The land of Kumba Mela

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The languages spoken here are Marathib and Hindi Usually the natives speak Marathi but you can easily find people fluent in Hindi.

1 Days

October to February is the best time to visit Nashik. 

Pune Airport
22℃ to 25℃

Nasik Tourism

Nashik has been regarded as one of the most important cities of Northern Maharashtra. Though situated at 200 kms from Bombay, Nashik has its own cultural, mythological and historical importance. A hub to Hinduism and it's cultures this place holds a great number of temples but along with temples it is known for the variety of Wines produced. There are 100s of vineyards and recently the Moet Hennessy set their sixth winery outside France in Nashik. Even the great Shirdi Temple is just 122 kms from Nashik. Apart from temples, this place also holds some natural beauty to itself filled with waterfalls. It also has the highest agricultural fields in India. With a typical humid climate in the summers and cold waves flowing in the winters, the best time to visit Nashik is from September to March.


Nashik was actually under Ashok's mighty empire. But later on Nashik became an important trade route to Gujarat. Mahatma Gandhi started with his Non Cooperation Event in Nashik. While Dr. Ambedkar organised his satyagraha against untouchabilty from Nashik.When the city gained popularity with the establishment of the Central Jail, the trade flourished. The trade of the artisans skilled in making utensils and smiths excelling in silver and gold ornaments increased.

Nashik is a home to many religions but mainly Hinduism. There are number of temples that describe the history of Hinduismand its formation. Nashik is also famous for its abundance of fruits and vegetables. Mainly the yeilds of strawberries, onions and grapes are recorded as the highest in India. While the residents of Nashik are known for their culture, art, literature and food.  

The main attractions of the city are as follows :

1. Ramkund- 

Ramkund was built by Chitrarao Khatarkar in 1696. This holy tank is 27 m by 12 m in area. It is said that Rama and Sita used to bath in this tank during their exile. Ashes of great  personalities like Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi and others have been immersed at Ramkund.


2. Muktidham Temple- 

The temple is pure white coloured which signifies  holiness and peace. Muktidham is just 7 km away from Nashik . 18 chapters of the Gita are inscribed on the walls of this temple  which is a very unique style of this temple. 


3. Coin Musuem-

This museum has a fine collection of research and well-documented history of Indian currencies.This museum is the only museum of its kind in Asia. 


4. Someshwar -

There are temples  and statues of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman on the banks of the river Godavari at Someshwar. This is a very greeny place with a cool climate . You can also enjoy swimming and boating here. 


5. Deolali Camp - 

Deolali Camp is one of the oldest military centers in India. Deolali market is famous for its shoppings inside the military centre. On the nearby hill, there is Khandobachi Tekadi Temple.


6. Dudhsagar Falls-

These are regarded as one of the best waterfalls in India as in monsoon season the falls give a beautiful picture to behold. It is situated at a distance of 2 kms from Someshwar Temple and 9 ka from Nashik Central Bus Station.


7.Kapileshwara Temple-

This is a Shiva Temple but has a mystery to itself due to the absence of Nandi Bull statue which is usually present in all Shiva Temples.


8. Sula Vineyards-

They are located at a distance of 12 kms from the Nashik Central Bus Station. It's spread across 160 acres of land and besides getting tasty wines one can get a panoramic view of this beautiful place.


9.Brahmagiri Hills-

These hills are adjacent to Western Ghats of Maharastra. These hills are a source of the sacred river Godavari. This place is situated about 31 kms from Nashik Central Bus Station. It is not only a pilgrimage for the followers of Brahma but also an adventure spot for all those nature lovers.


10.Tringalwadi Fort-

Located about 50kms from the Nashik Central Bus Station this place is rich with caves which indicate the presence of forts during 10th century. The top of the fort looks like a turban and attracts many hikers due to its immense beauty and adventurous feels.





