Trilokpur Temple

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Located on an isolated hillock in the wadiyon of Himachal, Trilokpur Temple is haven for Bhagwati Lalita Devi, Bala Sundri and Tripur Bhairavi worshippers. The name "Trilokpur" came from the three adjoining temples dedicated to the three dieties. The temples are constructed in an Indo-Persian style that makes them look grand and magnificent. Of these three, the main and most important temple is that of Mahamaya Bala Sundri. 

According to legend, the sacred stone that is enshrined in the temple, the symbol of Bala Sundri was found in a pindi or bag of salt pruchased by a local trader, Ram Das. It is said that the bag of salt was not exhusted even after he sold it all day. Later, Goddess Sundri visited him in his dreams and asked him to build a temple. Ram Das broached the kig for help, who constructed a beautiful white marble temple. The descendents of Ram Das still perform the inception of prayers each day at the temple. 

The temples are abuzz with colourful fairs during both the Navaratri periods. The Chaita fair is held during the months of March-Aptil and the Aashwin fair is held during the months of Septmber-October. Not only visitors from all around the country, but vistors from all around the world come to see this magical place during the two fairs. 

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