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Ozar Tourism

Ozar is a small place in Nasik District, in the territory of Maharashtra. It is well known for the Vigneshwara Temple, worked out of appreciation for Lord Ganesha. The temple is 100 km from Pune, while in transit to Nasik. Known as Ozarcha Shri Vigneshwara, the temple is a noticeable piece of the eight Asthavinayak Shrines dispersed everywhere throughout the territory of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is viewed as the home of the biggest number of temples committed to Lord Ganesha. Ganesha, the more usually alludes as the Sankat Mochan, which actually signifies destroyer of interruption, additionally few names by which Ganesha is known to incorporate 'Ek Danta', 'Char Bhujadhaari' and others. The temple at Ozar is situated on the banks of the River Kukadi. As per a well-known legend, the Demon named Vighnasura caused numerous obstructions in the great deeds and Yagnas performed by holy people and other individuals. The ruler Ganesha is so as to evacuate this deterrent combat against the evil presence. The evil spirit gave up and mentioned his destroyer to take up the name Vigneshwara depicting the devil's annihilation. It is after this occurrence that the statue of Lord Ganesha was introduced at this temple on the day, which is currently celebrated as Ganesh Chaturthi. The picture of Ganesha introduced at the temple is east-bound and goes with icons of Riddhi and Siddhi. An open patio, rich greenery, peaceful environment, and the excellent sculptural and painting design make it a famous place of interest.

Things to do in Ozar

1.Vigneshwara Temple

101 kilometres from city centre

The famous temple of Vigneshwara additionally alluded to as Vighnahar Ganapati temple i...

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2.Hal Museum or Pragati Aerospace Museum

3 kilometres from city centre

HAL or Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Museum is a government organization which was open...

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Ozar tour
Ozar tour
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Ozar tour
Ozar tour
Ozar tour
Ozar tour
Ozar tour


The local cooking here is commanded by Maharashtrian sustenance with a mix of South and North Indian foods. From idli-dosa to paranthas and baked, you can discover them all here. Vada Pav is a claim to fame of this locale and is an unquestionable requirement to have it once in a while. Sustenance in any city portrays its rich culture and enlightens you everything regarding the place. Ozar without a doubt has an extremely interesting society when contrasted with different communities. It's anything but a quick place so the impact of nourishment is somewhat moderate with the goal that you can truly make the most of your dinners while unwinding. Individuals here are cool, quiet and have a feeling of strength in them, so you will find that they are in no rush. The spot offers different mouth-watering cooking styles that are a mix of conventional and current dishes that draw the core of every guest.

How to reach

The town is well connected with the two major municipal corporation cities, Pune and Nasik. You can travel easily travel to the town with your car as it is well-connected with the street ways.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest airport to the town is in Pune. The Pune International Airport is quite convenient to reach to and from the Ozar.

How to Reach by Train

The town is connected with the Nashik railway station which is 21 km away. You can easily reach the destination via taxi or the local autos.

How to Reach by Bus

The Maharashtra government bus facilities are available from many cities to reach Ozar. Private local buses are also available and run in a quite frequent manner to reach the town.

How to Reach by Road

Roadways is another convenient way to reach the town. You can arrange a car on rental basis and travel to the Ozar on your pace.

How to travel within

The local taxis and cabs are always available on demand. Also, local autos are also there as per the places. It is cost friendly way if you want to explore the town on feet.


Summers in Ozar is quite sweltering with temperature extending from 24 to 37 degrees Celsius. The horrendous warmth makes it awkward for voyagers to spot the place. The rainstorm season which begins from August brings help from the warmth in any case, downpour blocks open-air exercises. Winter season is viewed as the best time to visit Ozar since the climate remains enjoyably cool. Subsequently, winters are ideal in the event that one wishes to investigate the cityscape uninterruptedly. Among July and September, the place where there is the Indian Wine gets the perfect measure of precipitation that changes the city as the greenery thrives, making it a treat to visit, particularly for rainstorm sweethearts and odd explorers.

Ozar Itinerary

Day 1:

Start your venture of the day from Pune to Ozar. You will reach the destination after a drive of 2 hours. Visit Hal Museum and explore the spot. Head to visit the Vigneshwara Temple in the evening. Enjoy your time there and then hit the road back to Pune. You will reach the home by midnight.

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