Top things do in Nasik

1. Deolali Camp

12 kilometres from city centre

2. Panchvati

1 kilometres from city centre

3. Kapileshwara Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

4. Trimbakeshwar

28 kilometres from city centre

5. Saptashrungi

45 kilometres from city centre

6. Kalaram Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

7. Sita Gufa

1 kilometres from city centre

8. Pandavleni Caves

8 kilometres from city centre

9. Sula Vineyard

11 kilometres from city centre

10. Anjaneri Hills

25 kilometres from city centre

11. Dudhsagar falls

8 kilometres from city centre

12. Jain Temple

310 kilometres from city centre

13. City Shopping

882 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

How to Reach by Flight

Though Nasik is a much developed city withb many tourist attractions still there is no direct flight connectivity to Nasik. Mumbai is the closest airport which is 175 kms away from it.  And if you reach Mumbai's Chatrapati Shivaji International airport, you have 3 options bus,train or cab depending on your budget. 

How to Reach by Train

Nasik has a good stations connectivity with Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad. After reaching the Nasik railway station you can find cabs which usually charge Rs200 and will take you to the heart of the city.

How to Reach by Bus

There are quite a few government/ private buses running between Mumbai, Pune and other major cities in Maharashtra and Nasik. The fare of these buses vary from Rs400- Rs600

How to Reach by Road

How to travel within



Your trip is incomplete if you didn't taste the local delicacies of Nahik's best cuisine. There are a variety of local foods which can help savour your taste buds all throughout the trip. Some local foods are as follows -

1.Missal Pav- 

Misal Pav is a signature dish of  Nasik. The dish consists of Pav bread, which is served with two gravies, one is a spicy curry and another chilli gravy called ‘Kutt.’ It is also served with fried potato shreds.


2.Zunka Bhakri-

Zunka Bhakri is, traditionally, a side dish paired with rotis. It is made out of gram flour, which acts as a base and vegetables like onion, mustard seeds and ginger garlic are also added for flavour.


3.Danyachi Usal- 

Danyachi Usal is a simple and nutritious dish. Peanuts are boiled and then covered in a coconut based paste, which is made of coconut, ginger and green chillies. The seasoning is simple, as well with only salt and cumin seeds and is served hot.


4. Amti-

Amti is a Maharashtrian version of dal with a special spice mixture called Goda Masala. The dal is prepared with yellow lentils and spiced with chillies, garam masala and curry leaves. The goda masala gives it a local flavour. Amti can be eaten as an appetizer or with Indian breads or even steamed rice.


5. Gulachi Poli-

Gulachi Poli looks similar to an Indian bread, but is actually a sweet dish. It is made from wheat flour, and it is filled with a sweet stuffing made out of gram flour, jaggery and peanuts. Gulachi Poli is typically made in the local households during local festivals and other occasions



Some of the best and cheap hotels are as follow -:

  1. Hotel Royale Heritage
  2.  Hotel Teerth Villa Nashik
  3. Hotel Sai Prem
  4. Hotel Panchavati Elite Inn
  5. Hotel Prestige Point
  6. Hotel Rajmahal
  7. Hotel PAnchavati Yatri




Nasik Itinerary

Day 1-

You can take an early bus or train from Pune to Nashik as it is just 211km which will take around 5 hours maximum. After that you can check into any hotel of your preference. 
After resting at the hotel for a whil you can cover some places near Nashik which are Nashik Caves, Sri Someshwar Mahadev Mandir and Gangapur Dam. These places will take your whole day.

Day 2-

You can get up early and head for the trekking beauties of Brahmagiri Hills which is 31kms from the Central Bus Station of Nashik. You can go there by a taxi or even a bus. After reaching there you can also enjoy Iruppu Falls, Thirunelli Temple, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and many more places. After visiting these places you can come back to Nashik and enjoy your dinner at the following best places-:
1. Bon Vivant
2. Spice Route
3. Mainland China
4. Culture Kitchen
5. Curry Leaves

Day 3 -

In the morning after having your breakfast you can head to Shirdi Temple which is just 45kms and you can travel there by taking a bus which will take around 2 hours. Here you can visit Sri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple, Abdul Baba Cottage , Upasani Maharaj Ashram, Khandoba Mandir and many other temples. By evening you can return to your hotel