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Nawalgarh Tourism

It is said that when you walk through the city of Nawalgarh, you can go back through the brush strokes of time. The artistic abundance converging into this small Rajasthani town is mesmerizing. This small town in the center of Shekhawati is famous for its frescos and havelis and is rightly called the Open Air Gallery. One can find the city’s rich culture and heritage as well as the remains of the wealth brought in by the Jaipur merchants in the pre-colonial period. Many great business families of the Marwari community have their origins in this city of havelis.

The town of Nawalgarh derives its name from Thakur Nawal Singh Ji Bahadur, son of the Rajput ruler Sardul Singh who founded it in the year 1737 AD. The city is encircled by high walls and has four poles denoting each direction namely  Bawadi Darwaza, Mandi Darwaza, Nansa Darwaza, and  Agoona Darwaza. The beautiful havelis with its ornate carvings and exquisite paintings are well known. The havelis are adorned with exquisite murals on each side of the walls, most of them featuring the religious beliefs of the owner. From myths and religious legends of kings, a range of topics beautifully adorns the walls of havelis in Nawalgarh.


Nawalgarh attained its glory through the business nature of the Marwaris. Aspirant men went off to large cities like Bombay(now Mumbai) and Calcutta, starting businesses that then flourished. These businessmen then sent their money back home, building large havelis and palaces to show off their wealth and prosperity. Some of the majestic forts and palaces of Nawalgarh have been converted into heritage hotels, like Roop Niwas Palace, Koolwal Kothi, etc.

Largely influenced by the Rajput values, Nawalgarh is the epitome of Rajasthani culture. The large palaces, architectural marvels, and beauty of the town caused historians to call India the land of great kingdoms. Spending a week here would make it evident that the traditions, culture, and customs of the Rajput clan are still rooted deep in this small town and its people.

Every year in February, Nawalgarh along with its neighboring towns Sikar, Jhunjhunu, and Churu, plays host to the Shekhawati Festival. Although Nawalgarh is beautiful any time of the year, the occurrence of the festival makes February a very attractive time to visit Nawalgarh.

Top things do in Nawalgarh

1. Sheesh Mahal

0 kilometres from city centre

2. Roop Niwas Palace

1 kilometres from city centre

3. The Poddar Haveli

0 kilometres from city centre

4. Morarka Haveli

0 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

Nawalgarh is accessible by road, rail and air.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport is the Sanganer Airport located in Jaipur which is well connected to major cities in the country.

How to Reach by Train

There are regular trains from other major cities of the country to Nawalgarh railway station (NWH).

How to Reach by Bus

State run buses are available from the cities of Jaipur and Bikaner.

How to Reach by Road

The most convenient way is travelling by road. The road network links Nawalgarh with most of the major towns of Rajasthan. Nawalgarh is connected to NH8 and NH11 which is connected to Delhi, Bikaner and Jaipur.

How to travel within

The city is very small and the lanes are very narrow. The best option to explore Nawalgarh would be by foot.

Food and Dining

Nawalgarh, being a Rajput influenced town, has a mostly vegetarian cuisine. The kachoris, churmas, rabdis, poori combinations and ghewar would surely take all the way back to Rajput kingdoms that we have only read about.

Nawalgarh is a small rural town and as expected, the restaurant and dining scene is not as matured as a well off city. One restaurant everyone swears by is the Bungli Restaurant. They serve lip-smacking Rajasthani food that fills the mind and soul. A number of other restaurants and hotels are also worth trying to get a complete picture of the food in Nawalgarh. Though a cold beer is always available, Nawalgarh isn’t accustomed to tourist-oriented liquor outlets.


Where to stay

If you are up for some good pampering, some of the majestic forts and palaces of Nawalgarh have been converted into heritage hotels, like Roop Niwas Palace, Koolwal Kothi, etc. 

Hostels and dormitory facilities are also available in Nawalgarh fora in budget stay.

Nawalgarh Itinerary


  • Sheesh Mahal
  • Morarka Haveli
  • Aath Haveli
  • Dr. Ramnath A. Podar Haveli Museum



  • Dundlod Fort
  • Kanoria Haveli
  • Saraf Haveli
  • Laxmangarh Fort