were utilized for feeding cows, by migrant herders. Up to 1346 A.D., Kashmir was administered by Hindu lords, before being vanquished by Shams-Ud-Din. A Turkish-Mughal military general named Mirza Muhammad Haider Dughlat vanquished the zone in the mid-1400s. A few rulers like Sultan Said Khan of Kashgar, Sultan Ghiyas-ud-Din Zain-ul-Abidin and Emperor Humayun additionally administered the territory. In 1586, Kashmir was attacked by the Mughal Empire under Akbar, yet in 1757 Ahmed Shah Durrani vanquished it, alongside Afghanistan. In 1819, Maharaja Ranjit Singh of the Sikh Empire added Kashmir, following the British principle from 1846, who later offered Kashmir to Maharaja Gulab Singh of Jammu, for Rs 7.5 million. The Jammu and Kashmir state stayed as a free state during the British standard until the segment of India, following which Maharaja Hari Singh acquiesced to the association of India. The most generally spoken language in Pahalgam is Kashmiri. Urdu is the official language of the state, utilized for authorized purposes. The deluge of the travel industry has empowered numerous individuals to talk and get English and Hindi dialects.

Pahalgam Itinerary

Day 1:

Start your journey from Srinagar to Pahalgam early in the morning. You can reach the destination after a drive of three hours. Start exploring the city from Aru Valley and Chandanwari. Then head to Kolahoi Glacier and Lidder River after having lunch while you are trekking. Spend an evening in the streets of the local market doing shopping. Pay your respect at Mamaleshwara Temple on your way back to the hotel.

Day 2:

Make your morning pleasant by playing Golf. Have an energetic breakfast and head to visit Betaab Valley and Lolab Valley. Enjoy the White River Rafting after having lunch. Then head to visit Panchtarni. Spend a peaceful evening at Tulian Lake. Hit the road back to Srinagar. You can reach home by midnight.

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