Vigneshwara Temple

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The famous temple of Vigneshwara additionally alluded to as Vighnahar Ganapati temple is a mainstream fascination of Ozar. The legend is that there was a lord named Abhinandana who played out the custom of penance in which he didn't give any offering to the Indra, ruler of divine beings. The irritated Indra offered requests to Kala to wreck the penance. Kala changed over himself into the evil spirit Vignasura, and acquired obstructions the penance and demolished it. The Kala wound up wild and began making ruin by getting snags the religious works and forfeits made by sages and other individuals. Sages approached god Brahma and Shiva for assistance and they prompted them to adore Ganesha. On hearing their love, Ganesha began battling Vignasura, who acknowledged soon that it was difficult to crush Ganesha and made a deal to avoid making snags and pester individuals.

Vigneshwara Temple Photos

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