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Osian Tourism

Osian also famed as the 'Khajuraho of Rajasthan', has received this designation because of the ubiquity of several temples, which are impressively adorned with breathtaking architecture. It is an early temple town discovered 65 km north of Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan. From serving as a leading trading centre on the Silk Route in the past to being a major pilgrimage place this place has gained huge recognition. This spot is of ultimate greatness to the Jains and the Hindus as few notable shrines lie in this enchanting city. Enclosed by golden sand dunes and villages, Osian is regarded for its sensual carvings on the temples. Amongst the countless temples that this town possesses, the ones that hold out in their majesty and splendour are the Surya or Sun Temple, the Sachiya Mata Temple and the main Jain temple devoted to Lord Mahavira. Enriched with golden sand knolls, one can get a sumptuous elevated view of the stunning site from the Sachiya Mata Temple. Osian is a vagrant pilgrimage place of the Oswal Jain community since most of the shrines and temples in Osian rest in rubbles today. Amongst the most prominent traveller inclinations of the hamlet are the 16 temples that comprise Sachiya Mata temple, Sun temple, Mahaveera Jain temple and many more which enhance the mesmerising appeal of the place with their elaborate carvings, the temples stand out in their grace and architecture. Aside from its dazzling temples radiating piousness, Osian is also noted for camel safaris in its luxurious sands.

Things to do in Osian

1.Harihara Temples

1 kilometres from city centre

Constructed in around 12th or 13th-century, Harihareshwara Temple is the testimony of s...

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2.Sachiya Mata Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

Sachiya Mata Temple of Osian is located on a hill, in the north-east direction of the M...

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3.Kali Temple

640 kilometres from city centre

Osian is blessed with a gorgeous temple dating back to the 8th century in devotion to g...

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Rajasthan tourism
Rajasthan tourism
Rajasthan tourism
Rajasthan tourism
Rajasthan tourism
Rajasthan tourism
Rajasthan tourism

Tale of Osian: The Classic Mix of Jainism and Hinduism 

Osian is a biblical town found in the Jodhpur District of Rajasthan. Osian has been designated with distinctive names Uvasisala, Ukes and Upkesapur-Pattana throughout its initial years it was a significant checkpoint for silk route caravans during the Gupta Dynasty for around six centuries. The spot is essentially resided by Hindus but it witnessed a change toward Jain Religion during the 9th century and converted to a hub for the religious belief providing Osian with an exceptional cultural blend which is manifested in the temple construction and other ancient remains like the katana-Baori which was never finished. Osian is an influential Jain pilgrimage focus for the Maheshwari's and Oswal Jain community. The Jain Mahavira Temple, constructed here in A.D. 783, was established by King Vatsaraja and since then it has been displayed as an extraordinary tirtha for Jain community. The Sachiya Mata Temple also correspondingly ancient and honoured located on a hill north-east of Mahavira Temple, allow us amazing evidence to conjecture the cultural history of that time. This Temple was constructed by Upaldev who is the brother of Raja Punj the son of King 'Bheemsain'(king of Bhinmal). Osian is a Shangrila for the History lovers, looking to discover their origins. Katan Baori (step well) Developed in the 10th century, not long after the more prominent Chand Baori in Abhaneri was assembled is ASI protected building and several other such temples adorn this place and make it a must-visit. 

How to reach

Osian is discovered in the state of Rajasthan and is approachable by roadways from Jodhpur. Jodhpur, in service, has a well-connected road, railway and air transports available to reach Osian.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest airport to Osian is Jodhpur airport terminal. Major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Udaipur are well-connected to Jodhpur by air. Delhi which is 560 km is the nearest international airport. Essentially all major cities over the world are connected to Delhi by air.

How to Reach by Train

Jodhpur is the nearest railway station which is located at a distance of 70 km from the place. Trains from Mumbai, Delhi, Jaisalmer, Guwahati, Bikaner, Jaipur, Kota, etc. operate frequently to Jodhpur.

How to Reach by Bus

Frequent bus services operate to approach Osian from neighbouring cities and towns. Private and public buses also ply from Osian to Bikaner, Jodhpur and Jaipur and other cities in Rajasthan. Routine bus services operate from Delhi too.

How to Reach by Road

Various cabs and taxi services are also available from various cities in order to reach Osian. Distance from major cities to Osian is as follows:

Mumbai to Osian is around 1096 km

Jodhpur to Osian is around 66 km

Udaipur to Osian is around 317 km

Jaipur to Osian is around 350 km

Delhi to Osian is around 563 km

How to travel within

Camel rides are the best option in order to travel this beautiful place. One can also find cabs and taxis in order to move from one place to another in the city. 

Taste of Osian: Come enjoy both Jain and Hindu Recipes

Where to eat: Osian has the presence of both Jain and Hindu food. Places like Swad Restaurant, Shri Sachiyay Resort and Restaurant, The Osian restaurant, Matehswari Hotels and restaurant and many more offer lip-smacking Hindu and Jain food. 

Where to stay: Osian has exceptional stay offers such as safari camps available at Safari camp Osian, Utsav desert Camp and Camp Thar. Apart from that Osian also offers hotels such as Reggie's Camel camp, Hotel Ganapati Plaza, Hotel Chandra grand, Welcome heritage Bal Samand palace and many more. Deals on hotels can be checked via various hotel booking apps.

Availability of ATM: ATM such as SBI, ICICI, Jodhpur cooperative bank ATM, Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank, IndusInd bank etc are readily available in the town. 

Osian Itinerary


After having a delectable Rajasthani breakfast arrive at Osian, is an aged town which is situated 65 Km from Jodhpur district. After reaching here, head towards famous Harihara temple to witness the exemplary idol which symbolises both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. After that proceed towards Sachia Mata temple which is famous for its spectacular view. After that head towards Jain Temple. Further after that head towards the famous Kali Temple. End the day with having delicious dinner at Osian, then leave for Jodhpur in the night.

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